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The 240's ans 250's have only a x8 PCI-E link. It's not like they can really benefit from the full 16x, and the power savings can add up, especially for passive models. Still, for such a card, there is no drawback in having a "half" link, be it PCI-E 2.0 or 3.0, as they will never be powerful enough to really warrant the speed.
Well, just in time it seems I just got back my X58 rig back up with my RIIIGene. Let's see if i can OC that CPU higher than 3.96 GHz... Also got my 290x Tri-X. Got to get used to the new Crimson layout and other things, but so far this card is waaay better than my GTX 780.
Totally in!
Still, a 5820k will still not generate thaaat much heat compared to an OC'd 980Ti. Should still be enough for that rad.True that. I even went from single pump and a DangerDen Bay Res, to dual pump and a smaller EK DDC Bay Res, and i saw the same temps.
The extra space given by that rad can compensate a bit, as the "rule of thumb" considers 120mm rads, not 140mm. I'd say as long as you do not go crazy high with OCs, that rad should be enough. Hell, i managed to have a W3530 + GTX 470 on a Swiftech MCR 220 with 2 Gentle Typhoons on Push setup with mild OCs on each.
I had to reinstall Windows 2 months ago, and it got always stuck at 44% if i left my HDD plugged. I'd just disconnect them, just in case.
Zipties can work just as good and are not limited by GPU. Had a GTX 470 with an old H70 and worked just fine for almost a year with no issues at all.
Well, for me i still want to go back to AMD. While my 780 was very good for gaming, i have disliked Nvidia's decision of forcing you to choose between gaming and compute ever since they made Kepler, while AMD sells you a more rounded product. Plus, they do tend to innovate more, while Nvidia cards just go along with the flow.Lastly, this is exactly the reason i don't buy games on launch anymore. Almost always they get biased towards either GPU manufacturer, and lastly...
GPUs, especially high end ones, tend to use way more watts (therefore generating more heat) than regular CPUs. I'd use the H115i on the 980 then the H90 on the CPU. For the GPU, just make sure to add good VRM cooling to it, other wise you'd still be toasted, as most times the VRM that gives power to the GPU gets almost as hot (if not more) than the GPU core itself. Personally, if i were to add a GPU into the mix, i'd go full custom instead. You'd get way more performance...
Got it on Amazon, might need another one down the road, but for now i'm done.
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