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I recently bought a Canon 55-250MM f/4-5.6 IS II that was listed as "like new" on amazon for a little over $100. my initial inspection of the lens when i got it was that it did look "like new" with one visible speck in the optics. resulting shot: Upon further inspection, the non-moving lens group in this lens appears to have shifted off center. Needless to say i have requested a refund.
No way that map is correctSource: live south of spokane and can only get 1.5Mbps (an area which apears to be yellow on that map)
I got a sweet deal on a Canon rebel T5 kit a few months ago, so i actually bought two. My original intention was to check one out and see whether to use it over my D5100 and sell off whichever one was the loser, and sell the extra one for a possible profit. However I dont really have the funds to replace all the gear i have for my D5100 and it does have its uses, but i do like the T5 so far after figuring it out. I ended up giving my brother the second kit for xmas. i was...
I had Cougar Wireless for a Stint, but I had nothing but trouble with them in terms of network capacity. my Radio link was capable of 16Mb/s and i was paying for their 6Mb/s tier. my speeds would often drop below 2Mb/s in the late evening and i provided evidence to them that this was an issue with their host provider after they said "it must be something on your end" it seemed to me that the owners of the company either don't care because they are making a ton of money, or...
yeah im still stuck with my 1.5Mb/s off an extremely oversold DSLAM (160 Houses on 8 T1 lines) This is one of the areas that the FCC's mandate to Centurylink should have applied to, considering the rest of their equipment in the area that they had pre-merger is already all wired up with fiber but no, they still dont have any plans to upgrade this one....
If im not mistaken the Jeeps used the same AX15 5 speeds as the older V6 Dakotas correct? too bad you don't live closer since i just happen to have an older Dakota that has a good 5spd in it
I somehow managed to hit a cool 435K on the 7th, bringing the 7 day average PPD to 335K
I assume then that means ill just get a PM if i get chosen thanks for clearing that up
I wont be able to attend the prize drawing because i will still be at work at 4PM PST. that doesn't disqualify me does it?
yes but there have been a few series here and there that get problems after a certain time. the MX100 series is pretty new so its not impossible they could have a big problem. im just hoping they dont..
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