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Core clock 1003 Memory clock 1374 Core clock 850 Memory clock 1302
My I7 sits on 4.5ghz for last few years As for storage, I have 3 hdd 1TB and one ssd 250gb Dont have any problems with it but those parts are more than 3 years with me. Just was thinking its time for some new upgrade.
what do you guys say, is it worth to upgrade my current setup to newer generation of cpu/mobo/ram or leave it for another year
@PontiacGtx Would that bios damage motherboard or cpu in any case? And Ive heard reviews that RX480 has overheating issues
recomendation for mobo?
Correction Its z170 pro gaming motherboard
Hi guys Im thinking to switch from my current setup to newer components and Id like to hear you opinios and ides. What I had in mind is next: Intel I5 6600k G.skill ripjaws 2x8 gb ddr 2400mhz Asus Z170 pro Current Psu and Gpu will stay along with monitor. In the fiture I plan to take nvidia 1060 Question: would my current cooler be enough for new i5 or i have to change that as well?!
both look good but acer has brighter pictureas for cable, im thinking to buy
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