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Maybe this will start dropping the price of computer monitors so I can finally replace my triple IPS panels.
From reddit:I'm looking forward to what happens with this stuff. I hope that the screen-looking thing is just that, and not a sticker. Even if it jacks the price up, it'd be awesome to have an extra readout down there. I don't even know what I'd use it for right now...I really hope that they change the sensor in the mouse to something that isn't the Phillip's TwinEye. I had a RAT 7 and 9, and scrapped both of them because the sensor's were terrible.
I doubt it's even worth selling the 9800s, but what the heck, I'll ask. MSI GTX 760 EVGA GTX 670
I'm really looking forward to seeing how these modules can be applied to other ships. My flagship is a Reclaimer, so creating modules that swap between the Redeemer and Reclaimer would sell me on a couple of those for sure.
I knew it was futile to hope this was a nationwide blanket statement. Living in a rural area certainly has downsides...
I'm not sure if I want it to be an X52 Pro clone or not. On one hand, a number of people would get instant support for their HOTAS setup the likes of which we've never seen. On the other hand, I was really hoping it would be something new and even more awesome.
Yeah, I think Halo 4 will be my last game in the series. This is terrible.
I rebound them. I agree though, the default should be Z axis mapped to yaw and the tilting should be roll.
Perfect! Thanks for the clarification. 1TB 850 en route.
It served well as a 64GB boot drive, but I'm upgrading to 1TB. I was going to go with a Samsung Evo 850, but I saw another thread saying they have an issue. Intel? OCZ? Mushkin? Who's got the best drives? I'll use it for booting Windows and installing my Steam games.
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