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hello, odd, bios is important, and modern mobos have two chips for the bios to attempt to stop bios bricking (bios lock out).
hello, do you have cpu load line on your mobo please? manual that as its the real voltage when under load, i found my cpu load line will add or subtract .02 v of the cpu voltage set, i just got it to level when under full load. my mobo also hates higher extreme setting, can make my pc crash using extreme but its totally stable with ultra high and a higher voltage. also, whats you psu like ?, is it low wattage, need 550 for mine, but does that take in to account the 80%...
hello, wise man say amd overdrive is drunk and should go home. try changing your windows power option to high performance when gaming?, the auto changing of the cpu clock can have a bad effect. watch your temperatures.
probably 250, its only a small difference, but get 6.58-6.87 with multi , bus oc came in with 6.34 -6.50, but that might be with ram oced.
, I ran cinebench and yep, bus was weaker, but they should be the same?
hello, multiplier ocing results in better benchmarks than bus, you should get max multi and then add bus if possible.
odd, you should get 4ghz for lessthan stock, try this.... one: go in to bios, hit del at start-up till you get to a blue-grey screen before windows. two: go to the advanced tab, then go in to cpu config and disable cool and quite and everything there on that tab.(c1e,c6 state, hpc and apm (application power management)) three: press esc and go down one to northbridge, go in there and theres one thing to go in to , there you will see ECC enabled, disable that.( happens on...
hello, you might be able to get that 4ghz clock with an even lower voltage, got mine at 4ghz with 1.284v and some have got it a 1.26v.
it should be fine, its a 8+2 vrm, just won't oc as good as others. just had a look at the fx and the ga 970 and says you need at least bios f4 to get the mobo to post with the fx. hes a thread on it.... no crossfire.
you might need a cpu that is compatible with the mobo to flash it. yes, just need the bios.rom file from gigabyte on a memory stick to flash it. the mobo will support your cpu, but i'm wondering if it has cpu load line?, which is a bar in overclocking the fx due to the v-droop that they get from going at max speed on eight cores.
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