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if you have this issue I would first unplug any power button that you have hooked to the board. If the power button is continuously held down it can cause issues like this.
You have to understand 2 things, #1 the world isn't fair, its survival of the fittest at an extreme, the US does what it wants because it can. Just like life isn't fair, neither is international politics. #2 Intel has extremely strong ties with the US Government, all US companies are subjected to certain export regulations, however Intel also has its IP protected very well under the trade secrets act, something that allows that IP to stay with Intel and never expire.If...
market preferences for black PCBs and better asthetics
its a shield which is plastic like all other shields, underneath there are metal heatsinks.
so scientific! lol. Why wouldn't you use a reproducible method to break a phone rather than a stupid hammer? Human strength changes
So he is telling us that he wasn't able to OC his CPU to the same speeds as on other boards? REALLY? I found it OCes like my other Z97 boards. Also I felt BIOSTAR did a great job providing many features in the UEFI that actually works well, they could have been clearer on the terminology for some things, there is manual. They even have abilities to save profiles to BIOS or file. Only thing I didn't like: no SLI support and my test bench uses GTX 980s in SLI lol. Also as...
actually you can switch BIOS ROMs while the machine is on with many boards (maybe not all). The BIOS contents are loaded to active dram when the system starts up
my review will be out soon, I submitted it the other day so hopefully it will be up soon, it is a pretty decent product, offers some high end features for a very fair price.
I mean technically the board's PCB traces do waste power, a very small amount, but like CynicalUnicorn said they don't really consume power, but the components on motherboards do. That being said there are ton of components that actively consume power and translate it into heat. The PCH has a variable TDP depending on the chipset, but now its usually under 6W, then you have the VRs for everything from the CPU VRm to linear regulators that can control fan power, and LEDs on...
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