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hello, your rams going to fast, your apu handles up to 2133. you'll need to play with your cpu-nb to get it to run above that. have you updated your bios? and do you have apm enabled?, it good for a hostile take over of your cpu voltage.
hello, cpu no handle 1600mhz ram, it does 1333mhz stuff, you might need to add some voltage to it somewhere to stabilize the memory controller...then 1600mhz might be possible. I would check you memory voltage in bios, if its 1.5v, it should stay that way.
just to help a little, I'm using a no name 780 watt to run atm, I don't oc it, but it is running it fine. 9590 has no cooler, you could return it if it fails to run...
hello, it should be, but have a check....
hello, did you leave the plastic on the cpu cooler heat conducting plate?
oh, ok thanks, I did not know distilled water was non conductive, ill use that when I get one, sometime in the future( hope end next month).might finally get to overclock.
hello's, if were talking watercooling loops, can you put mineral oil in it instead of water please? mineral oil is non conductive, sound better than water as no damage due to leaks.
think so as its a x3xx, all this does is reduce the cpu-nb voltage enough to take the 8150 to 4ghz on a stock cooler. voltage went from 1.225v at 2200 to 1.187v on mine.yep bios, if you have tennis elbow from gaming to much like me, your very glad you didn't spend millions on it too.
I don't think the fx is a total fail, I just cranked the vrm up to extreme and turned off the apm and turbo and 4.5ghz on stock volts? its still to hot though..., but its mostly my cases bad airflow...odd as its a coolermaster cosmos.
hello, I don't have an apu, but if you adjust the pci-e bus from 100 on the fx you can corrupt your gpu permanently is what I have been warned . I would just use multiplier only oc with it just in case. the bus and pci-e are independent clocks of 200/100 on the fx. you have 100 and a mad multiplier (twice mine at same speed), which gives better performance than a bus oc anyway. bus ocing is really for old tech locked cpu's. its obsolete these day, bit like me. and the...
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