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So, other than XFX, no other company uses that PCB?
That's a more likely component to fail, with all the extra stress (and less cooling) it is forced to handle, especially under OC. Frankly, i don't see much benefit in updating past socket 1366. Most other upgrades are not as significant in actual noticeable performance increase (SATA III, PCI-E 3.0) or can be added to the lots of PCI-E lanes the platform supports (USB 3.0). Also, most of the newest instructions are not as useful for gaming as none of the developers...
If it has survived all this time, i bet you have at least a good 1-2 years more of use for it. Only sure signal a CPU is dying is when it cannot hold the OC you have set to it. Cheapest upgrade for when it dies would be a 1366 hexacore. Most are well under $100 (my X5650 was $80) and you won't have to upgrade anything else. Plus they still beat the snot or at least tie up with the newest "mainstream" CPUs (anything socket 115x). If upgrade is what you want, go anything...
My main loop has two rads, a really dense Black Ice GT Stealth 240 in push/pull, and a less dense Black Ice Pro II 240 in push only configuration. The fans are AP-45's (2150 RPM GTs). I have cooled many things with these rads in ~3 years of WCing, from simple i3's to monster Xeons, and from lowly GTS 450's to Xfired 290X's and they have delivered. However, i am curious to know if radiator tech has advanced enough from these pre-2010 radiators in order to justify a...
While i only have only one GTX 780 Classy (on air) i've had 2 290X's on water, with a s1366 CPU, all cooled by 2x240mm rads. they worked very well, nothing over 70c even OCed. Plus one of my rads has only one set of fans. If worse comes to worst, you can add a single 120mm rad somewhere else and that'd dump a lot of heat off the water. But i'd try that first. 480mm of rad can easily handle a CPU+2 GPU setups with ease.
I am interested on a kit like this (the 240mm version) to replace my somewhat aging setup on my backup rig (radiator had a leak in one of the channels, and after two reairs it is stil lleaking a bit). I do have a question though, would replacing the Supremacy MX block with a Supreme HF CU greatly affect temperatures? I like way more the look of that block, and it is still a decent performer even for today's standards.
Is there any card that uses the "reference" 290(X) PCB with a 390X GPU? I am asking because i have a EK-FC R9-290X block+backplate which i used on a Powercolor R9 290 card. As i sold the card, the block and backplate have been gathering dust and i'd like to use them again, mostly to play Skyrim, as with some mods it maxes my GTX 780 "puny" 3 GB VRAM.
I am throwing my money at the screen and nothing is happening I've had more Seagate HDD's die on me than WD's, and no, it is not because i see more Segagate disks. Hell, i still use a 160 GB Blue HDD which has freaking damaged sectors which i bought in 2008 (and data is still not corrupted at all) while a Seagate just stopped working after 8 months of use.
I've also had mine for quite a while. Almost 3 years. Has seen roughly 5 different builds (P55, P67, Z77, X58 and X79) and a LOT of CPUs+GPU combos. Best PSU i've ever owned.
Oddly enough, there IS a GTX 560 Ti Golden Edition. It was rarer than the GTX 465 GE, to think i never heard about it until like 5-6 months ago.I love mine too Card #377, successfully flashed to GTX 470. Too bad it starts giving weird errors and it fc's any game when temps are over 65c, but with fan speeds at 75% or more it is good. Can still run most stuff at medium or higher quality with decent FPS. It is my trophy/test bench card.
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