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There was some guy on hard forums selling a pump also
For 300$ you can almost buy a better whole computer I would seriously find a suuuper cheap video card and call it a day.
Wow we have homeless people everywhere people fighting to pay bills cause the economy sucks people working 3 jobs just to make rent....... whole cities going bankrupt........ And the goverment spend 8 million dollars on this crap..
You will still have to buy a top for them also
Sweet nice giveaway!
SWEET!! Totally in ty op for the awesome giveaway!
I have yet to see a issue. Also the c2 stepping from my understanding was fixed with a microsoft update. If you also look at my cpu-z screenshot i posted some time back i have c1 revision 6 and you never answered me about the waterblock either.
Got this memory when it was 81.00 And i have no complaints. Havent tried overcloking it. Ut does run at advertized speeds also.
Larkooler iSkyWater universal GPU block
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