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Or now..
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I didn't realize you had that issue in the North Pole..
You should have installed v7.3.6 for HFM capability while you were doing that.
I wasn't really complaining, just noting that I'll probably need better cooling to go to 4.4Ghz+.  Testing 4.2Ghz now, if this lowers TPF on p13000 I will likely bust out the AIO to test OC at 4.4-4.6Ghz.  I would prefer to use the Intel cooler long-term though, so I'm thinking 4.2Ghz will likely be where I end up 24/7.
Hah, NoThe thread was in the main TC area, I put it there to get more feedback from all the TC users, instead of just Captains. The general consensus was to just leave things how they are, not add more dual GPU options going forward, and let the existing dual GPU options get phased out naturally.
Probably, and unnecessary, but I plan on upgrading to broadwell down the road.In your case something like the ud3, or even d3h would be fine.
It will work with the earliest bios, the OC features for that chip were enhanced in later BIOS.I have gaming 7, its nice if you want the extra gaming features, I didn't really look at the boards before I bought it. Had I, I probably wouldn't have gotten it as I don't care about an upgraded onboard audio, or killer NIC. Its a nice enough board so I decided to keep it, but wish I had gotten the ud5 black, or SOC Force.Oh, I too am using G3258.
I have a D14, custom CPU loop, or AIO I could use on it.
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