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I have a hx 850 and the fan isn't loud at all most of the time it isn't on at all. Corsair rma process is a dream also.
I have not had any luck flashing my gigbayte r9 290x if i raise any voltage in the editor and flash it it just black screens on any kind of gpu load like a game or movie. Stuck at 1.2 stock voltage and i know this card will hit 1250 easy if i just could up the voltage. Se note if it was a 270x id buy it off you Have you tryed flashing it to a gigabyte 290 bios of tech power up?
Sell it to me for cheap and buy a intel rig But seriously if you want to sell it ill throw it in my htpc. But to address your situation if cooling is sufficient i pushed 1.525 throught my 1055t for a year and no ill affects.
You have to actually have the pump under the ress and allow gravity to feed it instead of the pump trying to power feed it.
I own 5 of them fans and they push alooooooooot of air. I am not disappointed with them imo there way better than the corsair sp fans. I actually need to order like 6 more lol. good find. Wait nm i know nothing o0f that fan i have the 1200 rmp ones. same look different functions.
Found one ty ocn!
Nice find!
Sell it to me
Pm sent.
Ok well to overcome a horrible coded bios. Ie change anything and it freaks out lol i downloaded the oc program from there website. Its actually ok its basic and you can save profiles ect. Got 4.5 at 1.3 im happy. Tryed to push 1.425 for 4.8 and the system just restarted no bsod or anything. Im happy at 4.5 for a 50$ cpu and a 60$ motherboard, Here is the 3dm results from a 270x at 1200/1500 and g3258 at 4.5
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