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Alastair, your rig is excellent, i'm jelly. I would shot some shots of mine, but black on black is a bad colour to photo.
lol, I have moved mine across town this week, I leave you to think about that. lol.its must weight 50kg's if not more . how does your survive the bubbles?have you checked for air blocks?, I had loads after the move...?
I eat my words.
hello, turn that cpu load line up to ultra high, auto current capabilities. then lose a little cpu voltage, I had mine down to 1.28v under load, stable for years. that's how I had my 8120.
go external with the rads?, take heat outside of the case? my case is the silent foam inside job, I should think it would melt if I mounted inside , plus air flow inside would really slow too.
thanks LostParticle and Alastair
hello, can you help me please? I have a rasa 750 kit with to much radiator. i was thinking of getting a faster pump 750lph to 1200lph on a d5 single, but I cant seem to find a real flow rating for the dual d5 res/pump combo, could someone tell me please?
hello, I was just about to install windows 10 again, to give it a second go. I just realised my problem last time might be the fact in installing on the ssd. any idea of what I need to do please? like sean,s ssd guide for windows 10 link if possible please?
hello, no, it will work with any speed.
@ Neokosmitis yer, that's confusing man, my cosmos case came the way I explained, had fan in floor pulling air in and rear top fan pushing out air. I got exteme with the idea, I put a 360 rad with three fan on the top and a 360 rad with three fans on the back all indirectly pulling air out of the case. its really cold and pretty quiet.
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