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Fresh thermal paste, have to give it about a good week or so to cure
lol someone buckled "Im getting a little worried because this computer is my life, and I can't afford to go purchase another one due to the lovely thing that is bills and rent."
Looks like it will be alot of fun, something else to play on my xbox 1
they will be adding in the golden saucer casino which they will be adding a number of different games to over time.
All "Classes" can use any ability from any other class as long as it isnt locked by mage or melee. But the Jobs are different. Each job is a mix of 2 classes, I guess BLM is THM and ARC. So it can only use abilities from those two classes, plus one more (cant remember) it should be able to use physik or w/e the ARC healing spell is just not cure since that is CNJ/WHM
So who is gonna get FF14 on PS4? Considering thats what this thread is about hahahaha
PS4 looks great, just like PC. Maybe with a higher end card it might look a little better on PC. Its more up to you I play on PC with a X360 controller, so if you going to main controller id still say either will work. Your PC wont have any issues running the game, but if your looking for a reason to boot up the PS4 i couldn't think of a better one . You can play it on both switching between PC and PS4 just have to buy a copy of each and link them to one account.PC is...
Desmond is wrapped up, but everyone else involved is still going. Ubisoft seems to be trying to Link the worlds of there games together, there is some side lore that leads you to believe AC and Watchdogs take place in the same world. So they could very well cross paths outside of the animus.
I hope to see this or even play it at PAX east next week lol
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