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had a little play with my setup... OCed to 4.5 temps seems ok
agree...using extra programs would just slow everything you do on computer/laptop...the worst AV you can get is using MSE and for me its doing its is good, not the best but good comparing what we have been offered...IE is the worst one, its very slow, exposed to any attack (thats why i have removed it from the system)as for watching online content, just use adblock to block all ads on that site, its free and A+ program
bit older phone...i was joking with friends few days ago about new phone...i said, if you want good phone with excellent battery go back to nokia 3310 or with good sound, good battery and excellent camera go to nokia n95
most of the motherboards will state that they can do up to 3 cards in crossfire.... linus had video about crossfiring 4 cards on mobo that was recommended for 3 and he had lower results on 4 cards than on 3 or even on 2 cards
Once you stop gaming you will find it hard to go back unless you have favorite game that would take you back... for eg.. when i stop playing for few weeks i always go back to crysis series, although i didnt play the last one.... pes 13 is a must (soccer fan) there was similar post about gaming here before and i said that, and some of uses have agreed with me, that today games have lots it "soul", something that old games had and we could play it for hours, they would...
As long as people think samsung is good, i have to say that im bit dissapointed by their products... ive signed contract for SGS3 and in a year time i had to change 3 of them due to bad hardware... my contract will expire soon so i have to think of a next phone... iphone never attracted me that much as i had iphone 4 and 4s and nothing special... htc have nice looking software but and they were first phones with touch screen (even iphone claimed its their idea)... i was...
cheers man
Hi guys Ive recently come across this screen and it seems it have problem with setting proper resolution on it. GPU is 7950 Before driver update picture was perfect. Now after update, there are black edges (finger size) around the edges of the screen... when i check resolution it says 1920x1080... even in monitor setting i cant stretch picture... so all i can say it could be drivers problem, right??
usually you have info about what is new in latest bios...
thx for help, again ...psu arrived, only ram left to come..and ive changed my mind about gpu, will get saphire twin fan 7950 3Gb for $243.49
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