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There is no difference in layout between LGA 2011 and LGA 2011-3. Same hole pattern and that cooler will work.
Couple that I have been looking at from Samsung are the U24E590D and U28E590D. Both are 4K, 60Hz, has Freesync (I run AMD), they both have PLS panels (Samsung's IPS panels) and they are cheap (24" is $399 USD and 28" is $599 USD). If you have the cash to spend on it and want/need G-Sync, you could look at the Acer XB280HK. It is pricey and has a TN panel but it does have G-Sync.
Flat cables and round cables have the same wires inside, just a different orientation. At that length, you will not see any difference in performance. You must post the cable pron though once you get it tidied up. That is the law of OCN.
Payment sent for kit
If the bottom of the waterblock is where the leak originated from, you can prove that you have not tampered with the assembly of the waterblock and your Eisberg 240 is still within the warranty period, you may have a case for Alphacool to replace the damaged hardware but you will have to talk to an Alphacool representative and review the warranty that covers your Eisberg 240 Aphacool Eisberg Warranty Link. Best of luck in getting your issue resolved.
Technical previews have a set expiration after the release of the new OS that is stated by Microsoft after new builds are released. The most recent builds (9926, 10041, 10049) started giving warnings on 9/17/2015 that the license key would expire on 10/1/2015 per the Windows Insider page for downloading the ISO. To do the update to Windows 10, you must update from either Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 that is installed onto the machine you want to update. You can't...
Adding extra traffic to your network will increase the ping depending on what that other traffic is. Your neighbor could start torrenting and that will cause your ping to go up and if they are flooding your bandwidth, you could have packet loss as well. I live in an apartment build that has shared internet with 100/100 and I will get massive packet loss and increase in ping around certain times when people are streaming Netflix or torrenting the new episode of Game of...
I had to do the same thing with my Lenovo Y40 after I upgraded the HDD to an SSD. Just figure out what key you need to press to get into the BIOS/UEFI for that manufacturer and enable boot from USB as it will probably be disabled by default. For drivers, just grab all of them for the OS you are using from the manufacturer website and throw them onto a USB drive. Biggest issue I would see is the LAN/WLAN driver not loading and having to install it after loading the OS.
It is possible as long as the partitions replicate correctly and the destination drive is the exact same size or larger then the origin drive. You could use something like Acronis Disk Image or Easeus Partition Master Pro to clone from a HDD to a SSD of the same size. It won't be as clean as a fresh install of Windows on the SSD but should still work the same if the partitions are the same.
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