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Thank you!
Can't forget the holy headphone monkey poster. =P
Can I join? I don't consider myself an audiophile but as an audio enthusiast. Receiver/Amp: Yamaha A-S2000 w/ Hagerman Bugle Phono Speakers: Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 Audio Source: Rotel RP-1010 Turntable Konnekt 24D Soundcard Classic Playstation 1001 as CD Player Kinda bland and sterile... Bugle isn't in the pics. I'll be making a power supply for it over the summer.
^ wow, I never thought about doing that. I have an old Core Duo Macbook Pro(Santa Rose) that's literally falling apart, and anyone who has owned this generation laptop knows how crappy the batteries are. I was planning on using it as just a music player/web browsing machine, keeping it plugged in all the time but the laptop bezel on both sides cracked... I blame my sister for this... Thanks for posting the pic. It gives me an idea on how to put this old laptop to use again.
Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this... at the end of the day, only YOU will know what sounds best to your ears.... That said, i've only listened to the Bose you have listed and they didn't sound too bad. I'm assuming the m-audio will give you the most "accurate" neutral sound since they're monitors. M-audio creates speakers that a designed for you mix music with.
I love this look... I need to take some sort of woodworking/construction class this summer.
Not all there stuff is crap... I used to own the Ikea Jerker Workstation(first edition) and that thing was built like a tank. I'm not sure what type of wood they used but it felt very solid, along with the frame, not like the cheap particle wood they're using now.Sold it awhile back because I just wanted something different, but I must have taken that thing apart at least 10 times and it still held up like new.
LOL, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything. From a glance it looks like she's wearing a black skirt.
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