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Wait, I just checked it from my phone, I don't see a request. Did you fill out the "Folding Team Name" in your community profile??
I didn't do it. Enterprise did let admin know of the issue earlier today though, so maybe Nick was able to contact the hosting company, or maybe it was a known issue with the hosting company they were working on. Not sure.
Nice, now I'm just curious if the 10:30 update is going to go through.
Ofc you should!! I'm seeing around 35-50k PPD with my 4930k at stock clocks.
I can approve it when I get home tonight.
Yeah, the X has that nice vrm sink on it, and obviously the extra 6pin for more powwwaaa. I believe the X has an extra vrm phase too.Both my 270s fold at a pretty steady 1100Mhz, so they aren't terrible I don't think, but my 7870s can do 1200Mhz+. Although the 270s using less power isn't necessarily a bad thing for my power bill as they are running 24/7.
He's moving over to i7. Well...when I get home and update him on the stats page.
Its not that bad. I'll send you a pm with info later if you want. Its probably actually easier to do it from another PC through SSH, that is how I installed them on my TC rig.
That is about what I get on my 7870s. So weird how that works.
I have two of the regular MSI 270s, and wish they were the X version.
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