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personally, I would do nothing, the games will still annoy me. mean, I was playing cnc generals last night, the fx was doing 1400mhz to run it?
hello, system seems fine, can you get a cheap second gpu? case, yours is nice, seen the cm stacker? I have a cosmos pure and I is jelly..
lose a few frames and don't worry. or try 1.41v on that clock of 4.4ghz, it should be near stable there. bios overclocking tab, disable turbo core and set cpu load line to high, set your manual voltage. next tab , cpu adavanced, disable apm at the bottom. run hyper pi or something to check voltage under full load, and adjust cpu load line to make voltage level. done.
hello, try disabling apm, turbo core and manual your cpu load line, and it should hold stable. when it autos load line, extreme hits it at 1.41v.
I think its 61c same as most fx 8's and that temp isn't bad at all when loaded.
I have a cpu and 8 core temps, do you have the same please? mine is 30c cpu and 10c on the core, but its down clocked.
install hwmonitor please.
hello, could this be the work of the turbo core doing its thing? , even when disabled? turn off that apm and that turbo core, if you have, I don't know what to do.
hello, whats your current voltage at that cpu please?. I have seen cpu-z where there at 1.5v. if so going to 4ghz at a 1.3v will drop that temp down a lot. another thing is the temp difference between the cpu cores and the cpu case temp. if there coming out the same I would consider re-heat sink pasting it, I found with not enough paste, the cpu was very hot and there was not a lot of difference in the temps. the core temp should be less as its being cooled, the case or...
hello, I got my fx 8120 to run at 4ghz with 1.28v. I would try a lot less and manual your cpu load line so that it does not dip when under full load, i would try high. use hyper pi as a quick test, 1m takes a minute and give you your full load voltage. also try lowering your cpu-nb if you can, takes out a bit of heat and I never tried, but might also be able to be stable for less than stock voltage. the 8120 had 2200mhz with 1.225v 2000 at 1.175v, but the 8350 has only...
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