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So apparently my company, NOVEST, has some competition in the form of Covalex Shipping. Can't wait to take on the big guys!
Flaming and complaining, mostly. Let's talk about the game, guys and gals.
Haven't even heard about that, but I very much want info about the Freelancer rework. Supposedly it's getting a much larger hold. It would be awesome if CIG had an official pipeline so we could see status updates for the ships on at least a weekly basis!
I've dropped about $1200 on the game thus far. I'm not rolling in cash, but I'm just very bought in to the vision for the game. Mostly I've justified it with the LTI that comes with purchases, and the fact that my in-game org will be operationally ready when the PTU kicks off.
It's called a Genesis-Class Starliner, by Crusader Industries. A people mover. Maybe not as fancy as a Phoenix or 890 Jump, probably more like a commercial passenger jet than a private one, but here's a quote from Ben:Not in the range of ships my company needs (we move cargo, not people), but I envision this starting up a number of new companies, and some existing orgs expanding their operations to incorporate it!
I finally managed to whittle him down to actually meet up with me so we can do this in person. People tend to be more agreeable face to face, I think.The saga continues!
That case is an awesome idea, I forgot about it! He'll love the big red button.
Also, are there other motherboards with green in them? I know Gigabyte used to have some but didn't see any 1150 stuff. Might be able to sway him with it.
For power supplies, it looks like the Corsair RM450 will be a good fit then. Either that or the EVGA 550GS. As for the color issue, arguing with hormonal teenagers rapidly loses productivity. The board's not bad, so I'm not going to fight him on it.
Yeah, I definitely meant EVO (like I said, been out of the game). I know it's overkill, and I've told him, but his heart is set on it. The aesthetics are just that important, I guess.
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