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hello, in my experience, one on top will be out and one on the rear out, but you need to keep case with positive air pressure as dust collects in gaps with negative. so faster fans on front and bottom.
hello, will your mobo support a 9590? thinking the same , but mobo don't support anything newer than my 8350.
some are two 6 pin and some are 8 pin and 6 pin.
I have no idea its was a case and psu deal, its at my friends house as its on loan, has been running the dual core for 9 years no problem, I had to buy bigger psu for my Athlon 2 x4 620 with its 5850, I bought cheap brand too, Aopen 1000 watt extreme, it failed 3 years later just after warranty ended. as for the calculator thingy, I bought a 750 watt for my fx with one 280x, the calculator said it would if I remember right 800 watts for two 280x and yes the evga 750 could...
your the expert, just saying.
its still running my dual core?
my 5850 and my propus did not work with a 550 man? would you not agree more would better anyway? haggle, and call it 650?
hello, sorry, but just ran a psu calculator and just under. i would also say from experience as i have 3 280x gpu's and on my rig 750w was what i need for one.
Good news, could be mobo oc slots, but more likely to be the cpu memory controller. It can run 2133, but not supported .
Yer, and it's working fine. I got 750 litres an hour pump on it. I know it sounds silly, but have you taken the pump off and run it with water to see if its working? As for air block , mines a bay res , but is it full? I pump though block then to top rad and then gravity helps. From the picture, you pumping water up to rad and using gravity to help it run though yes?
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