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I'll do this as a random draw since Dalchi can't use it. I'll pick the person on Saturday at 2:30PM Eastern time from a random drawing based on your post number. Limit of 2 post in this thread and the winner will just need to pay the shipping to get the item to them.
Depends on the seller as to if they will ship to Qatar. Some sellers will, while others will not or they may just have you pay the shipping cost.
You can create a "gaming VM" under Windows Server 2012 R2 with RemoteFX. You would create a Windows VM under Hyper-V and enable RemoteFX to allocate the GPU to that VM but this will only work if you have a motherboard and CPU that allow AMD-Vi or I/O MMU so you can have device pass-through to the VMs so they perform like on bare-metal.
If you have a live USB drive with the OS and a USB keyboard attached, it should let you install it in theory or you will need to go into the BIOS to enable booting from a USB.
I'd say about $32 to have the UPS Store pack it and ship it in the US. Just had them do another server board this morning and it was about $32. PM me if you are still interested and we can work it out.
I have a Supermicro X7DBI+ motherboard, a Intel Xeon 5160 CPU, 3GB of DDR2 667MHz FBDIMM RAM and a Supermicro SIMLP-B NIC card that I need to get rid of. All I ask is that whoever wants it, pays for the shipping of all the items to them. I would rather see these go to someone who can use them instead of a recycling center. All items were pulled from a "working server" that I bought off Ebay for the chassis but I have not tested them myself. Random drawing for the winner,...
I got this from work a while ago and it has been sitting around doing nothing so I need to get rid of it. This unit was pulled from a working medium-sized business environment a year or so ago and it powers on but the licensing has been expired for a while now, no clue as to the version of Fireware on the device. I'm looking for $80 $70 $60 or best offer plus shipping as I don't have the original box. These appliances make amazing PFSense boxes and that is what I was going...
Take a look at the Lenovo Y40-80 The top model comes with a i7-5500U, 16GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, a dedicated AMD R9 M275 4GB graphics card (CAD loves AMD cards), 512GB SSD, a 14" 1920x1080 screen, pretty good battery life and it cost $999 or the 1TB hybrid drive model for $849. I have the previous model (Lenovo Y40-70) and I love it, it plays DOTA 2 perfectly and has pretty good battery life for a laptop with a...
Bloatware wasn't all that much on my Lenovo Y40-70 when I first got it but you can always re-install Windows if you have a retail disc or a retail ISO burned to a live USB drive. I just re-installed Windows 8.1 retail when I got my Y40-70 so I had a clean install and then installed all the drivers I needed from Lenovo's site.
Dogecoin is a scrypt-based crypto-currency so it can be mined on either GPUs or scrypt ASIC miners like the DualMiner USB miner or the Gridseed 80 Chip blade miner. These measure hashing power by Mh/s (Mega-hash per second) instead of the Gh/s (Giga-hash per second) that SHA-256 miners measure with and use an entirely different hashing algorithm than the original Bitcoin that these crypto-currencies are based off of.
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