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I really can't comment on that as I don't know, minITX is tricky. If I get one to review I will let you know, my FTW review will be up soon tho.
i was under the impression that Skyaleks turbo is on all cores
It could be an error in the sensor/software but is the CPU OC lower? If it isn't hurting performance than don't worry, there are safe guards in place to prevent burn outs. IF the system shuts down, like just goes out and restarts, that is OCP/OVP/OTP which would mean its overheating. OR if the CPU frequency is being throttled.
Hey I am going to say this and hopefully not have to repeat it. Phase quality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(great than)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> phase count. Especially for Skylake. Also skylake uses a really small amount of power. I haven't seen one at 4.5GHz go over 160W yet, which means even a 4 phase could handle it, IF the 4 phase is built well.
If the board has SATA Express then you can in the future buy a front panel USB 3.1 bay. ASRock and GBT both have USB 3.1 front panel bays and both are compatible with SATA Express only, but also work with every board as far as I know. (I have both bays )
Both boards have 7 x 4 pin fan headers.... I just counted on the FTW (its in the test bed), and I have to look again at my Hero (but i remember writing it had 7x 4pin) I know the ASUS boards have PWM and DC mode on every single header now. EVGA has DC/PWM mode selection on 5 headers, and control over all 7.
Don't hate, When Haswell came out it couldn't get even over 6.5GHz for a validation, this is Skylake on launch. In a year I bet we will see over 7GHz. Skylake OCs higher than Haswell.
wow, yea its cheaper than I assumed as well. It's basically a souped up 9 ACK, the LEDs are quite cool, try out the flashing modes and such, or the stacking. They have sets of 3 LEDs on a single controller, so unlike most motherboard with LEDs, the LEDs on the board can be controlled in groups of three meaning you can have different colors and pulsing on different sets of LEDs. Very cool.I am not really one who buys a board for LEDs, but the implementation was impressive,...
There is a driver and the BIOS needs to support NVMe.
IMo for this question you should wait until more DX12 titles come out for testing It is supposed to reduce CPU overhead, but who know if it actually will.Shown right above this post, its all 3DMark DX12 Draw Cell test, its just one part of many for DX12. I am more interested in multi-adapter!
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