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I can swap, its no problem.
Did that change at some point?  I was told otherwise a few years ago.  It never bothered me, I still have a functioning MCP350, and whenever it dies I will not feel bad buying a new pump, probably a MCP50X.
That is a bummer about the 760s, what is going on with them? I know a lot of Windows NV folders have been getting a mix of core 15 and core 17 WUs lately from what I have read. Thanks for updating your graph, I'll post a copy in the OP.  You will enjoy that, it looks nice. I updated the OP with a video review from LinuxTechTips.
I just meant that 'additional drivers' or whatever pop up you'll see in the system tray. I think you can just open it, and select the older drivers from the list.
Hrmm, I'm not sure on that issue Mike, I've never run into that installing the drivers.. I wonder if it'd be easier to install 12.04 and use jockey to just select the built in nv proprietary driver.
Ouch. That is bollocks.
Nope, still have to use the form in the OP, I review it, then a moderator needs to apply it.You sir are correct.
I did the drawing earlier on TS3, here are the results:    OCN Prizes Winner August $25 PayPal prize altsanity August $25 PayPal prize Fir3Chi3f August $25 PayPal prize Loosenut     August Overclocked account SweetAndLow August Overclocked account mica3speedy     Member donations Winner Orion Dino|Horde - donated by Shogon Darthbaggins Payday 2...
Lol, I saw that after I posted and refreshed, my bad.Seems like your RMA is taking its time.Bummer to see you leaving TC, but that is understandable. Good luck with the house and the move. Its been a pleasure folding against you, and look forward to seeing you pop in for the FaTs.
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