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What about this one?
Hi guys Im curently building 2 low budget systems and Im in need of psu. First system I3 4150 4gb of ram 1tb hdd Dvd Msi low profile.gpu 1gb Gygabyte z87x sli Stock cooler Second system Amd a6 6420k / stock cooler Msi a68hm grenade 1tb hdd Dvd Low profile gpu (still looking for one) 4gb of ram
It turns out that antec 520 is not suported by new equipment. We swapped ours psu and both of them is working fine, my mobo shows signs of life and its booting up. Didnt know that newer components require newer psu and even few of them is brandwed - from haswell up...
Ill try friends cx 750w to eliminate psu problem...
Motherboard arrived today so little doubt that its dead... Psu worked 2 days ago so dont think that psu is dead.. Unless this board pulls more energy than previous one...
Got these parts today, connected but no power comming to motherboard. Psu Antec 520 Ideas?
im looking to new set of speakers for my setup and i see lot of you guys have only 2 of them on the moment im using logitech z523 but my cat scratched sub-woofer speaker.what is the model of these speakers
Just played Metro 2033 reduxx idle temp 36 Load 55
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