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As far as pricing goes: The market is reacting to supply and demand. There is no price gouging. Nobody NEEDS a 7950 or 7970.
It's upgrade time and I am trying to decide between 2 different phones: 1. Moto X - Not as good hardware specs, close to "pure Android" experience, always listening hands-free functionality (plus) 2. LG G2 - Top of the line processor, GPU and screen. Heavily skinned. Awkward button placement I have held both and used both and like both. I pull the trigger on January 28th. OCN members, do any of you have experience with both phones? Honestly, I am leaning towards...
Honestly, I couldn't be happier. The 7's screen is smaller, but the clarity and brightness is just off the charts good. I honestly don't miss the extra inch (TWSS) and the brightness and light sensor were worth the switch.Battery life is pretty darn good AND I can find cases and accessories for the Nexus 7.Don't get me wrong, the G-Pad is good tablet, but I just found myself happier with the Nexus 7.
I thought it would only be right to update this as, I have returned my G-pad. 2 things really drove my decision: 1. The light sensor seems iffy at best. LGs dimming logic is just plain bad. 2. Accessories. Almost NONE exist for the G pad. Best Buy had the Nexus 7 on sale for $200.00 and I jumped on it.
WebOS's biggest problem wasn't the OS but the hardware. The Pre series were pretty sub-standard in terms of build quality and hardware. I loved that Pre+ though.
I honestly don't feel like there is a bad choice in the 3 tablets I mentioned. Each tablets has its strengths and weakneses.Another interesting outsider is the new 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX. Recently, the folks over at XDA have figured out how to get the Play Store working (for now!).The HDX has much faster SoC than the Nexus 7, same quality display, better speakers...but you have to deal with the heavily skinned OS and Amazon's never ending attempts to keep you from...
I picked up the LG G Pad 8.3 from Best Buy for $300.00 and have been very impressed with the size and power. I really think an 8 inch display s is the sweet-spot for gaming and portability. I don't mind the LG skin either. The EVGA Note is a 7 inch tablet with a Tegra 4 chipset and should game like you can't believe. A combination of a lower screen resolution and a powerful SoC make it a great choice for...
The 2.0 update should have brought the HDX into the supported list again. I know the Nexus 7 is now supported and they have similar resolutions.
Svedka is my vodka of choice. I think for the money, it is the best vodka out there.
Lookin' good! I may need to order one of these soon!
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