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Reopened to look for a 390X
Yeah, Socket 478 isn't the best Intel platform ever, but it'd be the cheapest for me to build on that keeps a decent Windows 98/MS DOS compatibility, as i am only missing the motherboard. If i went with plan B, i could revive my PIII 1 GHz Coppermine, but i'd need the mobo, SDRAM, a decent PSU due to the 5v main rail thing, and a PCI/PCI-X video card, of which i have none (my card would be an ATI Radeon 9200 AGP). If i were to go AMD i'd have to buy everything, and Athlons...
As the title says, i am looking for a good motherboard socket 478 to make an old game rig. I already have a P4 3 GHz with HT (Northwood) and 1 GB DDR-400 RAM. I do not plan on OCing as that P4 is already one of the fastest Northwoods around, i have an early stepping CPU (hence i'm afraid of the sudden death), Prescotts are usually worse, and the only worthwhile upgrade is the Extreme Edition.
No, does not happen to me.I would try modifying the high Freesync range, to 61 or 60 Hz, DP 1.2 can't really do more than 4k@60 Hz, and some monitor ranges go all the way up to 65 Hz.The spaces in yellow are what i modify on CRU, don't touch anything else.Now that's some interesting setup. Maybe having one monitor on Freesync while the other is not messes with the driver somehow, as this monitor can't do Freesync over HDMI.
Have you tried leaving the default FreeSync range? Some panels may not do the full 30-60 Hz range.
I have not had any issues with Freesync and my single 290X over DP, or maybe i'm not keen enough to catch them. I have edited my Freesync range to 33-61 Hz. If anyone has flashed the new update and has PS4 Pro, does this improve HDCP 2.2 issues? I am still debating heavily on getting a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, but might go with the PS4 Pro to better use this monitor.
Can you get in the BIOS screen?
I just got my monitor. It is placed on a wall stand, and i'm looking always slightly above, so i have no shadow issues. To note, my own Dell SP2309W (TN panel) has the same issue, but i never noticed it in the 4 years i had it. I only noticed until i saw this thread. I ordered mine from Amazon. Came really fast from Korea, box was a little bit roughed up but monitor came in pristine condition. There is one stuck pixel on the center of the screen, but it is virtually...
That sounds good. I mostly play rhythm games on my PS3 & PS4, so input lag is crucial.I jumped the gun and bought one. Will be getting it on friday at most.
Is this a good monitor for Xfire 290X's? I already have one and plan on getting the second one in 2 weeks or so.
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