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Acrylic starts to deform around 70 to 80 degrees.. Make sure you guys are fail proof. Btw if anyone wants to trade their compression fittings for my rigid revolver fittings pm me
Hey guys, So about a month or so ago I ruined my graphics card when the acrylic pipe leaked all over my card thus shorting it. ( The problem was that the fans failed, computer heated up, pipe probably melted at the joint and therefore leaked. ) What can I do to prevent this.. can I use teflon tape or something? Or should I ditch the piping completely and just trade my fittings for some normal fittings? I just want an opinion. Btw only one of the joints leaked, the other...
does not matter. they will run at same clock
no its quiet enough. Like barely audible. It was quieter before when it had the original housing. I think the combination of the hard acrylic loop, the fact its bolted on directly to the case, and the fact that the res is attached to it now makes it a bit more audible. Although it is still rather quiet, im just going for that silence.
there is a microcontroller that prevents the pump from running on anything less than 12v, so unfortunately i am SOL. Thanks anyway guys
I do not have the vario version, and the pump is ridiculously loud. I would like to drop the voltage on it to about a "3" setting found on varios. What resistor should i add into the yellow molex wire to achieve this? Thank you
I had my first go at my loop and it turned out well. There are a few things I need to fix before I am happy. The pump is for once screwed on to the case and boy does that thing make noise. Makes the whole case vibrate like none other. Therefore I am going to put washers and foam on it but that will be out of alignment with two of my pipes. Is there anyway I can slightly bend the pipe more? Or is it better to restart completely? Im talking about a few more degrees.
sounds about right. Its ridiculous that i get 120 fps on ultra'd 1440p with mantle now (bf4) thats like 30 more.
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