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nice, good deal too
business is good then , i saw a few copies at a gamestop the other day so i didnt think stores were hurting like that. Im thinking the Digital sales will be back up sometime this week, maybe they are waiting for after they open up Sever transfers
Gamestop, walmart bestbuy? maybe even target
After the last maintenance and addition of new server they are monitoring logins and will allow digital sales again soon. Doesnt mean u cant go out and buy a copy
i would suggest shouting, not too many ppl flocking to do the lvl 20 ifrit since most ppl have passed that story line
Not sure what the rush is tho. I understand wanting to be geared up for endgame but speed runs were just gonna let ppl hit a brick wall until more coils/crystal tower and other content would be added months later.
What kind of Lag is He seeing? If he is talking about fates like Odin and Behemoth then there is really nothing he can do. From what ive read/understand The game will only show so many Characters/npcs/mobs on the screen at one time. So in fates that have lots of ppl you will see ppl disappear and reappear as you move around. Another thing is apparently the game shows pets and PC before mobs so in fights full of ppl the mobs tend to disappear which puts u at a huge...
If its your first char, id say do every quest you come by. I wouldnt worry about you other lvls too much. the other cities will have starting quests for them. Plus there are alot of other ways to lvl. You should be fine
Most if not all regular sidequests are one time only. Each city will have lowbie quests and quests at each camp for atleast 3 jobs but the main story helps alot with lvling. For your other jobs LeveQuests, Guildhest, GCleves and dungeons will be your primary way for lvling. Not to mention fates are your friend. Some quests unlock when finishing others and the quests can be lvl ranged locked although i think it coresponds to your highest class cant remember.There will be...
Sounds like your making really good progress
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