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Bet shipping that thing is $$$ Awesome case!! Curious how much would shipping to 37072 be.
775 mobos 100 shipped for all pending to cyclops decided to keep the am3 mobo and proc.
Wait you mean i can get someone to follow me around and hand me ammo all the time? How please tell me i want to play it again and just gun and run throught it killing everyone and everything i see.
Ya they al have 6 pin pci and 8 pin cpu power that splits into 2 4 pins.
I have a am3 motherboard and a dual core for 60$ shipped highest he could put in it would be a 1100t 6 core.
Replied still have lots available!
logo of second one with the design of third one and marks of first one lol incorporate all 3 into one plate.
I miss my 680 now
I got multiple motherboards available if you wanna pay the shipping lol
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