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I had no overclock set, but also was not keeping a close enough eye on temps as i should have.....
Has anyone here ever heard of mining causing a fault in how a GPU processes a certain type of renderer, IE OpenGL? Ive had my Fury Mining for about a month now and all of the sudden i was getting mad texture artifacting in Wolfenstein: TNO The issue persisted when i swapped the card into another pc to test it there and also affected DOOM and OpenGL video rendering in VLC media player. It still mines fine and all the other games i tested that arent based on a newer...
Looking at Upgrading to Ryzen or TR later this year looking to see how much i can expect for the parts i would be replacing. Main reason i am looking to upgrade is i want to have m.2 sata drives with native nvme. My current system might work with an m.2 addon card but despite the fact that it might work on X79, intel and/or ASUS have not implemented NVME to work with it, so i would prefer something that did have that. Also wanting more SATA3 ports. It looks like 3930ks...
Listing pages still show $20 and $30 but upon adding them to cart sata is showing $77 and m.2 is showing $82
Im not finding this on greenlight, did they take it down?
Its probably not very easy to get funding for high-powered lasers if you dont know whether they have any direct correlation to the project you are working on.If they find out that it is photons, im sure this would be a logical next step in testing.
Ok, where are the $100 10TB 3.5" hdds?
Nemesis158 - 3930k @ 4.1GHz - Sapphire Tri-X R9 Fury @ 1100MHz - 5024 points Validation link:
I thought i read the opposite of that but at any rate i could just stick some small heatsinks, or a single larger one on it. the intel one also costs alot more iirc
The samsung 950 pro is pcie, it has a transfer rate of 2500MB/s where the max for sata is still ~600MB/sanyway, it was just an idea im still not sure if im even going to do that.
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