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I can get my mionix mouse to do this... I'm not sure what mouse you couldn't get to do this.
Thanks. Exactly what I wanted
Is there an a way to specify which gpu boinc will use? All I know of is the option to have it use all present gpus in cc_config. Thanks
I'd be in it for the cooler... Bit too far for pickup though so maybe not
Congratulations. Would replace an 8600gt and fold in its spare time
lol maybeee....
lol i should just buy another 5870 or something and not sell this stuff
Thanks If anyone can chime in on the 5870s please do
I haven't been around here for a few years and this stuff has been sitting in boxes since beginningish 2012. Got it all out a couple weeks ago and slapped it together because i was bored lol Wondering what it would be worth... I'm pretty clueless after being away from this stuff for a few years EDIT: forgot that one 5870 is an E6 Ed. and both have EK FC5870 nickel+acetal blocks on them. E6 is sapphire, reg is visiontek
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