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still broken, i remember fixing it a long time ago by flashing the bios. wont be able to do that now.
It came apart, the card was hung up on something else, but I retried and succeeded. Alas either motherboard or cpu, most likely motherboard, did this before. Also dropped my 1440p monitor, anyone know how to get a quarter inch shallow scratch out of a matte tn panel?
ive tried using a different psu with no avail. the ram and everything works. I had the motherbord do the same reboot thing quite a few times before. Is it worth just getting a new board?
there is no way i can unplug the gpu without draining the loop and disconnecting it.
Thank You for the replies. I will drain my loop and unplug everything first thing tomorrow. I will keep everyone here updated.
My computer was working fine until last night, when i woke up today to turn it on, there was no display, no peripherals. However the computer was working, all fans were spinning. the motherboard leds were lit, and everything inside the actual case worked. I have had this problem before, but it would be solved by cutting the power a few times until it started. This time it has been hours and nothing is working. Sometimes it even goes into a reboot cycle. I have tried...
I replaced the cracked screen on my ASUS x401a. I received a screen from a guy on ebay, however when i plug it in I only get a black, backlit screen. If i go into desktop via external monitor, it says that the screen panel native resolution is 1024x768 whereas the native res of the laptop is 1366x768. could this be the problem? Thank you
Acrylic starts to deform around 70 to 80 degrees.. Make sure you guys are fail proof. Btw if anyone wants to trade their compression fittings for my rigid revolver fittings pm me
Hey guys, So about a month or so ago I ruined my graphics card when the acrylic pipe leaked all over my card thus shorting it. ( The problem was that the fans failed, computer heated up, pipe probably melted at the joint and therefore leaked. ) What can I do to prevent this.. can I use teflon tape or something? Or should I ditch the piping completely and just trade my fittings for some normal fittings? I just want an opinion. Btw only one of the joints leaked, the other...
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