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hello, think the thread owner is afk and joined the intel crowd . last owners update was 2012. if hes not, I now have an 8350 , please add me to the list
hello's, I don't own an apu as of yet, but reading though this thread it rally reminded me of the disappointment I felt when I got my new 5870...urm ...I mean sapphire 280x dual gpu. I don't know what the voltage control is like on the apu, but the 280 I have is a boost one, you have to crank it to +20% voltage just to get the 940 clock out of it, if you push higher and run furmark with gpu-z open you can watch as the gpu downclocks itself to 850mhz but the clock has been...
good to hear its working now, ill keep that in mind for the future help. wonder if my dead 1000 watter has the same problem?
hello again, I just did a google of the 965's cpu-z, assuming that your cpu hit 3.4ghz at 1.28v . I found most of the cpu-z out there ran at 3.4ghz with 1.35v-1.39v. you can rule this out if it fails when not doing a heavy load on the cpu , but if it only happens when your using it , it could be just a little under in the voltage. I can't say this is 100% , but its what I deduce from hwmonitor and cpu-z images.
hello, have you gone in to bios and reset all the bios setting to default (f5 on asus or load optimal)? do you have problems getting it to fire up?, pressing power button multiple times?, if yes,i would suspect the psu as mine did this and died slow over two weeks. if not, try turning down everything in bios you can, the cpu-nb down a level and do the same for the ram. see if that brings back stability. could you post a shot of hwmonitor or something so we can have a...
yep, it does look like machine marks. il try get a camera later. yep, its flux residue..rma?
I can't t the moment as my camera is out of action, screens to scratch to work, but it is like rust but white and its on the silicon and around some soldering areas. its forming shapes, there a large white rectangle on the back.
hello, got a sapphire dual x 280x gpu about a month ago and it makes a buzzing doing the max fan rpm, I took it out to have a look at it and found that the back of the gpu has white mold / corrosion on the back and its all over like its left over machine marks, but the fronts fine and its functioning. I do have watercooling , but its the h100 and I also had a look at that, I could find no hole, but the fans seem to have oil on the rims, leaving me thinking am I leaking?,...
hello, just a note, but other members have been complaining about heat issues because its an igpu. it creates the same heat as a gpu when working hard, up to 90c range and they where concerned with it hitting that figure, so grab an after market cooler like the 212+. the stock cooler didn't leave much room as a gpu and cpu cooler.
hello, check seans ssd set up guide thread.
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