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Sometimes it gets wonkey when the GPU slots are left on auto.  I would manually specify each GPU slot to a specific GPU.
10 out of 11 I believe.
People generally measure the temps from the back of the PCB. One could also take readings from the heatsinks as well if they were exposed. I mainly want it to measure temps on the XFX 7870 vs my 270s, and other 7870s. The XFX card doesn't have any vrm heatsinks, so I'm just curious what the temp difference would be vs the 7870s with vrm heatsinks.
Brass Bottom Boys won the June 2014 Team Competition Title.   Belated Congrats to @repo_man, @Op125 , @WhiteWulfe, @mironccr345, @neurotix, and @PaulWuzHere because I'm just now creating the thread a few weeks later.  Sorry about that guys.   This was BBB's 6th Championship!    Their team total was 20,661,623 points.  That was the first time BBB broke the 20 Million points mark in a month, and a new TC high for a team in one month.  Well Done gents.  
Congrats thought! Congrats! -- Request your new badges here:
Yep, he's on the list. Not sure why yours was missed, a few others were too.  I forwarded the info along to the appropriate moderator, along with the request to remove your legacy 2 million badge. Thanks.
I am in the same boat with my XFX 7870, no vrm temps from software, looking into IR thermometer, heh.
@$ilent Did you ever get your new IR thermometer?  Are you happy with the purchase?
I found them, they are on mainline now.
Those buggers.  Good luck with RMA.
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