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In for entry Dos
This is awesome! Entry #1 here
Spent most of the day actually searching for these dang things. At least it killed time and was kind of a neat thing to do. Hopefully they aren't joking about the job
That laptop is worth ~$2299 if it is just the base model with a 512GB SSD, brand new and bought from Apple. I would knock off a couple hundred if you wanted a quick sale but if you wanted more, you will probably be looking for a buy for a fair bit.
I have my old ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard up for sale with the retail box, manuals, driver disc and I/O panel. I upgraded to a Gigabyte UD5H board and have no need for this to be taking up room in my apartment. Works perfectly, was a freebie on OCN that just needed a CMOS switch replaced, RMA made it all pretty and clean I'm looking to get about $90 shipped obo. Payment through PayPal. USPS shipping in US50 with insurance included. Interested in Trades: 128GB+...
I'd say about $1800-$2000 range for it. It's brand new so it shouldn't drop in price to heavily so probably closer to the $2000 area.
Alright, I'm closing this. Thanks to everyone for helping with figuring out what all this is worth.
Anyone else? Lots of opinions are good.
Is that $200 with or without the EK waterblock?Is that $65 per pair of sticks or all together?
So I have a couple things I may be interested in selling but could use a couple of opinions on prices that these could sell for. First up is a PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 7950. It has been run at 900MHz core and 1300MHz memory for most of it's life with the occasional benchmark run at 1100MHz core and 1350MHz memory. Currently has stock air cooling on it but it has a used EKWB FC-7950 copper block (Non-Nickel) with it. Mainly used for heavy gaming with some BOINCing for the...
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