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i found if you set the auto overclocking gaming boost thing in bios, it set voltage to 1.45v and 3400 of all things. after rebooting with the thing turned off and the voltage set to auto, I will still have that 1.45v static, I have to go and enter number and reboot and change back to auto. these msi features are a must.
rabbit, takes me near 1.55v to get that clock. and I never got it totally stable yet either.
its a bad situation for gskill. i once had to rma to geil, that was odd, they wanted me to post it from England to a random shop in Scotland that would then forward it to Czechoslovakia, I got feed up and ended up posting it direct to Taiwan. they sent new replacements, but the odd bit is both kits I had failed memory tests on my pc (athlon 2 620), but one kit of ram is still here as I never sent it and it works in my fx pc. so they replaced working ram for me?
I cant answer about the nvme drive, but as I noted yesterday, pci-e 3.0 slots down clock themselves when not working on 3d.mine sits at pci-e 1.1 when not working and then pci-e 3.0 when working in full screen.I have a feeling the pci-e speed changing with bus clocking might be down to human error?I would say test, but as you say it might ruin your ssd contents.
my luck with my ram is epic, i got lights but there not rgb and they work at the right speed.
yes, gpu-z has a test for just that, the ? mark next to pci-e type.
oh info for that pci-e slow down with bus clocking... just opened gpu-z and the pci-e port downclock themselves when not in use. it drops to pci-e 1.1 and then works at pci-e 3.0.
i got performance mark on to it, thanks for the advice I got 2133 at 10.10.10 timings gives a score of 1775, I got 2666 at 12.12.12 timings gives a score of 1945, I got 3200 at 16.18.18 timings gives a score of 2065 I got 3200 at 14.16.16 timings gives a score of 2209 you can see that 2666 at 12.12.12. is working very hard there. if it cant hit the speed change the timings if you can.
hit llc to auto, it seems to work right this time, was not so good on the fx. mine has held and pushed every voltage i have tried so far.
mines also Chinese and performs the same as yours did.
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