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Im Signed up! hopefully i will be fully armed with the following: 3930K@4GHz and 2x 7970s in my main rig A10-6790k in luna I need to get a proper battery backup put in (or remove the one thats plugged in now) otherwise itll probably just trip a bunch if i try to run all of that.
its good except for figuring out the software and the lack of included presets. I don't really have the time right now to figure all this stuff out with how much im working these days.
I ordered myself a K95 w/ browns from newegg on friday and am typing on it as we speak.....
Corsair release said these keyboards would be available late august. Ive been waiting to replace my aging G110 and they still aren't listed anywhere. anyone know when we are going to see them available for retail purchase?
if it is epoxy then i would be willing to bet it performs better than the liquid based TIM intel has been using, but not as well as a true solder. Maybe there is something that can dissolve this epoxy so we can properly De-lid these as well?
I'm actually planning on building a new desk at some point if i get a chance...
Here is my setup, more or less:
I had this happen today too. eventually caused my whole rig to lock up. I think the game might have a memory leak when using certain graphics settings or when changing them while in game.
I have to agree with Twinkie here. Everything we have seen revealed of our political system over the last 15 or 20 years indicates that people in these types of positions often use tricky language to get away with something because the masses are to ignorant or clouded to read between the lines and figure out what it actually means and who it is really for. ISPs are currently classified by the FCC as an "Information SERVICE". Generally speaking, service is usually a one...
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