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This. A STH10 that wasn't on 'roids (lets say 60% size) is going to be sweeeeeeet
Niece fits in pc case = your doing it right.
Going to get a test bench set up and start doing some bench-marking and more extreme oc's, most likely phase change. Could you guys recommend a test bench your happy with? I suppose price isn't a huge deal as long as I'm getting what I pay for.
Its a pretty sweet board, there's on owners club around here somewhere, do a search, they have good things to say about the board.
Looks great
Hoped you might show up Sin, boards great but thats my 24/7 rig, now i'm setting up a dedicated test bench...suppose i could pick up another?
8/10 American flag = FBI Terrorist watch list guys are like a plethora of knowledge today.
Hey guys, Have a small collection of sb cpu's here and looking to start doing some more extreme oc's. At least two of the chips with do 5gHz well below 1.5vcore so i hope they can put up some good numbers. Cooling will most likely be phase change.
Jim, that being said, I could order the "mid panel" and the mobo tray and convert my e-atx sth 10 to a htpx form factor? that evga srx looks tempting.....
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