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Yes it is a hollow copper pipe then thermal paste and then the aluminum heatsink
why would they make a revision when the next chipset is coming?
even C2 stepping have rev 1.0 in the bottom left hand corner, C1 to C2 isn't enough to warrant a revision change
there are only 2 stepping for Z87, and i think all previous intel USb 3.0 implementations are technically affected. Just i don't think anyone really cared about it until Z87 and windows 8.
I don't think they would be able to tell you powered it up honestly, there is no like seal on the package in any way.You need to use CPUz and look at the motherboard tab.many boards aren't likely to be C2 because they were made in very limited runs(those are boards like Sniper 5 and UD7 and OC Force) because their numbers are small because the market is tiny is it doubtful that anyone would manufacturer more without more demand and use the newer stepping chipset. However...
As the title says it is the thermaltake 1475W gold PSU, I have used it for a little while on my test bench and it actually is a pretty damn great PSU. I have all the accessories, but i would rather ship it in a flat rate box b/c its damn heavy(its a 1475W PSU it better be heavy), if you want the original box then i can ship it separate. I will cover shipping to US48 2-3day priority w/tracking paypal only.
So this board is the board only and i can toss in some SATA cables, but you need your own backplate which you can buy from GBT. paypal only, and price includes shipping.
look in cpuz, no other way to tell lol and really not much difference, not even enough to get manufacturers to indicate which boards are which. I guess the OC Force i have is C1 since i don't think GBT makes enough of them for them to have C2.
Price includes 2-3 day USPS shipping w/tracking. Paypal only.
C1 I think
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