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Price shipped to me?
Shipping will be usps
Wouldn't let me add pics for some reason. Everything is 100% working order. Will ship to us 48 free. Outside us you pay shipping. Ty for looking.
First up we have Msi G41m-P26 socket 775 mobo. Has io shield and uses ddr3. Asking 50 shipped it comes with a pentium 2180 at 3.0 Ghz and a stock intel cooler. Quad core ready
I have a g41m-p26 id sell it uses ddr3. Currently its got a 2180 running at 3.0 at stock voltage.
Looking for a full size z-87 mobo Have a GA-Z87N-WIFI to trade, it is a mini itx board and had no trouble getting my 4770k to 4.5 at 1.2 volts. Must have at least 8x 8x in sli or crossfire for pci lanes. Also looking for 2x2 gb ddr3 ram cheaper the better at least 1333 but will entertain offers for higher speed/size. 37072 is zip let me know shipped prices pretty please.
Well i have a ga-73pvm-s2 and a msi g41m-p26 What would be the best xeon for a 11 year old and games like skyrim and left for dead and such nothing like bf4 or anything.
Are they still under warranty?
pm sent
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