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hello, disable turbo core and apm (application power management ) , then its should just be multiplier to 20x and should run, I think your stock voltage should power it at 4ghz, the minimium voltage should reach 1.26v-1.28v, that is what an 8350 and 8120 take to run 4ghz.
hello, 1600mhz ram is fine. if your a gamer I would really recommend a new gpu, I had a 5850 until about two months back and it was a bar to more fps. I was about 45 frame in bf3 with v-sync , now its a locked at 60 when v-synced.
hello, I did an hour of occt small fft's, but it failed cinebench r15 opengl, so occt is no good either.
hello, what kind of cooling are you using please? and check your voltage at normal clock, it might just fail the voltage test, probably due to heat or could be watts but I don't know for sure. 1.39v for 4.4. seems a safe bet as its a popular setting. also your cpu nb voltage seems low, I got 1.87v for 2200?
hello, if you can hit 60 frames while v-synced in your games, you don't need to do nothing. when I had two gpu, which is time ago, I found I could not tell if I had one or two gpu's running when v-synced, the quality of crossfire vs v-sync was the same. this was before multi monitors where the thing. oh and if you clock your 8120 to 4ghz with a minimum voltage of 1.28v, you have an 8350, the scores the same.
I also think my system is unstable after the ibt test, scores are wildly different. and it just failed the cinebench r15 opengl test, which it should pass.
hello,I got 1.440v @ 4.5ghz.. [[SPOILER]]
I would say thing and above for the 8's.
hello all, just been benching with the maxxmem, seems the max reached memory score on the 8350 is lower than the 8120 at the same speed. the memory write speed was a lot better on the 8120 by 3000 ish point too. any one know a way to boost this up please? and my overclocked 8350....
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