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By the's gorgeous. I'll need roughly twelve, and another eight just to look at.
Welp. Just bought an M50 racer. I WANT TO FLY IT NOW. That color scheme speaks to me on a spiritual level.
I dunno, I think this is more insane, if only because it was so successful. If the article is accurate, Silent Power sounds like idiots.
With all that RAM in your GPU, going with three high-res monitors is a no-brainer if you've got the budget for it (and the space). Either that or buy some more internal HDD space and use the external for backups and other shenanigans.
I'm planning to install Ubuntu on an SSD I have, but I'm not sure how much longer it has to live. I have an equally sized partition on my oversized hard drive. Is there a way to back up to the hard drive in such a way that if the SSD bites it, I can convince my computer to just boot off of the HDD partition? This might be unreasonable, but I'm curious.
Screen is too big, but otherwise I like it. I think phablets are a silly thing, and I don't need one.
This is genius! I have zero knowledge about any sort of CAD software, modeling in Minecraft is brilliant. I love it!
If you haven't been here yet, this is my go-to resource for CSS
Waiting for final consumer release, but my good friend has the original DK and I used it to play Hakwen and a few other demos and games. Will definitely be buying, I love the thing.
Sweet jibbly jibblets, I want a visit from the Hadron Fairy! That looks amazing!
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