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jelly, I got the cooling if you got the chip and mobo.
yes, 4.5ghz, they almost always hits that. but 4.6ghz is sort of standard as they strive towards that 4.7ghz one horned zebra.
hello Maikalwolf,don't you have a 8320 already?, why you buying another one if you don't mind me asking?
there all British emergency services numbers, from 1333 to 1866.
hello people, interested to on the ram speed vs amount problem, I have 8gb of 1866mhz, but also have a 4gb kit of 1333mhz, put the two together and get 12gb of 133mhz? or should I put in 12gb of 1333mhz ?, but only had the 12gb in for a little while and cant say I have noticed any difference? either way?, odd. bit like all that xspc water cooling 360 rad x2 kit I brought, which is nearly the same as that h100, which was nearly the same as the zalman performa air cooler,...
hello, try different slots with the ram, think its 2 and 4 slots, if it stuttering. the motherboard manual explains there the overclocking slots, don't worry about the amount to much, I have 8gb and it works good. if you want to keep the 16gb or 32 gb in there, set it to 1333mhz, it might be more stable there and you wont notice much difference at motherboard autos to 1333mhz from 1866 and I don't notice it. next is that gpu, its just to small really, you need a...
yes, small fft is for just that purpose, to make maximum cpu temperature.
yes, that is normal as fft is used to generate max cpu heat and stress, blend is for tested the cpu, bus and ram, it also generates less heat.
I did, but I thought it was edible, and byte it in half.
in the bargain bin next to the 6 packs of out of date crisps. its where I got all that water thats gurging inside.
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