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I don't think you will need too, it should work out of the box. We had like 15 new SOC Force all with very early BIOSes and they all worked fine with the 4970K CPus we had, we didn't even think about updating the BIOSes for compatibility. Z97 is compatible out of the box, if it wasn't that would be stupid, as Z97 was launched for the refresh.
yea, 70C is fine, also depends a lot of ambient and PCB copper, package style. The reason most say 150ish is the quality of materials used, there are only so many materials they can use. I saw a review recently, and the guy was saying like tempeartures in fahrenheit , i was like what?
nice then yea you can use ityoull be okay
i don't think the SOC Force has M.2 just SATA Express ...
with AMD GPus like 3x 290X or something, or even 4, some guys tested and found that a board like the Z97X SOC Force without a PLX hip does better than a board with a PLX chip since those cards don't use much bandwidth. SLI might be different tho, and SLI 3 or 4 way requires those boards with the PLX chip anyways.
prob not, if I got an asrock board id ask for an oc formula
yea I have them in my VRm list, those are the specs on it. They both have the same VRM, but the bigger has two NexFETs per phase.The GBT boards like the UD5H are fine, the heatsinks don't run hot. How about your gaming 7? I have a G1 Gmaing I could test out too since they have basically the same VRM on the gaming 7 and g1 gaming.I have my SOC Force running without a VRm heatsink right now with vaseline on it
IDk i don't think they do much, i don't understand why they added them other than for stability or something, maybe to clean up some power, who knows Intel always does weird things haha. Maybe it was more cost efficient to change something in the DIe and replace with those caps.
id say yes
talk about clogging the DMI bus lol, that is a lot of bandwidth sharing, it must say things like " If you use this then this will be disabled" many times in its manual haha.
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