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I think people's assumption that they pay more for killer networking is a wrong one as well. Manufacturers don't jack the price b/c a product has a killer NIC. The issue is that since Intel is basically the standard, anything else needs to be marketed, and it's easy to market Killer's networking, so manufacturers run with it.
Obviously Turbo mode is busted, try re-flashing the BIOS
well there wont be any skylake desktop K SKU with IRIS PRO so it's still kind of unique.
The only thing is that Z170 is better equipped PCH wise and the motherboards support more features and provide faster storage.
You delidded your CPU to run 1.52v under 80C, right?
The NVMe has to be supported in the UEFI. Did you check in the UEFi if you have NVMe support?
Hey. The Hero was the first Z170 motherboard I used. I would think that its LLC is close to that of other well implemented IR implementations, but in the first 5-10 motherboards reviews I did I did not write down LLC, I only ensured that load VCore was 1.3v when 1.3v was needed (to standardize power).However, what i did find is that CPU-Z reads ASUS's VCore correctly, but reads everyone else incorrectly not sure if that is still the I am not setting 1.6v VCore....
What board do you have?
Yea I know its tough without read points, but they aren't hard to find and access if your case has access to the back of the VRM area (most do for heatsink hold-down clearnace).On average I would say stay under 80C, but hitting 80C with a solid AIO liek the H110i GT requires around 1.4v on a 6700K. I know many focus on voltages, but I would focus on temperatures just like on previous platforms. If you can keep the CPU under 80C that is what matters, and that takes 1.4v on...
Get a DMM (they are like $10), software is crap/false. Look at my results on the M9 should should be similar to the M7 and M5
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