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hello, intel is better, amd cheaper. depends on your budget. the apu's are a very good deal, quad at 3.8ghz with a 7770 built in and the best best fm2+ mobo is about £200 . which is excellent value.
hello, the h100 is not that good, just a few c under an aircooler, adding more fans is a good idea, but mind the voltages of fan. mines got 2 120 fans doing 1200 rpm, got 31 idle atm, I need to rma my h100
hello, is your bios updated ? my gpu will reach 90c while working, might just be the gpu is overheating or at the right temp? and yes that's not a good mobo , so please don't try 5ghz on 1.5v, it might explode on you.
hello, opps , wrong thread. sorry
hello, go for the Athlon and a cheap gpu. crossfire later. nope , scrap that and get the and deal, sounds good. but i5 a few dollars away?
personally, I would do nothing, the games will still annoy me. mean, I was playing cnc generals last night, the fx was doing 1400mhz to run it?
hello, system seems fine, can you get a cheap second gpu? case, yours is nice, seen the cm stacker? I have a cosmos pure and I is jelly..
lose a few frames and don't worry. or try 1.41v on that clock of 4.4ghz, it should be near stable there. bios overclocking tab, disable turbo core and set cpu load line to high, set your manual voltage. next tab , cpu adavanced, disable apm at the bottom. run hyper pi or something to check voltage under full load, and adjust cpu load line to make voltage level. done.
hello, try disabling apm, turbo core and manual your cpu load line, and it should hold stable. when it autos load line, extreme hits it at 1.41v.
I think its 61c same as most fx 8's and that temp isn't bad at all when loaded.
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