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Seriously, 10 is childs play. Considering the sheer amount of bandwidth a modern house can consume with all of its internet devices (phones, computers, appliances, etc) and also the change in use of that bandwidth with the advent of in-home multimedia streaming from cloud sources, the standard should be 20, if not higher. Still, anything is better than nothing. My parent's are on a "cable broadband" connection that rarely gets above 2Mbps and it's pathetic.
Also, this is minor, but I find HDMI much easier to work with since it is smaller, doesn't have screws and the pins aren't easily damaged.
I have three LG IPS 1080p monitors debezzeled (see sig), they're awesome. One has a tiny bit of lightbleed sometimes but I think that was the debezzling's fault.
Well great, I'm trying to save money and now I want a joystick. Thoughts on this one? Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X
My EVGA Hadron Hydro might go back on the market if this thing isn't stupidly expensive. Which, given the build quality and the price of its big brother, it very well might be.
Just applied to join the group. Still not totally sure what I'm doing, and I often get lost following this game, but I'm excited to take my 300i for a spin soon
Oh hey everyone, been following SC for a while, picked up the Bounty Hunter package back in Nov 2012. Can't believe the dogfighting alpha is finally here! And for the discussion above me about delays and such, I maintain that as long as the final product is good, a delay is fine. Just don't pull a...*shudder*...Duke Nukem and we'll be okay.
Hey fellow Hydro owner!
From a layman's perspective, neuroplasticity seems fairly straightforward (as a theory, not a practice) to implement through machine learning. Neuroplasticity is our brain's ability to alter it's neural pathways due to some sort of change, be it a new environment or direct trauma like a stroke or severe concussion. Neural networks of computers are able to mimic neurons in our brain through a huge variety of methods. That being said, is it necessary for AI to replicate...
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