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No board has 16 true phases, usually its 8 phases doubled which is the max true phase count now anyways.
I have no idea, I mean you can try digi key and compare the costs of the doublers, however these are like dual doublers that they are using. Its 3 dual doublers, they each take in 2 PWM lines and output 4, IDK if IR has anything similar widely used. uPI has tons of weird doubler chips.Yea go for it, if you are already set on something, especially b/c of the way you like the BIOS then you should go for it.
I have a Z97 Pro, it has a very interesting VRM design. apart from what we know, it uses 12 phases with an IR controller(most likely) and uPI doublers with IR drivers and LF-PAK FETs. What everyone misses until you actually have the board is that they added a single IR3599, its purpose baffled me until I routed the traces of the IR3599 output, it seems they have routed it to two phases, I am guessing they switch operating modes to this 2 phase only mode, where it provide...
their BIOS was just kind of terrible after X58/P55, but it has improved since then. I am not sure how Z77 is, but I would think Z97 might be okay. I had a Z77 FTW and it was kind of hard to use and oc with to be honest. IDK i wrote a review somewhere:
Maybe they removed it out of easytune? I have no idea, i don't use the GBT software much(other than GTL of course), only for review purposes.Someone asked about PLL settings,There is SB PLL and LC PLL and also a high and low setting. With auto rules they have ben set perfect for high frequency BCLK clocking and even stock clocking.SB PLL will reduce clock jitter (clock swaying) compared to LC PLLLC PLL will increase clock margins(higher clocks) but can increase jitterHigh...
The MX-Gaming 5 will be louder, the Z97 Sniper will also be even louder than that.did u try this:
i think the entire time of the vent so from 11 to 4
let us know how it goes
that sucks
5K is even okay, still will last longer than you will prob keep it. I honestly thought asus upgraded to 10K across the line, but maybe not.
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