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yea of course and that is why we do things like this threads and lists, to point out the trouble boards.
The VRm is important, but I also agree with you guys, a motherboard shouldn't be suggested only b/c of the VRM, there are many other factors which can be weighed more or less. If anything the VRm should fall under the component quality section. The big issue with VRMs apart from being digital or analog is the ability for the VRm as a whole to produce the proper current, that is very dependent on temperature, and a lot of things from heatsink to PCB copper influence that...
Yea i had asked about IMC improvements during computex from an engineer at Intel, he said no. He said only changed TIM and added caps on package.
I know how CPus are picked off the wafer, im just saying these were probably marked to be 4770K maybe even picked for samples that clock higher than normal.
i honestly think these are just high binned 4770Ks and the dies were moved and some mods made and then re packaged. I would bet that maybe they changed their binning process.
I just got a L329C241 today, tomorrow i will pick up two more im not sure their batches (im picking up CPus for the tweaktown team since i am the closest to a MC). Ill test them all too.
where do you see mod before the board name?
i think it will be fine
yea the stock VIDs were high(a bug, they are still high tho), in the BIOS tho, the CPUs run 4.4ghz lol, what is surprising is the temperatures at high voltages, they seem fine.
yes1. Paint, I think you can maybe use a sharpie and black them out.2. Yes, in the PCh is the Azalia audio processor, the digital signals are then sent to the codec, usually an ALC1150 which is a DAC/ADC. The Core3D boards GBT puts out, don't use the built in Azalia audio, and instead require a single PCI-E lane just like a sound card. There is a lot of software that just does effects, they annoying many times. However when they say they put an AMP on board, they did, that...
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