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u guys see this? lit up backpanel:"
yea it was a volterra 10 phase PWM, but its too old to use new since VRD 12 standards are required.there should be 14 of those 470uF POSCAPs so its a lot of them. 6580uF
ugly as what?
On that site for AU the Z97X-UD5H is $259 on newegg its: $179 so yea its crazy and its hard to predict the price of boards before launch, until of course newegg comes out with a price. That ratio isn't always true of course, especially not at launch, the boards price difference might be different.
cost of hardware in AU is higher than in the US, just had to do with regional economics.
U can find some fast m.2 drives right now edit here: fast speeds that M.2 supports
damn u beat me to it i was just going to post this! lol
not all are 6, but there is only so much PCB room, 8/6 strong phases makes the most sense. The issue is the PCB area and the MOSFETs being able to stay cool when they are surrounded by like 20 other MOSFETs is hard. Its easier to space 6 to 8 power phases and let them spread their heat into the PCB evenly (heatsink too I guess, but that contact between the FETs and the PCB is much better than that between a heatsink and the MOSFET).
is your system starting to power or is it linked to mouse? ALso check your power managment settings, they are ussually on the last page of the UEFi
thisbut the bridge chips can cause issues on their own.Damn though, people expect 58x PCI-E 3.0 lanes, i guess every bit counts, but I would be surprised if you would even gain above what we currently have with X79, I can see some befit to slots for other devices as well as GPUs though
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