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The fact of the matter is that the 0.5GB isn't a very big issue, it completes its job just like it did when reviewers first tested it. I can understand how some feel pissed off, and nvidia is willing to take them on and say, if you don't like it return it, go with amd or with a 980 or something if you feel its better. The fact that nvidia stands by their product like that is more impressive than anything else. This at a time when AMD is losing aftermarket vendors b/c of...
its pretty funny, but a bad sign for AMD. It kind of shows the lengths they are willing to go to take advantage of their competitor's problem. I bet sales of the 290x aren't doing that great, but they will get a boost form this.
Its basically as capable as your phone but can run windows.
Thanks! I will give it a shot.I actually only have these two cards ATM that i can bench But I would have liked to toss in the 280X and the 285.. I think the price of the G1 gaming is mainly due to the cooler and the upgraded VRM, the card runs basically silent even when OCed and running at full load which is really nice.
Sure here you go:  . Also I updated the 270X scores, only 3d11 and RE were affected b/c I had used an outdated driver, new driver brought huge improvements to the 270x score
fixed! thanks guys!
The NVIDIA GTX 960 was released today and GIGABYTE is offering up a nice lineup of GTX 960 iterations; today I get hands on with the GTX 960 G1 Gaming edition. This is GIGABYTE?s to overclock edition and the GPU core is binned according to GIGABYTE?s ?GPU Gauntlet Sorting?. They are also strengthening the VRM by doubling the amount of phases, equipping the card with a WINDFORCE 3X cooler, introducing a new Fan Stop mode, and showing off a new ?Flex Display?...
yea i just took the heatsink apart, and i sanded down part of it, its copper and plated with nickel on the outside, but copper on the inside.
people use $500+ NICs in their PCs?
no, the board wont flash the BIOS if its not for the board, there are fail-safes to prevent that, and there are tools to get around those fail-safes, but @BIOS isn't one of them.
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