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Have you thought about mirror-less cameras like the GH4 or Son'ys A7 series?
If you look in the manual of the motherboard you will find a list of memory sticks that are a good match.
haha, it's a cute little beast
Wait, how many do you want to buy? I have one of these, it's cute
Why not get some ecc?
ah okay. If there is one thing I greatly value is the ability to ask these questions and hold differing opinions, I feel that above being right or wrong is upholding the ability to speak freely and discuss these things in public.
Aside from the fact that intel didn't say they were moving jobs out of the US, I wanted to say something. Intel and other large companies that are publicly listed are ruled by a board of directors that is elected by shareholders. The success of these companies impact the economy greatly, companies that are more stable become investments. Let's say I want to invest some of my money for a secondary retirement fund and I choose Intel stock over others, well if this move...
Z170's flexible IO has many different configurations. Of these is where 12 High Speed IO (HSIO) ports can be split into three sets of 4 PCi-E 3.0 lanes with two SATA links that support RST in each, which allows for RAID. Z170's PCH is designed to support this feature from the get-go, X99's PCH is not, but it does have potential (it has 10 HSIO ports that can be PCi-E, and two are shared with SATA and two shared with USB3), but they are PCI-E 2.0, not PCI-E 3.0 like Z170. A...
Exactly, that is why I just did that, it's there.
Usually they are on point, and since they have a solid reputation people don't doubt their information, but I couldn't stand that article and I doubt that C232 and C236 lack Intel's HD audio since most of those boards only use codecs like ALC887 or ALC1150, plus Intel's doc confirms that C23X series chipsets have HD audio. I also noticed that in the comment section some people picked up on the problem.Like in this case, ocaholic used their information since there isn't...
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