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took a glance and it look ok, Other than it keeps AK off to the side, Mythology Tomes cap at 300 per week, no point in not capping that every week along with CM and PR for Philosophy tomes
kind of, its gonna get less air. Are you running two of the same model? like both reference or aftermarket coolers or are they mismatched? Also i would try maybe swapping the cards to see if you get the same temps.
You can only collect 300 Mythology Tomes per week with a max of 2000, and it resets every monday at 8am EST. Philosophy Tomes have no per week cap just the 2000 tome max.I thought your progress in the binding coil was reset every week not your chance to enter?Why would you create another character?You game stays in what ever language u have it. It is the same game, just servers are in Japan and there are mostly JP players on it. You can use the auto translate function to...
Glad to hear its going as expected.
np, GL and enjoy!
you dont have to uninstall the drivers, power down>plug in card and bridge> boot up. It will recognized the card and u just activate crossfire
Doesnt matter which version u get NA/JP/EU i think the only thing that will change is what sites you use to pay/check your account since you can pick what ever server you want. I think its up finding the best deal for you
I think you can remove melded materia but i think u lose it. Like twinkle im ot 100% sure on that either
Im Legacy so i think cant transfer yet, but i have no plans to
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