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Try to use a much older BIOS, it probably has a different ME ROM (your BIOS might not update it unless its a different version). You can also check the BIOS for some type of ME flash lock.
You should be able to reflash the BIOS and that should reprogram the ME unless the manufacturer has locked the ME.
ABS is the same materials they use in legos. It's not supposed to be squishy, and it's less flexible than PLA.
Most of the latest revision boards have the socket with extra pins (but I think every brand has a different number of pins).
Yea most H series wont OC (some have hack BIOses). You should get Z97, but they are pricey compared to the CPU.
did you try manual reading?
yea and LLC
I am designing one now for skylake (one of my own design, but similar in function to the one in this thread), I can see if I can change the fittings to also fit ivy bridge
You should use output capacitors instead of inductors, they can be closer to the real output.
Mine shows up at the bottom of the storage configuration page, but it isn't NVMe based M.2 drive like your.
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