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Was that a new card, or a new to you card (used)?
Indeed, great job everyone, updated the OP with August results.  Now to draw some prizes.
Go for the 290 Tri-X if you do decide to go with 290s.  Personally I would, I too don't think the 290X is $150+ better than the 290.
Prize drawing will be at 8:30 instead of 8pm tonight. Looks like the OP has the wrong date, should have been 20th. (23rd was left over from last month's FaT).
I'll send out the reminder earlier next month, and put it on the front page banner again. Just been busy at work this month and ocn takes a backseat to real life.
Congrats Sir!
Did I read that correctly.. Did I really come 3k shy of 1 million for this FaT?
Lol, nope, but I do like strats.Awesome.
I haven't had one, not sure, but I don't I will since I am running Lubuntu on my 780 folding rig. I would guess they are still OpenCL though.You could, they are pretty fun.
Lol, ofc. I got some last night too, I believe it was earlier enough that all but one will finish before the fat ends.
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