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After accidentally burning my 1055t due to a PSU failure, i want to get my AM3+ rig back on track. I am looking for any octa-core from the 8300 family. No need for box or cooler, sticker maybe optional but not fully required. Of course,CPU should be in full working order Prefer FX 8320 or FX 8320e, but i am open to offers.
So it is normal for a X5650 to take 1.3250v for 4.11 GHz?
I have an E5 2670 SR0KX working perfectly on my mobo, and before that i even had a Xeon Q19D or a QA88 (can't remember) which had no issues at all, despite being stepping A. Since the Xeon you want is a "recent" stepping (stepping C) it will most likely work fine as well. The only thing to read about is if you use VT-d, as some early stepping SB-E Xeons do not support the feature, or gives issues while using. If you need it, you need a SB-E CPU with C1 stepping, or go to...
I have finally fixed my RIVBE RAM channels. Somehow a little piece of plastic was blocking some pins. Now it is happily chugging on Quad Channel RAM. The only downside is that i only have 28 GB as one of my WonderRAM sticks died On another note, i wish the 1680v2's were cheaper, i want to replace my 2670 with something faster without losing cores but everything is like 1k+
NFS with the 1 GB+ WUs do place a pretty heavy load on, well, everything
I will dump that money on a new phone, a tablet and hopefully a better cooler for my HTPC.
I will wait for the 480 reviews, only to see a glimpse of the big boss Vega. I miiiiiight get a 4 GB 470 since they would be really cheap. i really hope there is a low profile version of this, it would make for one of the most powerful and low power HTPC cards. if not, just to have a Polaris chip on the cheap.Eh, i want them for BOINC. Don't really think i can get them under true water, but on compute power alone they should be beasts in their own right.
What i want is a Fury Pro Duo for $400, or a 295x2 for $200
I loved my 290X with the default BIOS, i love it more even now with the modded one. I cannot remember why i dared change my old 290 for a GTX 780. Must've been drunk when i did that
Well, i thought i couldn't get much out of this, so i tried it. I got a 290X Tri-X 4 GB reference PCB with Hynix BFR memory, i did a FireStrike run for testing, got 10,555 3DMarks. I took the 290X_HYNIX_MOD_V1.8 BIOS, moded it to the same clocks as the stock Tri-X, flashed it, and ran 3DMark again. Hell if i got 11,118 3DMarks with the new BIOS. Makes me wonder why memory timings are not that optimized, since that would be the only thing that changed
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