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You NEED to disable SLI and run one card for now. Its been identified as an issue in terms of the flickering textures. You should be ok once you do that.
Now that is super confusing BF3(aside from the launch issues) and especially BC2 ran very good for me. I only got BF4 to work semi-properly for me a couple of days ago. There is no reason for anyone to go through so much trouble on their end just to make a game run properly.
Yes, in fact I played it right after they released the patch for about 2 hours. I get flickering but very rarely and its mostly if I am zoomed in with a 40x scope. Other than that no. I get the flickering now since I have 760s SLI but I am running single card for the mean time. I play on hardcore so I don't deal with the crosshair issue nor have I ever identified it since, well hardcore servers.Netcode wise I play mostly recon so while I do get trades here and there, I...
They fixed the Tags on Hardcore servers among other the sound loop crashes are mostly addressed if not all. UCAV has been nerfed, and there are some netcode improvements too. If you have SLI it has been said and identified that it causes texture flickering so either A) Turn off SLI for the mean time B) Don't play the effing game until its fixed which shouldn't be too long. These people give you fixes and you still whine about it. Get in the shoes of a game developer...
Little birds with engineers repairing it.....thats OP. Even mobile AA has a hard time shutting that down.
You made me bust out my Model M from my closet as well I realized just how much I missed it. I found this one about to get tossed in a dumpster from a hospital clean out so I took it home and fully restored it. Its practically brand new now. Date is 1-20-93
I don't know, like I said it worked for me. The solution was posted on the BF4 forums so I shared it here. And yes it does limit your FPS, but for certain maps (Shanghai) that seems to be the culprit for some users.
It stops it from sound loop crashing as I stated. I don't know about other crashes.
For all of you who have sound loop crashes try putting these two commands in your user.cfg file renderdevice.renderaheadlimit 2 gametime.maxvariablefps 50 I couldn't play a single round on Shanghai since launch and now I finally can!! Usually I would crash first 5 mins into the game.
really nice and cozy!
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