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ROG released boards at LGA1150 launch.... LGA1150 has two enthusiast chipsets Z87 and Z97.
Did you already try with a replacement of the same mobo? I am not 100% sure it will be fine, but I would think like 80% that it would be okay.
In the past the only reason that Intel boards were released before newer CPUs was because they were backwards compatible. So Z97 was already compatible with CPUs on the market. Do you know if that socket is compatible with current CPUs?
honestly this happens on a lot of boards past top multipliers, its an X99 problem with high memory dividers.
yea there isn't much point in a PCH block for this platform, VRm block makes much more sense. That is a crazy tight fit.
according to my friends who review SSDs and storage for a living this is all total BS. "JDEC specs consumer SSD's must retain DATA for 1 year without power. Enterprise SSD's 3 months without power. As long as you power up your SSD or flash drive once a year for a few seconds, you will never lose data. The the title of the article was written by an IDIOT, not Seagate. In the article, Seagate says typically 2 years for consumer non-powered data retention. They mention...
At least in a few months MS will give you a free copy of windows 10! with a legit key or not, then of course they will try to make you buy a subscription after a year. It makes sense though right?Either way, I don't think you will run into many issues, I have changed the motherboard inside brands and chipset (like GBT Z97 to GBT Z97) and Windows didn't notice since the change wasn't big enough and didn't ask for activation again. Their system can't be too oversensitive...
I think you might be okay since its an ASUS Z87 board you are swapping in, you probably wouldn't need to reinstall
You mean the thermal pad that sits on the powerstages? (on EVGA they also might cool the inductors, like the X99 Micro cools the inductors and power stages). I would use the ones provided as they are the proper thickness for good contact, I also wouldn't paint where the thermal pad meets the heatsink.
Which boards were you considering? Most should be fine without any consequence, many manufacturers keep the VRM quality high at lower price points and decrease features, others keep same features and decrease VRM quality. However, its a case by case basis. Many manufacturers do both things. I have tested a few sub $300 boards, but I mean, its X99 and a $500-1000 CPU, why skimp out on its power delivery?
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