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As the title says, i need a 4930K with box. PM me your offers.
So Vdroop isn't such a big deal on high-end VRM's, like the RIIIE or the X58 Classy unless you're going subzero?
Get it. I only had the pleasure of using my X5650 for a week before my motherboard fully died, but it was so much different than my W3530, which wasn't a bad clocker at all.I miss my W3530. That chip did 4.6 GHz @1.45v for benching, 4.4 GHz @ 1.29v for gaming and 4 GHz @ 1.16v while never getting hotter than 80c.
Is there anywhere i can find the 2150 RPM GT's? I will be upgrading my WC loop and i kinda need more than the 8 fans i have right now.
Let's see how well that mobo handles your i5. I haven't really tested my X3460+P55 Micro, but I managed to get 3.2 GHz really easy on stock voltage. Now with colder temps I do really need to truly take that to 4 GHz or more
There is still mATX out there. I would soo love to have two of those in a mATX setup.I agree as well. That would be the perfect card to WC on the tiniest cases ever, provided the front panel is modified to make a true single-slot card.
One pin is easy to fix, just take a pin or a flat and small screwdriver and place it in the right place.My RIIIE died because i had almost a quarter of the socket pins bent, and like 6 were ripped It lasted for like a year like that though.
Aaaaaand HEREI AM I now kinda know what Tex feels, having a job on the go isn't as glamorous, especially when your mobile carrier fails big time.
I lent a friend of mine my HD7950 (Sapphire DualX OC Edition @ 950 MHz) to install on his setup while he gets a 280X His rig has an A10-6800K and a GA-F2A85XM-D3H motherboard, I am unsure of the RAM though. After formatting Windows and installing all drivers, the card gets detected but will work for 10-15 minutes, then it goes to a black screen. Even trying another PSU (my Seasonic Platinum 1Kw) did not work, so we can rule it out. I have even tried using the "default"...
L> means Looking or Looking For. Sorry, MMOs have washed my mind a little bit too much xDAFAIK, the fastest hexadore CPU for LGA 1366 is the X5690 with a whopping 3.46 GHz stock and 3.73 GHz turbo. The multiplier won't ever be an OCing bottleneck on that CPU, just keeping the base multi and a 200 bclk you coould get 5.2 GHz. Then there are the Turbo multipliers.I would look for cheaper options. For $150 you can get two X5650's on Fleabay or other forums. Not too bad for 6c...
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