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Replied interested.
All pending to AlderonnX
Ya i have gotten some pretty good deals on here and im a pay it forward type of person; Shipping on them is actually 12.50 lol
I cannot unlock the voltage on my gigabyte 270x no matter what i try. Its stuck at 1.2 which is the stock voltage of the card.
Oh i used non acetone nail polish remover
No it doesn't haha They have a couple nice deals at sidewinder.
I was looking for a ek cpu block as stated in the orginal post I found one. I updated the op to reflect what im currently looking for.And here a good deal for someone there is a discount code also.
You can go test drive a truck and just happen to see it it would work to haul your case haha:P
Will take reasonable offers also.
Have a gigabyte z87 wifi board with all them requirements pm me if interested This exact board
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