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I would also check the pins on the socket. That is exactly how i killed my RIIIE, after damaging some pins.I also see Windows can see 4 GB, but CPU-Z can see 12. You might wanna follow the steps on this guide (it'd for W7, but W8 isn't that much different) to remove any limitations windows is imposing on itself.
I'm looking for a working EVGA X58 3x SLI Classified motherboard of any model, but if you have the one with the NF200 chip (model 141-BL-E759-A1) it would be best. Mobo only needs to have the I/O shield, but any accessories (especially the EVGA Control Panel) are welcome. Send me a PM with your offer.
As i see you are still looking for a CPU, here is one
I don't remember where I read this, but even if Nvidia isn't fully ditching the SLI bridge on the 900 series, they seem to be communicating other data through the PCI-Ealoslots much like AMD is doing great with their R9 series cards. Maybe this is why it is failing?
Well, my SLI 470's worked flawlessly on my RIIIE. I think we should try something newer with PCI-E 3.0 (other than AMD), the Fermi cards got launched in 2010, not a big difference against the release of X58.
Lucky you, I had to "settle" with a Noiseblocker PE-P but I would have loved more to get an AP-13 or an AP-14 for my Ultima 90.
For quick stress test, I use IBT. For more long-term testing, I use BOINC, mainly because of the validation most WU's take, which you compare the results you make with a second or even a third computer. First i run NFS@Home on it for 24 hours. NFS's lasievef and lasieve5f tasks use up to 2 GB RAM per CPU thread, so on my X5650 it uses almost 20 GB's. As it also does different tasks per thread, it can detect other kinds of instabilities that IBT or other multithreaded test...
An SSD does wonders to any computer. My old latop was a T2600 Core Duo (not even Core 2) and ran faster than the desktop I had at work (i5-3470T dual core) which had a 5400 RPM HDD.
Yeah, might have to consider that, the heatsink is the hardest part to find anyways. I can always get other fans and mod the cooler slightly as well, I am not against that.
Hope no one of the crew still rocking LGA 775 CPU's reads this X58 is quite old as well, but is still very powerful, compared to more recent offerings.
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