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Congrats on your relic. Titan win from DF you deserve a medal for that lol
Hey guys add me to your UPlay so we can get some more ingame perks and what not. Mine is Cpyro. Been playing the phone app while at work sending the fleet out and what not. Its pretty fun. They released a separate Pirates game with a different assassin on up android and ios but i think its mainly a tablet game.
only 3.2k health to go lol
I only have need for speed rivals at the moment and the online for that doesnt seem to be working, but add me as well. Cpyro is my tag
Yea i didnt have that issue at all with or with out CF, just the random lag drops in towns when full of ppl. but not all the time like ur describing
Do you get it with and with out crossfire?
Check the loadstone site for news, but it should show up in the mog station under options i think
Free server transfers are up for free for a week. You guys should just move to where the majority of OCN players are if u want.
For Lacking/needed PLD (tank) or WHM/SCH (heal) if u want to DPS go BLM for mage or DRG for melee
I used the pre relic weapon before knowing thats wat it was for and i turned it in with out issue. But im not sure if the fact that urs is HQ will hinder the turn in.
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