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hello again, I managed to get it together with distilled water , first thing is, what the hell is xspc up to? they did not explain in anyway how to empty it out if you have a leak. second, I could not carry out my plan of rad sandwich, I had to settle for one on each side. can't wait for more fans.
oh, dam, any one got any idea how much water I would need please?, filling 2x 360 , 2m pipe and the res. I bought premix, can I just chuck in some distilled water to make it up please?
yep, spent most of the night trying to sus out the imperial to metric stuff, I'm hoping I got it right. ok, so I want to put hot fluid in back first and then in to the front, rad, thanks man. the fan issue, I found that the noctura 3000rpm industrials clock in a 7.58 and the 140mm do 10.50 for static air and are near same price, losing on fans (yes I want a 420 sandwich ), do you think that would be enough for a 360 sandwich please?
Hello forum, I have just bought some kit, can you tell me your thoughts on it and if I have messed some please? I wanted a 280 rad xspc kit for my cosmos pure, but you just can seem to get them, xspc seem to not list them either?, so after looking for a bit noticed that the 360 rad kit was best buy, but wanted a 420 kit, then theres the external mounting problem, I need 5cm clearance for the room to sit on top of the pc, I do have 2 busted 120 fans which would fit the role...
hello, might be time to build a whole new pc. the first option would be best of the possible. but saving and getting an apu system would be the fastest way to a new pc. something like the A8 7600k or A8 6600 would be best, the fm2/fm2+ mobo's are...
I do love the max tdp of 519.0 watts
hello again, spot on, it does support it. have you updated bios to f3 please? 8350 has turbo core 2 with 2 levels of boost, mine is also at 4100 with turbo on. as for the errors, check you mobo manual and try 2 strips of ram in the two recommended slots, on mine its the black slots not the blue. if it still fails, go to amd forum and ask them.
hello, it might not like mixed ram,but can you tell me which motherboard you have please?
hello, please confirm that this is your motherboard please? if yes, I'm sorry to tell you that your motherboard does not support your cpu, change to a 95 watt cpu or change mother board please, it could be a fire hazard under load, and by the looks of it, it was already. if you click -support and download- the red cpu support list , it states there. sorry man.
Hello's, I don't know why people are saying AMD will fall, its just the beginning of the stupidity that people will go to just to use a machine to think for them, think of the ever expanding removal of stress and effort for cost and think there is no way the basic cheap pc will vanish, ever. if you get rid of stress and effort in life, then is like that dream when there is no lawyers and I would be off picking flowers or something as the rabbit's run on the sun covered...
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