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I've also had mine for quite a while. Almost 3 years. Has seen roughly 5 different builds (P55, P67, Z77, X58 and X79) and a LOT of CPUs+GPU combos. Best PSU i've ever owned.
Oddly enough, there IS a GTX 560 Ti Golden Edition. It was rarer than the GTX 465 GE, to think i never heard about it until like 5-6 months ago.I love mine too Card #377, successfully flashed to GTX 470. Too bad it starts giving weird errors and it fc's any game when temps are over 65c, but with fan speeds at 75% or more it is good. Can still run most stuff at medium or higher quality with decent FPS. It is my trophy/test bench card.
No, simply no. That orange looks hideous, nothing like my GTX 465 Golden Edition (Everything and the shroud was made of copper). There is a difference between true copper and copper-colored plastic. Oddly enough, it is not that heavy for being a full copper CPU. It didn't sag as much as i thought. Though, if i were to indulge my copper addiction, i would still go for the 980 Ti Kingpin. Full copper heatsink, a neutral color shroud, and a PCB made for OCing.
Yeah, less cores/cache, even OCed, will amount to less power and less heat produced. Plus the 1st gen i3's have 4 MB of L3 cache which is an advantage as well against other dualies. AFAIK, only until Haswell the i3's started again having 4 MB L3 cache, before they had 3 MB.That is awesome btw. I also got 4.6 GHz stable back in the day. Might dust off my i3-550 and do a more updated validation and do some benches with my 780 Classy instead of my SLI's GTX 470's...
Totally in These would be fantastic to turn my HTPC into a real portable gaming rig. A GTX 650 just doesn't really cut it with current-gen games, and my main rig is too heavy to be carried back and forth.
Once i can get my hands on a 8-core OCable CPU for X79, that'd be the day i leave my X58 build. X58 still has a LOT of life left, but moar cores are calling me, and my WonderRAMs are still working fabulously. Plus, with a RIVBE, i see no reason to get a different motherboard, at least until ASUS releases a RVBE
Considering the 780 Classified has a height of 4.92 inches according to the spec sheet, i think it would fit. You might have to remove the side fans though, not 100% sure about that. But the case doesn't look that slim, and the Classys aren't that wide.If you do get to find out, please show some images, i have myself a 780 Classy which can replace my GTX 650 if AMD ever gets their stuff right and makes an air cooled Fury X that does not whine like a banshee.
Right now, i want to upgrade my HTPC's GPU, mainly for better madVR support. While i play a little on my HTPC, i can do so quite fine on my current GTX 650, and if the came cannot be run, i can go to my main desktop. I can choose between a GTX 750 TI ACX and a vainilla GTX 950. Which would be the best if i OC?
I am now only missing a case, and i'm debating regarding the cooling. I will be going with the ST10 in a month or two. Cannot believe how huge the Accelero S1 plus would be, at least compared to my GTX 650. I was also wondering though how good would a 180mm radiator be for CPU and GPU, as i would have a ton of leftover WC equipment. So far i have a DDC-1T, my Swiftech Micro Res, an old but still good EK Supreme HF and an even older Swiftech MCW82. I have an option...
PCI-E 2.0 has never been that much of a bottleneck itself. Maybe if you were playing at 4K+ resolutions and with CF, you might see a tangible hit, however the raw horsepower should be enough to cover that. I bet the CPU might become a bottleneck before the PCI-E lanes do.
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