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I miss my 680 now
I got multiple motherboards available if you wanna pay the shipping lol
For 30$ more will include a g3220 dual core and a 2gb stick of 1600 9-9-9-24-2t 1.65v ram.
Mexico haha
Title says it all Motherboard works great, would be a awesome htpc motherboard or a smaller build motherboard. Comes with io shield and a couple sata cables and one wifi antenna. Asking 85.00 shipped. No trades please Unless its a bnib g3258 and some cash
Better cpu cooler/put your graphics on a aio cooler. Better case maybe better fans,Another 7950 for crossfire
No hard drives for trade need this stuff gone taking any reasonable offer group discount applies
Looking for any trades?
Still looking
All 775 prices dropped 5$
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