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found that benching, the 8350 scores less than my 8120 at same clock, odd?, I have put this down to the off board sound card, as I had it out when benching the 8350.but, just cinebench r15 this and came in at 615cb @ stock, think that's low?, compare?yer, the 2x 280x have same 3,584 stream processors as a clock is 1070, and from the specs, that's 70mhz faster than the fury,so might be near the same performance?,if they worked as one that is?only bad bit is power...
yes, there that crap, I can get to 4.6ghz with 1.43v, but it will pass occt for an hour , but fails at cinebench opengl test proving its not stable.stock for the rest of it life, the 8120 I had, could overclock 900mhz and also bench marked better score, so the 8350 that was sent to replace my broken 8120 is a step backwards.if you try bench marking twice, see if the scores are the same, I found , there always different, its unstable glad I did not buy a replacement...
hello, not a intel user but have a Celeron as a storage pc, wondering, does this cpu go in to low power states please? its stuck at 3.33mhz and it don't need to do anything.
plan, I can do that. so I wont be the upload speed of the internet restricting it then please? oh and another question, my server pc has no monitor, keyboard and mouse, so it will be password locked, will I still be able to network if its like that please?
Hello forum, I have just set up a home network so I can off load some files to a storage pc from my main pc. I have got them to see each other, even though one is win 10 and the other xp. I have shared folders set up and am transferring data no problem. its the network transfer speed that's is a problem. I have the main pc hard wired to the router and the file server on a wireless 54g card. I'm shifting about 100gb over, but I only get a transfer rate of 2.29mb per sec,...
jelly, I got the cooling if you got the chip and mobo.
yes, 4.5ghz, they almost always hits that. but 4.6ghz is sort of standard as they strive towards that 4.7ghz one horned zebra.
hello Maikalwolf,don't you have a 8320 already?, why you buying another one if you don't mind me asking?
there all British emergency services numbers, from 1333 to 1866.
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