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u could probably get Z97 and a haswell cpu, but why not save up some more money and wait a bit since new generations are coming out, u are buying right before a launch, either way all prices will change.
so a gigabyte empolyee posted some pics on facebook of the UD4... some teasers??? VRM perhaps?   New server level coiltronics inductors, FP1007R3-R15-R: The powerstages aren't identified as per that pic, but their package size should tell you somthing. more pics of the ud4:    
a lot of the boards features aren't extra, the PCH has a lot of output.
i would think it would work
U guys do see where on the PCB it says Intel LAN right? EDIT: And also 20Gb/s M.2
nice board: Its my first go with a Z97 ASUS, I can say it went very nicely and the board has some nice hardware.
how many motherboards do you test which still have PCI slots and no debug display? In the US these debug displays are hard to find in stores, some law prohibits their sale, but they are cheap, like $1 USD in all other countries, at least the PCI ones. There are PCI-E ones as well perhaps more expensive.
this whole issue where you move the mouse and you get static, its some driver issue (or an issue in your audio setup). Did you install all the drivers including ME? I have had this happen on multiple systems, but its always some trivial fix i forget what it is, maybe even disable EIST or something. Its something I have happen every once in a while, i always forget how to fix it.
no i think it re-writes the registry. U should google, maybe there is a way to do this, otherwise just re-install, things are a lot faster these days.
I know in windows7 if you goto reinstall and just point to the original OS partition(don't format or delete it) then it will install itself on that partition and put the old windows into windows.old file.
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