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on the subject of multi apu set-ups....that's a real shame, they would be ideal, get a board that could handle 2-4 apu and you upgrade as far as you need , more cpu power and gpu power all in the same kit x4 would be epic and cheaper.mean 16 cores at a very low heat and voltage and could disable themselfs for power saving, 1536 steam igpu would easy do the job for every thing I should would only need the four stock heat sinks to cool the thing could even...
hello, you can find you max ref ht clock by running less multiplier and add ref by ten till it fails to boot or crashes on the way. don't forget to to lower you cpu-nb and ram speed to under the stock value as you up the ref ht. I only got to 270 before it maxed out on me.
hello, 1.35v at 5ghz Is very good. I would run a quick test of hyperpi on it to see if your near stable, then some hour or two of prime 95 or occt.
hello, I just get an apu next time as I need back up gpu, and ask amd when I can get a server style mobo for two apu's please? I want to be able to mount two and run a quad fire for very little. I mean it makes sense like that? less heat and two cpu's power and two igpu's working in crossfire would be better if possible?
hello forum, just did some testing on my machine, all I did was incress the voltage to my cpu with no clock changes, odd because I got the same live screen hard locks as normal but the clock is stable, I don't know if this is down to psu or the heat, the psu is my main suspect as its a cheap no name emergency replacement, but makes for simple oc rules for the cpu, I could not get over 1.4v without a hard lock within 10 minutes.
hello, try a load of heat sink pastle, the die is big and you need full conductivity to dissipate that heat. 4.8 on air, not likely. might get 4.4 or 4.5. I only got 4.6 out of the h100 and I stuck to 4ghz with the zalman performa as its to hot above that.
hello, isn't the ram voltage 1.5v and not 2.1v? check your ram voltage on the packet.
hello, I also had a flash crash recently, but it re-updated later and has worked fine ever since. think windows also sent an update
that's looking good, have you run a long term stress test yet?either way well done, you have got the right voltage, unlike asus and amd, they are such noobs.
oh, fans, check out some coolermaster sickleflow fans, good air flow for there price, but better is better. coolermaster sickle flow does about 65 cubic foot of air a minute the next best would be the aerocool sharks, which do a staggering 82 cubic foot of air a minute
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