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I somehow managed to hit a cool 435K on the 7th, bringing the 7 day average PPD to 335K
I assume then that means ill just get a PM if i get chosen thanks for clearing that up
I wont be able to attend the prize drawing because i will still be at work at 4PM PST. that doesn't disqualify me does it?
yes but there have been a few series here and there that get problems after a certain time. the MX100 series is pretty new so its not impossible they could have a big problem. im just hoping they dont..
i might leave my rig folding till i hit 10 million points
Not gonna touch it till the FFW is over. not that it matters much i suppose. we've pretty much got it in the bag, right?
I just hope my main rig can hold up. When i turned on the monitor yesterday morning there was an IRST bubble on the taskbar saying one of the drives had been Disconnected, Namely my 512GB MX100 that is for my games. Im really hoping its just a loose cable and not a problem with the drive or mobo. Good thing the folding stuff wasnt on that drive.....
looks like im averaging 323K PPD so far
I AM!!!! loloverclocked my GPUs before i left for work this morningI came home to FAHControl reporting 318K PPD
So it looks like luna's A10-6790K will only get me about ~6K PPD. I got a better heatsink on her but there doesnt seem to be much of any guides in the way of overclocking anything for amd that is recent aside from that, i fired up everything on my main rig last night, and FAHControl reported an estimated PPD of 280K+. I might be able to get more if i dedicate a thread or two to operate the GPUs, but i don't really know how one does that....
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