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Anybody know when the M50 will be flyable?
Especially if they're trying to push racing, the M50 makes sense. Which is awesome, because I still can't fly mine and that makes me sad every time I load my hangar.
Now that I got my X52 Pro set up and functioning, I love it. Having the stick is so much smoother. Adjusting to the space-physics as opposed to in-atmo physics is still hard, though. I wish we had a larger play area, I find myself flying out of the boundaries far more than I do getting killed by Vanduul.
Gave up and reinstalled Windows. Haven't installed the drivers or SST software from Saitek. The MFD isn't working correctly, but the bluescreen issue has been resolved.
Poked around some more and recently got a 116 bluescreen, which is another driver issue. Seems that there's some problem with "iusb3hub.sys" but I still don't know what it is, I could really use someone who understands the finer points of the Windows kernel
Yeah no. Didn't get the last SimCity, won't be getting this.
So I picked up an X52 Pro setup, got it home and plugged in, installed my drivers and whatnot, and had just started playing with it when.... BLUESCREEN I made a post about it over here, but does anyone have tips for setting this thing up?
This is for Echo One in my sig. Install of Windows is 64 bit and about six months old, as is most of the hardware (HDD and SSD are a couple of years old). Installed it myself. Since it isn't listed, I have the 500W PSU that comes with the EVGA Hadron. Did some quick googling and saw 9F errors (what most, if not all, of them have been) are for driver issues usually, so I wiped out the drivers (they're gone, even after scanning regedit I found nothing), but if I leave...
Just to not be "that guy", the system restore solved the problem, so the mystery remains, I suppose.
I definitely suggest the motherboard I used in my sig rig, Echo One; it's absolutely packed with features, and having the built in wireless is a huge plus. You might look at the GTX 750, which has several SFF cards from a few brands (EVGA, Zotac, ASUS,etc.), and can definitely handle light games like CS:S.
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