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I have a HAF XB 1st Gen. case that I need to get rid of since I am moving across the country. I open this to anyone in the Louisville, Kentucky area and the first person to claim it can have it. It is missing the 5.25" slot covers and 4 thumbscrews for the sides. Only available to people that can pick it up in the Louisville, Kentucky area.
I could have just given it to whoever. It's free gear that I could have just as easily sold but decided to give it way to people on this forum. There is no need to be upset or anything.
Exactly like that but make sure the USB boot option is enabled in the BIOS of the device you are installing Windows on.
And the winner by number generation is @kyismaster!
Should be fine for two GTX 980s in SLI but if you go for 3- or 4-way SLI, you will have some issues with the limited PCI-e lanes of both the Z87 and Z97 chipsets. It also depends on what CPU you are using as to if it will be able to keep up with the GTX 980s.
Windows 8.1 keys are actually tied to the motherboard of OEM laptops these days. This means that you can simply create a USB or DVD install disk of the Windows 8.1 retail version you got with your laptop (either 8.1 or 8.1 Pro) and then install from the disk for a clean Windows install. Use this website from Microsoft to create your installation media -
I'm not counting second posts and just limiting clutter so everyone gets a fair chance and it is less work for me.
I'll do this as a random draw since Dalchi can't use it. I'll pick the person on Saturday at 2:30PM Eastern time from a random drawing based on your post number. Limit of 2 post in this thread and the winner will just need to pay the shipping to get the item to them.
Depends on the seller as to if they will ship to Qatar. Some sellers will, while others will not or they may just have you pay the shipping cost.
You can create a "gaming VM" under Windows Server 2012 R2 with RemoteFX. You would create a Windows VM under Hyper-V and enable RemoteFX to allocate the GPU to that VM but this will only work if you have a motherboard and CPU that allow AMD-Vi or I/O MMU so you can have device pass-through to the VMs so they perform like on bare-metal.
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