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^ agreed. Use the 500gb drive as external storage or sell it. Both the ram and hdd are easy upgrades.
Newegg's got it for $120 after promo code: EMCPWWP53 (ends 1/16) Another option for those of us taxed by amazon
Maybe I'm just speaking for myself.. But I was only thinking about these for PC monitors.. not an actual tv.
39" for $405Just to bad it's not 4k @60hz.. Once we've got that down, I'm all over the 39"
I know this is bringing out an old thread, but... Frys has this tv for $699 right now if you're looking for a 60" Smart Plasma. (B&M only) I just moved and was in need of a quick buy. Fit my needs perfectly.
It doesn't say it's a refurb one.Two, the cheapest on ebay is $360.So.. If this random seller on amazon is telling the truth (like new), you save $20 on the system.(The reason I posted it is because Shields have been out of stock. After I posted, I saw newegg has them back in stock. Either way... Someone might want to save $20)
You're saying that because you're not a fan of the shield..That's the cheapest a Shield has been priced yet that I've seen. If you've seen better... Please correct me.
Link Good deal considering you can't find a Shield right now and they're all marked up on ebay/amazon. Side note: If you're on the fence w/ the shield pm me with any questions you might have.. (I love mine) edit: newegg actually does have them new for $300
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