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Those look fabulous. I've never heard of the brand though, any story to them?
What sort of range do I need to push into to find these colors?
I'm looking for a set of nice headphones in the $100-$150 range, with a standard 3.5mm connector (USB is also an option, but 3.5 is preferred). Here's the kicker: They need to ideally have the option to be a teal or purple color. Yes this is a gift. If such a product does not exist, I can always try to paint it or something. Usage is for a variety of music and movies, with some bass but not an excessive amount.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. I understand filling in one empty station with an NPC because your guild buddy had something to do IRL, but permanently crewing with NPCs is a bunch of crap.
Also, reading the letter: They're saying I will be able to solo operate my Connie, Carrack and Reclaimer? What? I disagree with this. As frustrating as finding a crew for them has proven to be, I don't think it makes sense. These are enormous vessels that should require at LEAST a dedicated navigator.
Holy crap, if I wasn't waiting to see what becomes of this Star Citizen branded setup I'd probably jump on it. My X52 Pro will tide me over until then, though.
Does anyone know what the status of the Known Universe Map is? It was the stretch goal back at $51 million and I haven't seen anything about it.
Stress shopping. Also I came into some cash recently and I was just like, "Well, if not now, when?"I want to say I regret nothing, but I think I should've gotten a Cutlass Red instead of the second Super Hornet. I'll pick one up later I guess.
Holy mother of binge shopping. This morning all I had was a Reclaimer, M50 and a 300i. My new fleet is now in my signature. Bottoms up, folks.
Totally just bought two Super Hornets in the Anniversary sale. Thinking of picking up a Starfarer too, but they should come back on sale when the ship comes out so I think I'll wait.
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