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I think its good that there are more options, its always worse then there are less! The gaming boards usually have better audio and LAN the OC boards usually have better power delivery and OC features that a normal dude prob wont ever use.
1.8v is default VIN1.246v for CPU VID is fine, espcialyl for a CPU with a stock 4GHz clock and 4.4GHz turbo. Infact your CPU prob OCes better than most on here, Devil's Canyon CPUs are weird that way.
not every beta is meant for consumption, some are there to see if they fix specific issues, many don't have all fixes, or something certain things are broken. Is there a BIOS where it works?
yea 15 is usually ram error. Did you clear the CMOS? Take battery out and press the CBAT button.
still avail, with price drop
haha cool stuff, I also have the X99 version, just not ready to let go yet! lol Very solid line indeed! I think all editions of the G1 Gaming are WIFI. The huge case, a typical thing of the G1 lineup, at least its totally protected haha.
this is the wifi version, I should probably change the title! Thanks man!
So 250 on this one guys: I don't want to let her go , but I just don't have enough room with new stuff coming in! 2-3 day priority shipping that includes tracking. If you want it shipped in the box shipping is $5 more than the displayed price. If you only want the parts in the box (aka everything but the box) I can including the shipping in the purchase price. The...
I have one of these I want to sell: So the price includes free 2-3 day priority shipping with tracking. Its a great card in great shape and the back-plate is a nice touch. The card is lightly used. Paypal only.
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