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Posts by MrPerforations this mod shop while back has a better price...
hello, so even though I have a pump at 750lph, its bottled by the cpu block to 360lph ? atm I have pump then cpu block, rad then rad and then res, would that be best please?
came to me as £229.99 insead of $229.99, so its not that good a deal for me?
oh well, 4.6 it is then at 1.44v only stressed for one hour and 4.7 seems to far. [[SPOILER]] graphic stress test next.... 10098 in fire strike from 9400 at stock.ran the bench though.
well I can boot in to windows at 4.7 at 1.404v, I know this will crash doh. also have you noticed the odd behaviour in occt? I noted that when clocked high the cpu would work flat out for about 10 minutes and then start drooping to 1400mhz ?
ok, 70c you say, ill try and get some jazz out this failure then.
Alastair, your rig is excellent, i'm jelly. I would shot some shots of mine, but black on black is a bad colour to photo.
lol, I have moved mine across town this week, I leave you to think about that. lol.its must weight 50kg's if not more . how does your survive the bubbles?have you checked for air blocks?, I had loads after the move...?
I eat my words.
hello, turn that cpu load line up to ultra high, auto current capabilities. then lose a little cpu voltage, I had mine down to 1.28v under load, stable for years. that's how I had my 8120.
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