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Taking listing down due to lack of interest.
Thanks, Fixed.
I've got a 750GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD and I realized I just don't have a use for an SSD this large. Selling it a little under retail, it is new in box, never been taken out of the box for more than a few seconds to take a picture. I'm asking $400 shipped to US48.
What this guy said, if it wasn't clear, the GPU is dead and the quote to fix it was $500, I wouldn't expect an easy/cheap fix.
Buyer will pay $500, the laptop is coming back without a new GPU, just listing the price quote that was given to me by Sager if the buyer was interested in sending it in to get fixed on their own. I'll update the main post just to make it a little more clear.
Looking to sell a Sager 5165 from 2011. Specs are as follows: 15.6" 1080p Clear Glare Type Screen i7-2630QM, 2 - 2.8 Ghz 6GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM nVidia GT 555M w/ 2 GB GDDR3 VRAM 500GB HDD Dual Layer CD/DVD Drive The price is $500 shipped to the continental US. The key thing is the graphic's card is non-functioning. The quote on a replacement from Sager was $500, the laptop will ship to buyer sans a working GPU. Laptop is currently on its way back from Sager and I will...
Alright, its working, giving a good signal strength even though I haven't moved it to the optimal position. The only problem seems to be the speed, the router's wireless network is providing speeds of around 45mb/s while the one running through the rocket only provides speeds of 10mb/s. Any ideas? Also should I even be running multiple networks or is there a way to turn off the router's wireless AP?
Got the Rocketm2 in and tried to set it up but I'm having a few issues. I have it set up as follows. The network shows up, and I can connect, and the connection strength is good for not having adjusted the antennas yet. The issue is that I get dns errors whenever I try to go online with that network. Whenever I try to connect to a network it says the DNS lookup has failed.
Many thanks, + rep for the help.
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