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hello Hurricane, that's a £500 780ti with fx 8350 at 4.7ghz? this is a £200 280x with stock 8350. that's score must be wrong? might be worth a try with the cpu at stock?
I agree with you, every test on the memory write, the 8350 is 6000ish and everyone test on the 8120 was 9000ish, same system, just the cpu has changed. bit like when there was a post about how the 83xx would score better in cinebench, they got 6.85, truth is its the same score as the 8120 which is 6.58 on mine. there is no improvement, and if that test is right, its worse ? and Sorkin, your total memory score is worse than an 8120 at 4ghz?
ok, so what's wrong with these pictures please?
yes, but its seems to take about £250 worth of water cooling to do it and that's a 4770k.
hello, from personal experience I found.... you could get an 8 core and then you could disable two cores so the temperature is alright and then you'll have a really overclockable cpu.
and I'm a hippie, you enforce peace and ill preach it.
odd,is your bios up to date?
hello, disable turbo core and apm (application power management ) , then its should just be multiplier to 20x and should run, I think your stock voltage should power it at 4ghz, the minimium voltage should reach 1.26v-1.28v, that is what an 8350 and 8120 take to run 4ghz.
hello, 1600mhz ram is fine. if your a gamer I would really recommend a new gpu, I had a 5850 until about two months back and it was a bar to more fps. I was about 45 frame in bf3 with v-sync , now its a locked at 60 when v-synced.
hello, I did an hour of occt small fft's, but it failed cinebench r15 opengl, so occt is no good either.
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