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Like the title says, I'am looking for a new mouse, or I will just buy another 1-2 Intellimouse 1.1's, and I'am basically looking for a mouse that is like the Intellimouse 1.1, or Xai, and please don't recommend any of the Avago sensors 5700, 9500, or 9800, because they have that cloth mousepad issue where they collect dust. I have smaller hands, and am a palm grip fanatic, so the intellimouse 1.1a and Xai are up my alley as far as size and shape goes. I desire an Optical...
Planetside 1 is fully free guys, login and play, it's an MMOFPS game, and it's now fully free!
Planetside 1 is fully free now guys! Login and play!
There have been many great MMO games. I want people to try out and download Planetside 1 for free, it is now fully free and use to be a $15 subscription fee, now you just download and login to your SOE account and your done. Gameplay of Planetside 1 At any one time, the PlanetSide server hosts potentially thousands of players in a variety of landscapes, from the war on foot to the air, across desert, mountains, forests and...
Download Planetside 1 guys, it's fully free, just log in and try it out, it is a Legendary MMOFPS game, truly awesome, 133v133v133 on 11 continents, you gotta try it out, use some of my tips from the first post. Click this Planetside 1 Download link, it is from SOE's website: Download the game from here:
Yes, Planetside 2 Accounts use the same Username as Planetside 1 Accounts, they can access both games with the same name.Here is my advice on how to start playing Planetside 1, please tell everyone on this forum about it being free fully now.Step 1: Identify Terminals that are in the game,there are several of these terminals, the equipment terminal, where you buy your gear when you die, and make favorites which will pop up when you go to the equipment terminal whenever you...
Another bump, April 2, 2014! Login or make a Planetside 1 account, no need for a subscription, Login and play! Hit the "My Account" button at the top of the screen or any "Account" button on the Launchpad, and it should ask to either enter a username and password, or it will ask you to make a new account. Download the game from here:
I have the Galaxy GTX 660 2gb, but it seems like it's to laggy whenever I play a couple type of games, is there anything I should know about optimizing this card, as well as optimizing graphics setttings in general? Thanks.
:Bump: April 2, 2014, come defend your Empire, wether it's the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, or Vanu Sovereignty.
I'am bumping this thread, with a video attached.
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