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Listing pages still show $20 and $30 but upon adding them to cart sata is showing $77 and m.2 is showing $82
Im not finding this on greenlight, did they take it down?
Its probably not very easy to get funding for high-powered lasers if you dont know whether they have any direct correlation to the project you are working on.If they find out that it is photons, im sure this would be a logical next step in testing.
Ok, where are the $100 10TB 3.5" hdds?
Nemesis158 - 3930k @ 4.1GHz - Sapphire Tri-X R9 Fury @ 1100MHz - 5024 points Validation link:
I thought i read the opposite of that but at any rate i could just stick some small heatsinks, or a single larger one on it. the intel one also costs alot more iirc
The samsung 950 pro is pcie, it has a transfer rate of 2500MB/s where the max for sata is still ~600MB/sanyway, it was just an idea im still not sure if im even going to do that.
i'll have to look again but my main concern is the price. I dont think samsung is making any pcie SSDs (i havent seen any) and it really looks like m.2 is where they are going to be made going forward. and im not getting another Sata SSD, ive already got 512s on both of the available sata3 ports.what GPU? i never had any issues with either of my 7970s or my current TRI-X Fury over the SB heatsink. is the heatsink on the BE different than the original?
ive recently been thinking about upgrading to a 5930k+R5E but i cant justify spending the money i wont get back (i technically cant "sell" my current CPU) just for slightly faster CPU/RAM, and a few more sataIII ports (which is all i really want atm) i might just get an M.2 adapter card and get the 950 pro 512 to go along with it
I got into the beta today, and i do have to say that aside from the small amount of content it had to offer and the no-shoot bug, i thought this game looked very good and ran very well compared to other betas ive played. I was actually surprised when it crashed on me 5 hours in, but by that time i had already finished all the missions and played in the dark zone a bit.
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