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Thanks for the helpful information! So there is no active adapter or anything (upscaler) that can feed the Shimian the 1440p signal? Can other monitors that are 1440p or higher take singals that are less than 1440p? Is this just a limitation of my monitor?Do you have any input on what I could use for my amp to have something connected to the usb dac port and something connected to the RCA input and switch between them?Thanks for your help.
Anyone? I really want to order what I need soon.
Hey guys! So I have this monitor as you can see it only has one Dual link Dvi Input and that is it. My graphics card is the Radeon R7950 The Amp I use is the Glow Audio Amp One tube amp. It has a built in usb DAC as well as RCA connections I do not want to have to buy a TV for my office and I want to be able to connect...
I am not sure if this is a graphics problem or not. My computer specs are in my sig. I am running windows 8.1 64bit and what keeps happening is when I am on the desktop if I open up something such as league or chrome it will work for awhile and then I will open something else and I won't be able to click on anything. I can still move my mouse though. For example... I'll open the logitech gaming software app for my G502 mouse but once I do I can't click on anything in the...
Alright I'll be back if I need anymore help lol thank you!! I had a bay reservoir before this. Wish it came with instructions
Ah ok yes the red arrow is what I was referring to. So that needs to be the inlet? So then I fill from.the green arrow? Also for the bottom what is the metal piece shown in that picture for? Is that what needs to be where it connects to the pump top?
Wait so there is a lon metal piece that goes into the res and also the really short piece . Your saying the short piece is on top of the port connected to the pump top? What's the long metal piece for? I was thinking for the fill port
Sorry I meant the metal piece going into the res. OK so then that should be on the top if I am having the pump top on the bottom when the res is vertical? And so I can have that be the fill port? Do I need to cover/put a stopper in it after its filled
But does it matter what hole on the bottom I connect to to pump top? Also does it matter which hole on top is the inlet? Should the hole that has the net piece going into the reservoir not be the fill port?
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