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After reading all 145 pages, I now want this case for my HTPC I do have some questions though. I am planning to have a mostly fanless rig with a SG10. I would be using the following hardware: CPU: Xeon X3460 GPU: EVGA GTX 650 Reference (planned upgrade to GTX 750 Ti or GTX 950) Mobo: EVGA P55 SLI Micro PSU: Seasonic SS-460FL2 Fanless CPU Cooling: Thermalright Macho Zero GPU Cooling: Artic Accelero S1 Plus The only fans i plan to have are the 180mm top fan, and one of...
So, only worthwhile mATX options are Asus (while good, i'm bored of them) and Gigabyte. Looks like my P55 SLI Micro will have to last for a while more
EVGA, will there be a Z170 mATX motherboard? I want to upgrade my P55 SLI Micro, but don't want to jump to X99, i want to do SLI (reason because the Stinger is a no-no), i am just waiting for next week to pull the trigger on a Silverstone SG10 and i want to keep that rig EVGA-exclusive. Or will there be no love for mATX users?
I now have the itch to truly finish building my HTPC. MY own X3460 runs at a frosty 50c on stock seeds while undervolted, and that is with a small-ish cooler. I now want to build a computer inside a SG10
I like how i was able to BIOS mod my GTX 650 to run completely passive unless i game on my HTPC. Completely or partially passive computers with somewhat decent GPUs for casual gaming are awesome.If i want something with a little more oomph, i can always go to my main rig, but when i only want to browse, watch Youtube or chat, my HTPC is more than enough. Hell, it is even a bit overkill for your average HTPC I for one hope the GTX 950 is better than the 750 Ti. I want one...
Weird, even if you have the "latest driver" Windows should let you install any driver you want if you select the "Browse my Computer" option. Was that a fresh install or an upgrade? It might have carried over the driver from the previous Windows installation. You might also want to disable Windows Update from downloading driver updates automatically.
Have you tried installing the drivers manually using the ZIP file? Instead of the installer, choose to download the file. After that uncompress it, go to the Device Manager, and click to install driver from a specific location instead of manually. Had to do it that way for both of my working rigs.
Well, i didn't noticed it, but it seems that sometime along the road i went from 600k to 1.1m in NFS. Also, shouldn't Rioja be classified as a retired project? I haven't done any work for that since november last year, and even their site states they are down fr the foreseeable future. Just wondering though
Well, seems like a nice chip to toy with. I kinda want to test my W3530 on my Classy (i utterly destroyed my RIIIE socket ), but i'm too lazy Though you won't be winning many points with it, i would still keep it but look for a hexa somewhere else.
That's actually a bit of a tall order for a 930 to do. My own W3530 (Xeonized 930) barely did 4,630 MHz on chilled water with a custom loop, and it wasn't 100% stable (stable as in "barely boted and froze up when opening Chrome") i think it was running @10-15c, and still...As Kana-Maru has said, if you do plan to stand a chance on HWBot, better go for a hexacore that can do at least 4.5 GHz. Quaddies like the 930 won't be able to hold a candle, especially with a well...
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