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yea different EIST implementation. Manufacturers have to turn EIST on rapidly then back off to change the multiplier in windows, many users don't like EIST being on all the time, they want the raw power at all times, so they tweak stuff.
i would update the BIOS, the classic mode is basically the UEFI anyways. If you hit weird problems update the BIOS.,
Leave the voltages on auto and try just setting 28x or 30x, it might take a bunch of rebooting to boot (ddr4 training for higher mulitplier Intel doesn't support in the microcode, 26.66x is the highest they currently support), but I can boot 32x on the SOC Force. Your DDR4 might also require higher voltage like 1.35-1.5v, some memory dosn't like higher volts tho, like micron based. Hynix likes high voltage, and samsung (most of corsairs are samsung) im not sure. Also...
What codes do you get? It might just be training the RAM.You can for now if you don't want to train it, (it takes a while with all the reboots) Load XMP, set BCLK divider to 1.25x and use 24x, and then use lower cache and CPU ratios as the 1.25x will affect them.
Do you mean you changed the mode or the actual BIOS number? Or both?
many boards say 1600mhz as that is what Intel had as max speed for a while, but they do much higher. Try it out.
the issue where the OC is reset after you go to sleep? Do you guys have Intel ME installed?
what if you re-enable EIST?
Is EIST enabled or disabled
I got one here on the test bench, the X99 OC Formula, i will let you know soon
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