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RESV is VCore, IDK why they did it that way, most of the other read points are for memory.Um you should be good to 2666, and this isn't just GBT, I was talking to intel at IDF they said the max in the MRC is 2666, so any higher has to first be tuned by Intel, or tuned by a motherboard manufacturer which could result in broken lower dividers (or in the case of one special BIOS for another board, they got 28x working, but then 1.00x doesn't work...)You can however set 1.25x...
Today I will take a close look at the Diamond Multimedia XS71HDU which is a 24 bit 7.1channel digital audio adapter. It’s an external sound card that is powered and works off a single USB port on your computer. Many users use external sound cards because they don’t like their on-board audio, usually on a laptop or other portable device, because the manufacturers of portable devices usually allocate fewer resources towards on-board audio devices. Removing the contents of...
it can get 4x PCI-E 3.0, larger sockets get 16x PCI-E 3.0Also the PCI-E slot provides some GPU power
no, GPUs have high power requirements and are huge for a reason.
from what i heard gigabyte is putting a guide out soon. I will put one out soon too for specific boards but the principles can be applied to all X99 boards. U can basically do it kind of like Z97, but uncore means little.
Timings have a great impact on memory performance than speeds. moving 100mhz and increasing cas latency by one hurts performance, you need to increase by at least 200-300 maybe even more on DDR4 to get any performance gain by increasing cas latency. This is also how it works on DDR3, cas latency > MHz in performance as these timings time how many cycles certain commands must wait. Just go back to F7b, beta's theoretically don't have the fixes from all previous betas in...
just update the UEFI
yea sometimes they change up the auto rules for voltages, that could be the culprit other than degradation or some software thing
do u have the fast boot button on the back enabled?
this is a brand new high-end platform, not only a new CPU and CPU socket, but also new DDR4 spec. Its not a platform that will be perfect early on, its one of those platforms where all manufacturers will have to improve including CPU, DRAM, and Mobo
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