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I want!
Just so everyone is clear the chip is only rated to 72c not the norm 105c. So if you even run at that temp for long it could and might kill the chip.
Would say contact bmaverick but he hasnt been responding as of late.
I only have a keyboard and a mouse plugged in I think i officially hate this mb.
Updated to the newest bios already.
I cannot for the life of me get this motherboard to overclock this g3258 at all if i change anyuthing atall it locks up and says no good. Motherboard is a biostar z87 hifi 3d. Also i noticed it will not even properly load once i restart even on stock if i get into windows then chose restart it restarts and does nothing after that till i power cycle it. please help me lol
Ya thats a pretty important point lol.
Everyone needs one of these haha "for that one friend"
Buy used stuff off ocn. Like this. That combo will smoke that 6300 and comes with a ssd for way cheaper than you would pay. And this With the money you saved on the combo above you can now afford this Also that ram is super expensive for what your getting. There are way better cheaper kits Like this...
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