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I'll get my chainsaw
So can anybody fill me in on what the use of having an org is right now? I'm currently in the OCN and Code Genesis orgs (looking at whatever opportunities I can for trade/salvage operations) but do the orgs have any functionality at this point, or are they just there to recruit?
Good point, I've just been planning on a large SSD upgrade for a while and 30% off was screaming my name. Thanks for the reality check
They've got it on sale for $390 after rebate - is this still the MVP of SSDs or is there another one that's either usurped it, or about to?
Just think, it was but two years ago today when the website looked like this: [[SPOILER]]
Reclaimer = bought. I never thought the day would come.
See, I don't dogfight, just racing, and I love my joysticks for that. I gotta admit I wish I could map the gimbal onto something on my X52 Pro - they have that little cursor-nub on the throttle, by the clutch button. Perfect spot. LET ME MAP! In other news, anyone know how much longer the Reclaimer is up? I'm very much considering pulling the trigger on it.
Every time I start my computer, I can hear one of my 120mm Xigmatek fans rattling, like a wire is pushing against the blades. I've checked and they are both clear of obstruction. After about 5 minutes of being on, the rattle stops. This has been happening for a little over a week. Is the fan unbalanced or something? Why does it go away?
I would love to open up an in-game salvage service. But first, I'mma need about tree fiddy
Smaller than Idris though, right?
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