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what do you mean? instead of IR blasting just using the HDMI?
try with different ram sticks in different slots. makesure all the power supply connections are plugged in
because i have it everything through my surround sound it will some times turn the volume down or up when i ask it to but it def has trouble with it. I think it works fine on my friends tv tho. Hopefully they will get more support and it will work right. The xbox is also on a switch which goes to my surround sound and it doesnt like it too much. When it first boots up it reverts to 640x400 and i either can unplug the hdmi and plug it back in or or just select a different...
The xbox pretty much acts as a universal remote for ur TV/satelite/cable box and surround sound if u have that. It will power them all off if u so please and will turn them on when u say xbox on.
There is no grinding through the story quest if hes already 50 lol. Most of it is soloing other than a few primals and dungeons. They are all needed to get to the harder things to make sure u know what u are doing as a group. Also skipping cut scenes is ok lol. They should give it another try as it gets pretty rough to do some of the endgame if ppl aren't bringing their A game lol
lol i bet
Congrats on your relic. Titan win from DF you deserve a medal for that lol
Hey guys add me to your UPlay so we can get some more ingame perks and what not. Mine is Cpyro. Been playing the phone app while at work sending the fleet out and what not. Its pretty fun. They released a separate Pirates game with a different assassin on up android and ios but i think its mainly a tablet game.
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