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read an amd article, states that they will address the ram speed in may. Finally, as part of AMDs ongoing development of the new AM4 platform, AMD will increase support for overclocked memory configurations with higher memory multipliers. We intend to issue updates to motherboard partners in May that will enable them, on whatever products they choose, to support speeds higher than the current DDR4-3200 limit without refclk adjustments. AMD Ryzen™ processors already...
just found this on my facebook wall, might help. its AMD's set up guide. says that the cpu dont have dividers for 3000 or 3400 rams?
the 1700 does not need the -20c off set is what I read in the thread.
yer, your cpu load line calibration or cpullc.its used to stop voltage drop when cpu is full load, I set mine so the voltage would stay level under load.
hello's, not got my asrock killer sli yet, will be with me next week. I also ordered 16gb of 3200mhz in two strips. I read the cpu only recommends 2400mhz for its imc. glad to hear it can reach the 2933 mark though, ill join you in trying to get to 3200 soon. got some good looking ram though. avexir blitz silver 3200mhz its black and white with white strobe lights on the top, should match the killer colour scheme nice.
been told hwinfo is working and there a dedicted ryzen oc software that read temps good, I cant recall the name though, do not install amd overdrive as it messes up windows and you wont get back in to it.
well I brought it, asrock killer sli, 1700, 16gb of 3200 and a raystorm am4 bracket. I do hope the asrock will support 3200 though.
if its a six vrm job, mine is also 6 vrm type, got a stable 1.5v out of it, anything higher and the the pc starts freezing even at same clock. the new revision did better still, so six vrm is quit good.
well that's good news, they still advertise it as so onthere web site though, drive away them customers...
.I read the asrock info, it should be two strips reach 2400-2666, they hit 2933 on one i was saying earlier, my mobo only supports oc speed in two of the slots, check the mobo manual.good news is they say that about 2400 and 2666 will do the job required.
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