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hello, are you overclocking or using the onboard gpu please? the temps sound just like a gpu at work, not the cpu, if you get my meaning. my gpu will easy get to 90c, but I would have to really do something nasty to my voltage and clock to get that out of the cpu. and yes , 90c for the gpu is normal but high.
hello again, have you disabled apm ( application power management ) please? this is an auto voltage set up switch.
hello, whats your voltage at those clocks please? managed to get 4.5 with 1.428v, but I only tested it for an hour with occt. my right arms got tennis elbow so I don't need to oc as I cant game anyway.
hello, that voltage should be fine. I ran an 8120 at 4ghz for 2 years with 1.28v. the 8350/8320 can do it for less, 1.26v is what I got at stock, but others have stated that it can run at 1.22v, I have not tested this though.. I like the idea of putting 1.6v though it, amd made the fx a smaller die that uses less voltage and then you go the other way, how ironical.
hello, I had a 8120 and it was able to under volt to 4ghz from 3.1ghz with 1.29v, so you should really be looking at less voltage rather than more. the key to it is a cpu load line that will hold that voltage under full load, that way you can use less than more and reduce heat. the main difference between an 8120 and the 8350 I have at the moment is the cpu-nb voltage is less on the 8350 which is why it is clocked to 4ghz as stock clock, the cpu-nb voltage on the 8350 is...
it might do, but theres the sweet spot.
looks fine to me.
hello, have you tried disconnecting it from the network please? I think you mentioned a wireless device. you could try safe mode with and without networking.
hello, test the voltage on a stock clock, it might not even support 1.5v at base clock. the multiplier will add heat on top of the voltage heat.
hello furoomers, I have spent the day ocing my pc up, I got it to 4.5ghz using the bus @ 258 so I could get 2064mhz out of the ram at 1:4 ratio. I then ran occt for an hour on small fft's, I got to 55 minutes and thought I had failed, but it was the 5 minute cool down at the end, excellent. I already know my rams stable so I moved on to the gpu, did all the furmark bizz on it for ages, I got stuck at 51fps and even though I move the gpu clock up from 1000mhz to 1075mhz it...
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