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I honestly think even just a high end 1000W should be enough. I ran 2 7970s on a 4 year old Tx750 for a couple of months without issue before getting my 1000W Hale90. Corsair's newer PSUs dont seem to be as reliable as they use to be from what i have seen.
Better yet, Download GTAV in 20 minutes. Cap
Last year I paid over $2.5k in taxes and i only got about $350 back. Where is my massive refund? that's the smallest refund Ive ever gotten even though i paid a little more in. there are no loopholes for the common man. the rich hire lawyers to find every tax loophole they can and move their money around into "funds" or offshore accounts so they don't have to pay as much on it because their wealth grants those options to them.Im not saying we should raise taxes a bunch on...
There is also something wrong when the same type of degree cost $40k 20 years ago and the graduate got paid $35/hr out of the gate. Sending higher paying jobs overseas and flooding the market with service jobs only served to lower the 99%'s income. Growing up my dad always pushed on me how easy it should be to start out going on about how he only made $7/hr at his first job in the 80s with no advanced education (CPI calculated value of almost $16 now) meanwhile the first...
Every single Time i have heard or seen this issue it was a PSU problem. the last 3 times id heard of it happening was with a Corsair PSU. Any other PSUs laying around you can test?
About the only thing in the PC world that magnets can adversely affect are CRT displays, which hardly anyone uses anymore. HDD s actually already have 2 of these strong neodymium magnets inside them to control the heads
seems to be operating better now than when it was first installed:
The Last time I got a serious virus was from a rogue ad right here on ocn and I saw the same virus on systems that had more protection than I did. Ill block ads till the day I die.
I finally moved out of my parents house where we were stuck with this: to a place where I got this:
Forgive me if im wrong here, but im fairly certain those "28" lanes are specifically for PCIE expansion and the SB components should still have dedicated lanes. That being said, with current hardware you wont get much more out of a 16x 3.0 gpu than if you run it at 8x on 3.0
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