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Just updating our servers:- DayZ DayZ+
Updated picture of my Storm Scout 1
Anyone want to jump on Taviana with us?
More volts on the core, my 2600k wont go above 4.2ghz stable on auto.
Our friends run one, so we didn't want to compete, details:- our Tav server we've added in some custom bases for all your hiding needs Make a fireplace and eat your beans, safe in the knowledge that you are invisible to most bambis.This is only on MGT's Taviana server folks, try us today, just add in DayZ commander or search MGT
Updated our Taviana eu server to 1.5.0, come and jump on
Us lot over at Money Grabbing Trolls have set up a DayZ Thirsk and DayZ 2017 server to go with our DayZ server, jump on sometime DayZ DayZ 2017 Download client files and drop into Arma2OA folder and enable mod in expansions) DayZ Thirsk (Download client files and drop into...
We were full yesterday at 60 players and had some lag, so now reduced to 50 players TS details at
Gametracker now up, lets see if I can link this properly!!! DayZ
As many of you know we have experienced some problems with our servers. We have now got a 100% fully working without glitches/bugs server. It is a Taviana.EU server, use DayZ Commander to download and install. IMO much better version that the Join join join guys Server name/IP: DayZTaviana EU Official MGT Server (1.1.0|99515) [VETERAN|3DP:ON|SC:ON|200+Vehicles]
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