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Hey everyone, I'm donating a copy of Catzilla Advanced benchmarking software and Starforge (Steam Gifts) for this event. @TechCrazy, @DarkRyder, whoever I need to get in contact with, just tell me what you need and I'll get it to you
I'm in! Could really use this for the minor loop I have planned. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!
Signed! I wanna make an updated version of this video:
Grab some Gelid GC-Extreme. I use it on all of my machines and the temps are always nice and low when applied right. No cure time and it is non-conductive so it is great for direct-die contact.
Yeah, needs to be on AHCI but if you change it, Windows may not want to boot.
Good choice man. I love my Y40. Gaming is a breeze but the screen isn't the brightest, keyboard and trackpad are perfect, size is just right for mobile gaming and the battery life is decent for a laptop with a dGPU. Do wish that they put a back-lit keyboard in but the keyboard does feel nice.
I'm just up in Louisville so I am definitely in for this! I could drive down to wherever for that system
So, just got home to my house being broken into... Lost a monitor, headset, microphone, TV, roommate's iMac, 2 iPhone s, Xbox, bunch of cash and some other stuff got stolen but the desktop is still running BOINC projects, so there is that.
What project are you all running that uses the ASIC miners? I've got some that I would love to just leave on and pushing out for projects.
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