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Nah, he has an older Asus 1080p, it's like a 21" I think. He's avoiding 4K because framerates are important to him (if it dips below 50 he starts twitching). This thing seems perfect. I sent him that BenQ which happens to be on wicked sale right now and he bought it! Thanks guys! +rep!
My friend is doing a rebuild, and I'm a little behind in my screen tech. He's a very hardcore gamer, so picture quality and response time are both important. Budget is around $300, with a hard cap of $400. No higher res than 1440p because he wants to keep his screenrate up.
I really enjoy having HOTAS to play with, but there are better control schemes if you want to invest. Twin stick HOSAS is great, as well as new 6DOF controllers. I'd hold off on spending any serious cash on a setup until we see what the final game will support.
Blah, I don't need an Orion, gimme dat Hull C! (Kidding, the more ships the merrier!)
My sig rig, Echo One.Case closed, everyone. Always check your physical layer. I restarted the computer, and when I tried to boot I got an MBR Error - my SSD had disappeared. I tried a different SATA port to no avail, then replaced the SATA cable to my SSD and things seem to be smooth as silk;dr SATA cables go bad sometimes and mess things up.
Oh believe me, I keep my software in check. I've done that for many people many times and would never let it get out of hand.
I keep having issues with programs like Speedfan freezing, tabs in Chrome crashing (Facebook seems to be a real killer), even Windows features like Explorer, Control Panel and Paint are slow to open. My CPU usage isn't topping 25%, and I'm only using about 4-5 of my 16GB of RAM. I'm not sure what the transfer is looking like on my disks, but I ran a SMART check with Speedfan on both of them and everything looks fine on both. Anybody have ideas what the problem is? I've...
I have a MAX and a DUR. If I need protection, I've got ships more suited to running that to come with me.
I'm absolutely stoked for what internet satellites could mean for global development. Combined with laptops which have localized power sources like solar panels and hand cranks, information will be reaching more people faster than ever before. Hopefully there's some ability for free access to people who can't necessarily afford an ISP, or don't live in a well developed country. Cheers to the future, boys and girls. It's looking brighter every day.
Good enough for an audiophile with perfect pitch to listen to their music with? (These are a gift for my friend)
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