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I'm looking for a RIIIBE motherboard. The more accessories it has the better, but it must have the I/O panel cover and the ThunderBolt card. Of course, it must also be in working conditions, without bent pins.
Payment sent
All i need now is for EK to release a full copper version of this, then i can ditch my Supreme HF Cu.
I am looking for a LGA1156 X34** Xeon. Preferred models are: - X3480 - X3470 - X3460 - X3450 I'm also looking for an i7-875k. Shoot me your offers via PM.
Seems i'm not the one cleaning the closet. Had to sell a Z68 mobo, my i3-3220, ye olde GTS 450, 8 GB of my WonderRAM, an SSD and a PSU.Still, after your sweep, you should still have more power than me, only got my 7970, 7950 and a single 470, so don't feel too bad. I do need to OC again my i3-550 tho...
i call bull. Let's dissect this piece by piece. Other than the i7-875k, no other LGA1156 CPU had an unlocked multi, so the chances of this having such a Sandy-multiplier isn't believable at all. And such a high OC had HT enabled? Yeah sure... Worse, with 1.27v? My own i3-550 had to be force-fed 1.6v to get 5 GHz... Last but not least, do you think this mobo can do 8 GHz?
Intel begs to differ...An H97 mobo may be able to OC some CPUs, like the Anniversary Pentium, and be able to OC via Bclk and OC RAM, but OCing via multiplier should not be enabled on any H-based motherboard (other than H55/H57) so having an unlocked CPU on those would be a waste.
Cheapo HTPC? Fileserver? Green folding/BOINC machine?Or you can just sell it again, it's not a bad lil machine at all. I had an i3-3220 and played like a champ on my main rig, even with Xfired cards.
AFAIK Sandy Bridge is ~10% better than Nehalem, but given that the stock speed of the i3-550 is higher than the i3-2100 (3.2 GHz vs 3.1 GHz), i'd say that even at stock they aren't that different, maybe 5-7%. Dump OCing into the fray and, well, the i3-550 wins. Of course, you can take it waaaay higher with good cooling, mine was stable @ 4.6 GHz 24/7 and even did 5 GHz for 2D benching. It is crap for RAM OCing tho, barely did 1600 MHz 8-8-8-22 on 8 GBs of my WonderRAM...
That's what i like of BOINCing over here (El Salvador, Central America), you get a free sauna when you do it I kinda had to go water by force, and i was also made to abandon my X58 rig (waaaaay too much heat for lil ol' me)
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