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I used to play before the server mergers. I think im on Tempest Reach or maybe one that is TF lol
Ill be going, The panels aren't looking as good as they did years past. Im hoping the booths are showing new games/gear Though
Side missions galore
Looking at the last picture you posted. that tab that sticks out near the expansion slot has a screw in it. Probably either hides the screws for each slot under it or it holds them into place. Remove that pick the slot and rescrew in the screw on the tab
considering we still don't know what will actually come from the gardening process i would say it is still too early to say. lol
i think Asus has a similar 670 card.
Its pretty much the "bad sport" that is GTA 5 online, it is also "kind of" how the reputation system on XBL hopes to work. People with bad reps will play with other with the same reps.
lvl 10?
GT is same as name here. Add me
With the Crystal Tower in place and different Item lvls of content being around. Gear can finally progress at the correct lvl. That AF+1 was pretty much there to cover for CT gear not being there between DL and Allagan gear. The new process of getting gear looks like it it be getting drops and combining/upgrading, for both gear and weapons. Should be an interesting patch
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