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Indeed. I tested my X3460, and while the single threaded scores were highly similar, HT scores were at most 500 pts higher. It kinda lends credence to something i read a while ago, where HT increases 15%-20% of a CPU performance at best.Turbo Off, HT Off (2.8 GHz): 993 ST, 3827 MTTurbo Off, HT On (2.8 GHz): 992 ST, 4339 MTTurbo On, HT Off (2.93 GHz): 1171 ST, 4068 MTTurbo On, HT On (2.93 GHz): 1165 ST, 4580 MT
Not a 3930k, but another SB-E entry E5-2670, 3.0 GHz, HT On EDIT: Weird thing, ran the test after a fresh reboot, no apps running, and improved a bit.
Welp. BCU does not seem too friendly with my 780. Only 185k total points... I miss DiRT What else can i do on that chip? Might go visit PrimeGrid, but i'm really unsure what would be best (non-collatz)It's not half bad, but Moo ans PrimeGrid are close seconds as far a s i remember with my 7970's.
I have a Nidec A34124-58 (12v, 25 CFM, 3800 RPM), and it sounds like a leaf blower, at least compared to the noisiest (compared to GT's) fan i own (Panaflo FBA12G12H, 12v, 2500 RPM, 103.8 CFM).Might not be comparing apples to apples, but it's what i have The Nidec fan was dead useful on the 1U racks at work where i cannibalized it from then they were discarded, but on a normal PC, i see little to no use.
From the pictures below, i assume you have to press both black parts inside the brown one, so they can "pop out".
Yeah, something wonky is happening. Most of the users on the team appear as "new" people on the BAM site. My user cannot even be found On FreeDC, stats seem to be okay though.
Is it just me or am i not appearing on the Stats page?
"Old" is subjective on computer tech. I have a couple buddies with a Q8400 gaming on W10 with no issues whatsoever. Hell, my parent's rig has an E8400 with integrated video (Q45 chipset) and it does not whine at all with basic stuff. It is more of what you do with your computer than what the hardware is used for. That said, i have felt no real difference between running W7 or W10 on any of my rigs, be it Nehalem (Xeon X3460 & W3530), Westmere (i3-550 & Xeon X5650) or...
For one card and no OC, should be good. Hell, i think even a decent CPU OC would be enough. Just don't try to OC that GPU, those chips can be very powerhungry.
Well, after a LOT of downtime from BOINC, i'm back. What better way to burn-in my shiny new Xeon than with a few rounds of NFS
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