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Do you have a ddc pump or a d5 pump? There 2 diff pumps and only one of the holders will work with said pump.
Sweet!! Hope this one works good
This will be mine at tax time
Since when is 4000$ affordable....
Ya i was also confused lol. Glad you got it sorted out.
Actually just played that one. Still above 60 the whole time. it usually stays around 70ish
Well g3258 at 4.5 and a 270x with mantle i never drop below 60 fps ever even on 64 player maps on high so far. No complaints from me.
This will be a good build subd!
Sell the parts buy new hardware
Well my gigabyte 270 is almost even with my 680 so it def imo is better than a 670. Oh and if its a gigabyte card you linked ill buy it for 80$ If you didnt want it
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