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Well, now that BU is over, it's finally time to shut down my Jalapeño. Was never good at mining, but did good for "BOINC" while it lasted (got it from a BGB if i recall correctly). Helped me go slightly past the goal of 500m combined tho Now it's time to make my Nano sweat, need to beat my DiRT score of 237m
I wholeheartly agree. Watercooling has never been a real, pressing need for most gamers. Hell, most gamers live with stock coolers (the horror) and are completely fine. For enthusiasts, especially those willing to pay over 1.5k grand for 10 cores, it's definitely a different matter.This is where i start to disagree. On maintenance... i rarely have to do more than a twice a year drain of my loop. It might take me 3 to 4 hours, but it's freakin' twice a year. I do a biweekly...
Welp, it's been years since i last ran SETI. It was my first BOINC project as well. Good times. I'll be setting up my rig once i get home.
You'd have to treat a well-made copper cooler very badly for it to corrode that bad.I still have my TRUE Copper, and it's not that bad looking. It's still a cooler from 2008, bought it second hand and i live in a very humid Tropical country, yet it does not have an issue, other than a spot here and there due to me being an idiot and spilling stuff (that rig is caseless). It still looks very decent and cools like a champ.
Even with the premium, the market for the product is too small, unlike for cell phones which are for everyone. Going enthusiast in the PC world is already a niche, gold- or silver-plated coolers is a niche within a niche. Look at EK's gold plated blocks, they are not worth that much more versus the normal ones. Hell, Aquacomputer sells pure silver CPU blocks, and those are priced according to the metal price, more than any exclusivity.
A few grams of silver times all the coolers anyone plans to get to the market does sound like a lot of silver, therefore $$$. Copper coolers already cost more than "regular" ones, silver plating them would just jack the price more.Also, coating the coating also seems like it would cost a significant $$$, plus aluminum and copper do not react that friendly towards each other. Not sure if there is a NEED for an electrolyte or if just simple contact would do, but galvanic...
To the best of my (limited) knowledge, not all metals can be anodized. Two of the ones that can are Aluminum and Titanium. Trying to anodize copper would just result into a green-grey oxide layer on top, not too pretty for PC purposes. Not sure what that would do for cooling.That is why copper is plated with Gold, Silver, Nickel or Zinc rather than anodized, like aluminum.
I am not into mining, however when i tried to look for a second Nano to crossfire, i was like "What in the world happened?!?!?!" Glad i bought my first Nano for $245 tho. Hopefully Vega greatly outperforms these (Fiji should be between GTX 1060 and 1070) so these will go down in price and have a Xfire Nano setup. Either that, or AMD releases a Nano successor. I'd buy two of those in a heartbeat.
There atre very few paints which are thermally conductive, arent that cheap, and the performance would degrade to the level of a normal Al+Cu heatsink, maybe even worse considering pure Cu coolers are at best 5c better than an equally designed Al+Cu cooler. My own TRUE Copper proves this.If aesthetics matter to you, go with a factory-colored heatsink instead of this.In other words, aw yiss, i need this. And my Delta fans need it too.
I had that issue with older drivers, but after installing the latest one (17.5.2) all issues went away. I'll see if i can install New order again since i got it deleted due to lack of space.
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