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I saw this stuff in person at IDF a few years ago, well what this is based off of. I wonder how it will perform in real world.
actually I printed a front panel plate for my reviewing test bench, it came out perfect, with measurements and looks. If you print face down (the face touching the bed, the bottom layer) then the surface comes out perfectly smooth as the bed on an ABS printer is heated, you can also use acetone to shine and polish ABS to your liking. $500 is a good investment in a machine that can pay off. I use google sketchup to make the model as well.
why don't you buy a 3dprinter for $500 like the davincii1.0 and some filament of the color of your choice and print it? I have that printer, it also has a very big print area for its area and prints in ABS its very high quality and will do well at higher temperatures. The filament costs more than normal filament, its like buying a good product for cheaper but paying out in the future, however I use it once in a while, so I have no problem paying a bit more for filament. A...
its a superio, probably a bug in the software.
did u use that hydrophobic stuff?
i had the ASRock X99-WS-E/10G and I thought it was a very nice board
I have a bunch of test systems I would say X99 is good, however Z97 is more mature. If you want more power then get X99
u should get a Z97 board, DC chips just play better with them
Software isn't keeping up, as usual. But then checking an email shouldn't require much processing power anyways.
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