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Perfect! Thanks for the clarification. 1TB 850 en route.
It served well as a 64GB boot drive, but I'm upgrading to 1TB. I was going to go with a Samsung Evo 850, but I saw another thread saying they have an issue. Intel? OCZ? Mushkin? Who's got the best drives? I'll use it for booting Windows and installing my Steam games.
[*] Location: New Hampshire, United States [*] Any keyboards you currently have in mind: Something with neat features - I'm losing my G510 screen. [*] Price: Less than $200 [*] Backlighting (yes (colour?)/ no ): Yes, RGB preferred but solid red is okay [*] Size (60%, TKL, full size etc): Full size [*] Use (games/ programming/ typing etc): Gaming and typing [*] USB/ PS2: USB [*] KRO: No clue. [*] Macro keys (yes/ no): A few are nice [*] Media keys (yes/ no): Yes [*] Layout...
Anybody who expects everything here to be delivered on time is probably expecting too much. It's done when it's done, and the more pressure we put on CIG to deliver, the crappier quality the final product will be. If this game releases in a decade, yeah it better be frakking amazing, but I have no doubt it will be. And it's not like the people who design ships are in any way involved with the people building Star Marine, so I don't really see the argument here.
Anybody here picking up a Genesis? Interesting concept. I might get one in-game to cart my M50 around or something, if my company does as well as I hope it does!
Seriously? Why is this still going on? If you don't like the way somebody does something, don't do it. We're (hopefully) all adults here. Can we actually talk about the game?
So apparently my company, NOVEST, has some competition in the form of Covalex Shipping. Can't wait to take on the big guys!
Flaming and complaining, mostly. Let's talk about the game, guys and gals.
Haven't even heard about that, but I very much want info about the Freelancer rework. Supposedly it's getting a much larger hold. It would be awesome if CIG had an official pipeline so we could see status updates for the ships on at least a weekly basis!
I've dropped about $1200 on the game thus far. I'm not rolling in cash, but I'm just very bought in to the vision for the game. Mostly I've justified it with the LTI that comes with purchases, and the fact that my in-game org will be operationally ready when the PTU kicks off.
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