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Very true, its just some software not many people use anyways. Corsair's products are very high quality and have great features, love their PSUs, memory, and cases!
Honestly I had issues getting it to work, then I found others who had the same issue, the fix was to downgrade the software version. Still works to this day, I am not sure why the update doesn't work.
I honestly have no idea what it is. I am just guessing, but it looks like a futuristic case or some type of SFFPC or something totally different. I hope it will be at Computex at least. Looks cool! I would build a case with ardunio or rp doing cool little things like motion sensing if you are in the room and easy wireless charging built in and other practical stuff like that (a case with its own brain, at least that is what i would do if I was to reinvent the case). I...
From the manual: Slots 1,3, and 4 are to be used for GPUs are those have direct links to the CPU
Hey can someone point out the errors in my VRM list for the Z97 boards other than the Z97 OC Formula?
It means increasing the BLCK is overclocking the bus, and in newer systems many things are tied to the BCLK including PCI-E bus speed. That means you are also going to OC the PCI-E bus which can cause graphics issues if done too high. That all being said, most devices have tolerance of 2-5% so 102-105MHz is usually okay.
Is newegg your only option? Do you live near a PC store? If you do they might be willing to test the CPU for you for free. If you live near where I do I would be willing to help you find out if your CPU works.
Maybe they would work IDK, but you can do this:
If you have three 2-way bridges you can hook up 3-way
I have an X99 Micro its a pretty good board
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