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And how much would each fan?
I might want a bit more of PCI-E performance out of my RIIIE, actually, mostly for GPU compute (the ONLY thing that really takes advantage of PCI-E 3.0) but that's even more of a pipe dream . I barely use USB 3.0, and SSD's are based by their 4k performance, which is still lower than the SATA 2 sequential performance, so no huge loss for me in that sense.X58v2 IOH please Intel?
I'd make all of my rigs like these, only with GT's
My thoughts exactly. It begun with X58, and it died with X58. With these HPC chips, Intel is more focused on way-too-expensive Xeons than on us mere mortals. I mean, why friggin lock PCI-E lanes on the 5820K? And why Intel does not release a higher core count, unlocked chip? It's not like they can't do it. But since 2008 Intel has only given out 15% more IPC and 2 cores on the enthusiast i7 line. If that is all the progress we can expect, then the most true successor to...
Read rule #3For Sale / Wanted Section RulesI noticed it was added after the semi-fiasco with the fans.
Well, if you're looking for vertically small coolers, the Thermalright AXP-100 and AXP-200 are your best bet. I made a rig for a friend with the AXP-100 and it was very good, better than I expected. The Noctua NH-L12 seems to be good as well. If you just want a small tower heatsink, you might want to try a cooler that uses 90mm fans. None comes to my mind other than my awesome Ultima 90 (which sadly is EOL'd, but can be found on eBay).
I would love to get this. My WIP upgrade to my Cerberus rig, which will have 3-way 580's as a commemoration to my Nvidia build (Hydra is AMD build)
If the cores are Silvermont-based, I would say it would outperform it since the cores are A7 instead of A15 as the Edison is a Dual-core chip. However ARM and X86 are different architectures meant for different stuff, and you can't make a clear apples-to-apples comparison between them.
I would like more GT's, but considering how the last one ended (I waited almost for a year for my fans) I don't think OCN would allow it.
According to the video on Sparkfun, it does not have native video output. If that is indeed the case, the RPi would still be better for a homemade and compact HTPC. However, the CPU should be powerful (for the size), if it is a Silvermont derivative. A good GPU would just make this more awesome. I might wait to make a mod with a Gameboy to emulate Gameboy and N64 games.
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