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No need to tailor make a 35 mil badge for me. I've already made it past 40 mil mark.
Not fuzzy enough?
"Fuzzy Bunny Ninjas, We Love Cotton Tails" I kinda like it.
Just when I need my GPU heater the most.
Yeah tried both and no change. Must be a server issue.
Any one else having problems getting GPU units? I got a couple hours without one.
We hit a heat wave today. Got all the way up to 20° F! Felt quite nice.
Congrats that is quite a pile of points!
I had picked one up last night too. On my second in a row now.
Had to pause the TC client for a few hours last night. Needed every core available for video rendering for a Christmas project/gift. I think I got enough done last night that I shouldn't have to pause it again. It's on core 15 units now anyway so no huge point loss.
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