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One of my least favorite parts about the Hadron is that it has a fairly short jumper cable, which is great if your jumpers are on the bottom edge near the PCI-E slot, but I have to stretch them over the cooler which looks awful (I am a bit of a cable nut).
Looking for professional opinions: I love my EVGA Hadron Hydro with the built in PSU and clean styling, but I'm not into custom water loops and wish I could go back to my H100 (which is living in a box currently). Is it worth the effort to sell the Hadron and buy this? Also, does anyone know how it will work with my motherboard? The jumpers and SATA cables are all up on the top corner, which isn't a great spot for me:
So...uh...can we talk about this...for a minute.... Wow. Also "More varied gameplay" is definitely something that I like to hear. Hopefully that means more of an open world and less railroading the player.
As in, you paid the difference between them? Or just bought a Hornet outright? I've been considering moving up the foodchain from my 300i...
I'd like to see a mechanical keyboard with a screen on it to replace my G510. Heck EVGA Precision already supports this stuff, they can market two products at once. And tilt the screen or make it adjustable! But those darn cost margins, and I'd rather they make this board actually look attractive before anything else. Those dials up top are horrendous.
Anybody know why I have a giant hangar with two ships I don't own in it? Not sure what they are but they dwarf my 300i edit: Answered my own question after doing more interwebs research and finding out about TNGS ships. Can't get into the ships, is that normal or do I just not know where to look?
Heh, shipping valuable electronics was a big part of my last job. Thanks!
Well, I just finished a paper for my summer class and was getting tired. Figured I'd check back in and suddenly...
Just hit 500 registered alpha players. It's got a ways to go, but I love this game.
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