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mines a UA 1707SUT made in china
haha , my unstable days are over by the looks of things. new drive and installing and the desktop is stable now using ibt at very high at stock. Member now, tehe
can confirm that the system has stabilized with the new drive. appears that they are obsoleting 3gb/s and any ssd smaller than 128gb.
thanks man, its passed ibt at very high now without freezing, happy day here.
looking good so far, been flailing ibt around the screen and its not frozen yet. 127 sec and 60 Gflops out of ibt at stock, is that normal please?
hello's again, so i have been shopping and got me a new 2tb 6gb/s drive. just updating windows and then ill see if running ibt or occt at stock causes any problem like it did before. for those that are not up to speed on my situation, theres a qvl list for hard drive and ssd compatibilty with the msi carbon. it appears my 3gb/s hdd are not functioning right and the ssd is 60gb and there are no 60gb ssd drives on the qvl list either. main issue is that even with the ssd...
yer, i dont have blck on this mobo, there is a qvl list for ssd and hard drives for the carbon, something I have never seen before, no 3gb/s drive and anything smaller than 128 is not on the list, I'm about to head out to buy a new drive to see if it fixes the problem, if not, its going back to the shop asap. i cant return my ram now as it past 14 days and a new £70 drive dont fix it, im going to be mad. a costly atempt to make a pc work is not what i wanted.
yer, miss read it, its the spd and xmp revision date.
lol, my avexir blitz are Samsung b-die from 2014, thought they was different. 3200 cl16 this desktop laggin is rubbish.
sorry I only got the trial, but that's some weak score. my system stalled while doing the test, this rig is unstable, from checking the qvl list for sata drives seems none of my drives are on it, neither any near the size. no 60gb ssd or any 3gb/s drives by the look of it. I'm thinking of getting a new 2tb 6gb/s drive tomorrow, £70 just to test out the idea its the drive that is the issue. looking at the list , there no 2tb drives listed, oh my mistake, there a toshiba...
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