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I'd like to see a mechanical keyboard with a screen on it to replace my G510. Heck EVGA Precision already supports this stuff, they can market two products at once. And tilt the screen or make it adjustable! But those darn cost margins, and I'd rather they make this board actually look attractive before anything else. Those dials up top are horrendous.
Anybody know why I have a giant hangar with two ships I don't own in it? Not sure what they are but they dwarf my 300i edit: Answered my own question after doing more interwebs research and finding out about TNGS ships. Can't get into the ships, is that normal or do I just not know where to look?
Heh, shipping valuable electronics was a big part of my last job. Thanks!
Well, I just finished a paper for my summer class and was getting tired. Figured I'd check back in and suddenly...
Just hit 500 registered alpha players. It's got a ways to go, but I love this game.
Delays are fine by me, too. I've been plenty busy with Hawken and the M.A.V. Early Access on Steam (it'll be interesting to see how Star Citizen's alpha matches up to it playability wise).
I mean, he DID say the release "is soon". Which is a relative, subjective term I give it a couple of hours, hopefully we hear something by 1300 EST (1000 PST).
Not sure if you're a Whovian, but completely offtopic:Any other opinions? Thanks guys!
Now you've got it. Hence the thread title Edited the OP for clarity, though. I can see how that could be confusing
Seriously? It's almost new condition and they go for like $190 :/
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