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Do you file it with cs or just an option in your account ? I actually some too and with it being so easy maybe I should try another but I am just wondering if it is even probable that the new one will be any better or if they are mostly the same?
Are they sending it out first or do you have to send in the monitor first?
alright guys just got mine about an hour ago! I have some pics but I'll post them later. So far it is wonderful! The monitor looks a lot better in person than online. I wish there was more metal than there is but does not really matter. Colors are great! So far with minimal usage I am not getting much BLB at all definitely less than the LG, but I can not do a pitch black room until night time. Overall I am very impressed and I would say this is the best choice out of the...
Awesome! Can not wait to get mine tomorrow! I am excited to see how it compares to the LG and see if there are any differences. How's the contrast? Any blb?oh and.. pics!!!!!!!!!
anyone get theirs yet lol
That is still one day shipping. I have the 2 dAy and it is being delivered on Tuesday
what game is the bottom image
yeah from their verification team. THe monitor has already been shipped with tracking number. I called them right back and after waiting on the phone for over an hour they closed. I am gonna be pretty mad if this doesn't get delivered.
so I just got a voicemail from dell to verify my order? Has anyone else received this? I don't get it thought because it has already shipped...
Did yours already ship before you did this? I figured you couldn't if it already shipped
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