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yea u will with your 840 pro.
their conformal coating does seem to work well, i saw it in person.Also yea judging by the intersil doublers/dual drivers I would say I have to alter it in my VRM list too, ill update a totally updated list with some corrections pertaining to the Z97 OC Formula series, they really changed things up. But most likely they are using the NexFETs for the CPU VRM.
Intel ME is an integral part of the BIOS, it is one of the largest sectors on the ROM, on boot up the ME firmware is loaded into the DRAM and the system goes from there. I highly doubt there is an issue with ME< most likely you have some other issue. You can corrupt the ME Firmware, but a BIOS flash also flashes it, or you can recover it from windows. Also your settings are stored in the CMOS, not BIOS, so when you clear the CMOS the settings clear.
I would say you need to fin if your CPU is bottlenecking your GPUs, it could be. If it is then OC it to 5GHz, push those volts, don't really focus on its life, just on its throttle point. THen when X99 comes out, which it will soon enough, get one of those, and then you will have enough bandwith and you can even add a 3rd card if the GPUs are the issue.
I know that the new Z97 boards auto detect PWM or 3-pin fan installed, I am not sure if that was in the the second one.
how do you install the killer without the bloatware?
why do you clear the CMOS so much? If there is a bad OC not related to heavy BCLK increases the board should easily boot and tell u settings failed, the OC recovery is tuned well. I bet I can guess the brand of motherboard you had last which would require a CMOS reset in lieu of auto recovery.
If the output filter cannot provide enough current to the CPU (the capacitors don't have enough stored up, or the current step is larger than the design, or the switching isn't fast enough to keep up with CPU demand) then the PWM can pulse all phases at the same time. However this is a very inefficient operating mode and defeats the purposes of the VRM's switching design, you might as well use a linear regulator. In both cases though each phase provides about the same when...
yea that is odd they put different BIOSes for the boards, I don't know why they would do that other than to differentiate them.
I think 1AWhat is the issue?You do know the 4970K turbos to 4.4ghz, right?There is also BIOS F6 which might reduce the VID:
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