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Just an update here.... I sent my Rosewill keyboard back around a month ago now. It was received on 2/28/14 and I was told I would be receiving newegg credit instead of a replacement in a few days. Several emails later and an unanswered BBB complaint I still don't have a keyboard or any store credit. Has anyone had issues with newegg like this? Wishing I would have just repaired the keyboard myself. I have the tools and skills necessary, but was looking for an...
I'll take a few off your hands as well. I want to have some crap keycaps to pull stems off for another project I have in mind.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
Sounds good. I haven't used the puller yet... Had no need really as I have a few others. My wife uses a type 2 cover on her surface... It uses scissor switches, but Microsoft calls them Mechanical. LOL
Quick question... I know it wouldn't be good to pull a keycap off at an angle, but how much of an angle do you think would pose a problem? I got a keycap puller with a set of keycaps and one of the wire leads is slightly longer than the other.
Here are a couple pics Swapped the dyesub keycaps onto my Filco and a mixed set of black and Grey keycaps on the Ducky
I just got a Ducky dk9008p for work. I do a lot of typing so I would have gone for blues, but didn't want to annoy my coworkers so I ordered browns. My home keyboard is a Filco with browns. If you are OK with abs keycaps I'd head over to Newegg and order a CM Quickfire XT with browns for work. There is a $20 rebate that expires tomorrow making the final price $75. I would have gone this way, but wanted pbt keycaps so the extra price for the Ducky was justified. For home...
Thanks for the tip. You are probably mostly correct, but I did order this set and they are thick was a little disappointed as I have some Keycool PBT keycaps that cost 1/3 the price and are thicker.
Received my order from elite keyboards! Question... Does anyone know what Ducky keycaps are thick pbt? Keycaps on my new dk9008 are thick Mod pack is thick Black on black 104 set that I ordered too is thin
My new keyboard and keycaps came yesterday. I'm pretty impressed with the build quality of the Ducky dk9008p. It seems just as good as my Filco. I also ordered some Ducky pbt keycaps, and they aren't near as nice as the ones that come on the dk9008p. The rgyb mod keys seem to be the same though. Not sure why some Ducky pbt keycaps are thin and others thick.
mechanicalkeyboards has some! yellow edition tkl: yellow edition: gold edition:
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