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I think you can remove melded materia but i think u lose it. Like twinkle im ot 100% sure on that either
Im Legacy so i think cant transfer yet, but i have no plans to
im on balmung, one or two others on here also.
Quests, Fates dungeon runs. What dont you understand about the gear?
Leves can be good, Guildhest are awesome if its a first time run, other than that its just grinding to the max on fates/dungeons or killing monsters.
If they did that then ppl would say its just like every other MMO out there lol. Which it pretty much already is.
I liked bard in 1.0 but hated forgetting to have arrows lol. I love it in 2.0 i had monk and drg to 50 already so i started to play my lvl 28 archer at launch. Im 50 already just got my ifrits bow last night!!!. Depending on how ppl play their classes u will be singing mages ballad when needed or requiem if u have a blm or 2 in the PT. Havent had the opportunity use armies paeon for TP on the melee class.
whats wrong with it?
you know after u pay for the first month they give u an item to change ur appearance right?
nice, good deal too
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