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Ya i was also confused lol. Glad you got it sorted out.
Actually just played that one. Still above 60 the whole time. it usually stays around 70ish
Well g3258 at 4.5 and a 270x with mantle i never drop below 60 fps ever even on 64 player maps on high so far. No complaints from me.
This will be a good build subd!
Sell the parts buy new hardware
Well my gigabyte 270 is almost even with my 680 so it def imo is better than a 670. Oh and if its a gigabyte card you linked ill buy it for 80$ If you didnt want it
5mil for a 70 dollar game? Im confused here.
6 million x 15 a month... Ya there fine. Oh then there is ingame purchases ect. I dont see this game going anywhere anytime soon although i played the beta for the next expansion and it looks way more cartoony to me. And yes i remember vanilla and miss it dearly. But i can still sit down and play for a couple days straight.
Looking for a wireless pci card has to work with windows 7. Will be using it for the htpc and it has to have at least 60 foot range, Will be downstairs and modem is upstairs and through a couple walls, Let me know what you got and price shipped to 37072 please and ty.
I would leave all the rads. Maybe clean up the tubes a little better. As you can see the pump is trying to pull water uphill from the rad. Also dont see how the front rad is tubed in there.
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