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I do not think they come with one. Just got mine today and it did not have one. However, the way the keys are its really easy to pull off with your hands
Thank you for your help! I did get a call from them. Apparently, there was a mistake and they really didn't have any of the k70 with blues. However, they did upgrade to the k95 with blues for free because of the error. I really do not need the extra keys and especially did not want to pay more for them but I really want the blues and that was very cool of them to offer.
I appreciate that!!Here you goOrder #700125106 - Processing
thanks for responding! I ordered the keyboard (rgb k70 with blues) on the 12th and the order still just says processing. Does it normally take this long for corsair to ship?
Is this the non rgb version? it didn't say it was refurbished so I'm assuming it's new. I ordered it a few days ago and still says processing... I did see there was a thread about a month back though that corsair was selling a few mx blues k70 and k95 but they sold out so maybe this is from that. We will see if it actually ships though... Sucks because there is really nothing else like it with mx Blues and I don't really like any other switch very much
I have been wanting one of these keyboards for awhile but only wanted it with the blues. I couldn't find it anywhere and I guess they stopped making it? Well, I just saw it available on Corsairs website and ordered it but it looks like it was the only one in stock. Do you guys think it was new or refurbished? Is this keyboard good or what other suggestions do you guys have for mx blues? It seems like they are harder to find these days. I have a CM quickfire rapid with...
You're welcome. And yeah I have read the Amazon reviews which I think are surprising. I each their own I guess but even with calibration I don't see how anyone thinks this monitor compares to the dell or lg. at this point I think it is too much of a gamble especially for 1300 when I got the dell for about 980. So far I have had the Samsung, lg, and the dell. I stuck with the dell because it's as good as the lg but it's curved. I had the non curved version of the lg. All...
Idk what adjustments they did but I had the lg side by side with the Samsung and nothing I did could get it even close to the clarity of the lg. If I didn't have the lg right next to it to compare I probably wouldn't have noticed. Plus with the price of this thing I don't think it is acceptable for it to look like that out of box.
Do you file it with cs or just an option in your account ? I actually some too and with it being so easy maybe I should try another but I am just wondering if it is even probable that the new one will be any better or if they are mostly the same?
Are they sending it out first or do you have to send in the monitor first?
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