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hello, and what voltage are you setting at 4.3ghz please?, cpu load line settings please ? an turbo core and apm disabled?. moderate setting of 1.44v give 4.6ghz on mine, it just just cant pump me any more voltage as it gets unstable, I could see this in occt read out after a short test.
wrong club?, oopps, sorry wrong thread even.
hey wait a minute that means they go really good then,oh yer.. .help me then please ?
hello, I think the imc will cook first, and it will come as memory errors forever.
hello, try less ram would be an idea, two strips in the overclocking slots. could you tell us what your motherboard is please?
I was thinking the same, but then there's a new rig coming end of this year to think of.
no mention of apu or Athlon in this conversation?
hello forum, no idea what's going on, calm down, its pc crap. can I just ask , have no knowlage about pci-e ssd, would that be a ahci driver required? reason I ask is that I cant run hardware raid with a ssd drive in the mix, I have to use ahci and windows to made raid.
hello, trick bios in to thinking it crashed due to overclocking, hold down power button at start up till it shuts down and hope it thinks it crashed (this makes it run the second copy of bios), the other is bios reset or the unadvisable switch off psu while running. I just read the rest of the thread, I see its your graphics running though the hdmi port. tap that delete a little earlier.
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