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Huh, the first BGB I've been able to actually participate in and I'm in 3rd. Not bad
I am looking for a MSI Twin Frozr III HD 7950 GPU with the 8+6-pin power connection to have a match set. Really looking for cards that have gotten decent overclocks or have not been run ragged. If the card has been mined on, I would like to know the clocks and voltage that the card was mined at and for how long. Looking to spend ~$135-$140 shipped.
OCN Twitter guy forgot to follow me back but I got in touch with them. Now just waiting on my Steam gift. So excited for it!
Yo @el gappo are you who I talk to about getting the code? Won it on Twitter but haven't been able to reach someone to get it.
Anything, huh? [[SPOILER]]
Have another entry!
In! My buddy has been wanting to play with me on BF4 so this would be the perfect gift for him
In for entry Dos
This is awesome! Entry #1 here
Spent most of the day actually searching for these dang things. At least it killed time and was kind of a neat thing to do. Hopefully they aren't joking about the job
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