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are you serious?diffrent shell and diffrent overall click-experience (AM as more force into the overall click)
YeS.Omron D2F-01FL
No, diffrents aren't there at all, I tried by feeling (very picky about LoD) and from the thinnest things I could found to test it on - LoD adjustment does nothing.
Dunno about the AM, but mine EC1 Evo is more likely 470dpi and indeed tracks flawlessly untill 2.7m/s on 500hz, on 1000hz its 2.3m/s max
I have no idea, its a review sample sent by a CM contact to the boss.(I woludn't thought CM want a bad review by known israeli-crowd site, honestly speaking)I doubt that update version is out since according to Carter they are still working on it (waiting for the another team to work on it) and he promised ot keep me updated so I had to push the review for two weeks.Gln37216, with all the respect, please do not try to trick OCN or menation things that they anyways cannot...
Tםם late - it is in mass production already and beta testers got thier samples too (which causes the leak of this mouse)
LoD doesn't works with 1.12 nor 1.15 1.15 has its own firmware storm version which makes the tracking alittle better feeling in dark surfaces
phos are u serious
who are you and how did you got that leaked back package picture? "4G Optical" instead of "4G dual-sensor system" though
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