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Sorry, been away...Answered your PM...You will need two brackets (Infinite Vertical + Z2)...
Your system is not fully bled (obvious from the visual flow of water through your tubing). Time is all it needs.
Can't answer this one, though I do add potassium permanganate to tens of pounds of 4x4 mesh activated charcoal (washed) for use in various air purifiers around the house. Higher end purifiers (e.g. IQAir/Blueair) also incorporate the oxidizer in their gas-phase filters. I suppose it really depends on how pp might react with your type of tubing, block finish and acrylic (if a res is involved).
Pump top and fans. What are the hose clamps for?
Go for it .
I have been informed that the issue is isolated to the initial release revision.@elysion: The topmost port should be plugged under normal use conditions (unless used as in inlet port) and airtight when plugged. The O-ring situated at the bottom of the reservoir is set so that very little material is exposed to provide a watertight seal. The resolution is to further tighten the slotted screw fitting. Recommended fill level is generally as full as possible, a few centimeters...
Looks great . Did you happen to pick up some Bitspower BP-MBWP-C06 stop fittings for that extra bling?
Closer to 2900 MHz I would say.
MCP35X FTW. Price versus diff isn't that much more when you consider the integrated top and PWM .
But don't we all know our **** ?
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