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It was only launched for OEM servers built for high-speed trading (it depends more on single-core IPS, hence the high clock) which are not that many. Hell, most of the chips i can find are ES versions, not even retail. It is a rare chip indeed, but that only makes it more awesome.Indeed. I'm awed at how Intel could squeeze so much noticeable performance from a simple Tick. Changing from my W3530 @ 4 GHz to my X5650 @ 2.9 GHz was a huge increase in overall performance on my...
Interesting, I might be willing to go on my three CPUs (i3-550, X3460 and X5650).I have had several ideas on how to bench some of these "budget" and not-so-budget CPUs. Too bad real life has stopped me to getting all of the hardware.This is what i have been itching to test. I might ditch the E5 Xeon, but the rest would be good to really see the improvements Intel has done through the years. The X5698 would be the "best-scenario" case of a dual-core CPU which is not...
I'm currently crunching Malaria WUs. All i did was turn off networking for BOINC, after maxing my tasks (selected 10 days of work buffer).
Would it be really that useful to run the Android apps? I know it depends on the phone, but i have some Krait and A15 phones around.
Welp, i almost forgot about this. Damn work, but sadlybuills won't pay themselves Dang, i can't be home until the 7th, i only have one rig working At least it's the X5650+R9 290 Will prepare my X3460+GTX470 once i get home, and just for kicks and giggles i'll dig out my spare E8400 rigs.
My EVGA X58 Classified3 works on WIndows 10 like a charm. Even the Marvell storage, audio, LAN and all other stuff.
Well, first and last time i buy a Samsung SSD. I will keep it for my older rigs, but i'll be sticking to Crucial from now on. I don't really feel the need to complain to Samsung, as the drive works, and is still faster than most platter drives, but still, it is a failure they are not really stepping up to truly solve.
As the title says, i need a 4930K with box. PM me your offers.
So Vdroop isn't such a big deal on high-end VRM's, like the RIIIE or the X58 Classy unless you're going subzero?
Get it. I only had the pleasure of using my X5650 for a week before my motherboard fully died, but it was so much different than my W3530, which wasn't a bad clocker at all.I miss my W3530. That chip did 4.6 GHz @1.45v for benching, 4.4 GHz @ 1.29v for gaming and 4 GHz @ 1.16v while never getting hotter than 80c.
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