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I would put a 240 in both spots intake as stated above and have rear and bottom exaust
You can retire it to my house Ill use it. I kinda agree with the 780 ti owner above 2500k still has alot under the hood. I think its your gpu that needs updating. But f you feel the upgrade bug pm me if price is right ill buy your old hardware.
I bought the rads so i was telling him what they were exactly.
The Corsair ones are super loud swarm of bees is about right lol. I was the proud owner of 11 of them, Cougar fans are a little quieter, proud owner of 5 of them. Them are a good option also for them rads had 11 of them, they are alot quieter than the corsair ones. Prolly same noise as cougars. These are the rads they...
I sold it on ocn And ya Im glad its getting put to good use
That sounds like my entire old waterloop lol did it have orange and white tubing? OMG thats my old loop!!!There black ice rads one of the pumps is a swiftech mcp 350 and one is a bmaverick pump awesome it was a great loop. I miss it actually haha.,
In would look good on my necklace!
Do you have a ddc pump or a d5 pump? There 2 diff pumps and only one of the holders will work with said pump.
Sweet!! Hope this one works good
This will be mine at tax time
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