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Just to not be "that guy", the system restore solved the problem, so the mystery remains, I suppose.
I definitely suggest the motherboard I used in my sig rig, Echo One; it's absolutely packed with features, and having the built in wireless is a huge plus. You might look at the GTX 750, which has several SFF cards from a few brands (EVGA, Zotac, ASUS,etc.), and can definitely handle light games like CS:S.
I got so excited about this I don't know how to sleep. Commercial from announcement page: So now the question is...I have a 300i and the Andromeda worth it for the extra firepower? Or do I just get a Taurus to haul things?
My parent's computer started jumping off the deep end today after my dad says he installed updates. The best I can do is take a picture of the blue screen with my phone; I tried running the BSOD analyzer on here but it crashes before the analyzer can finish, even in normal safe mode without networking. Event viewer initially led me to believe that it's an issue with MSE, so I uninstalled that and put Avast! on it, but I'm still getting this error. Any ideas what step to...
I think I'm gonna get one of those instead of a Freelancer (love Firefly though I do)
Okay, haha, I was just asking because I've been shopping around for an X52 Pro for a little bit. Wasn't sure if I should make the jump up or not.
Advantages over the X52 Pro?
By the's gorgeous. I'll need roughly twelve, and another eight just to look at.
Welp. Just bought an M50 racer. I WANT TO FLY IT NOW. That color scheme speaks to me on a spiritual level.
I dunno, I think this is more insane, if only because it was so successful. If the article is accurate, Silent Power sounds like idiots.
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