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Is it normal for a GPU core to take 5 minutes to start doing anything?
as much as id like to, it runs too hot for me to keep it it that high, not to mention that if im folding on cpu and gpu thats 340W that my dad wont be too happy about....
I kind of want to be able to fold for the team with both my cpu and my gpu, but i need to be able to turn them on/off independently from each other, is there a way i can do that?
for folding on a 7970 you should be good to 1100/1500mhz (core/mem) Most 7970 will do at least 1125-1175mhz on air, but temps become a big deal at those clocks
eh i guess ill join in. now if i can just remember how to fold
Yeah, not so great at 420kh/s
I was getting 760~ with 1085/1810 the other day, but then i tried running the "setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100" and it changed something that made that not work anymoreim maxed at 1035/1800 with about 725Kh/s now I tried reinstalling the GPU driver, but i think i may need to reformat soon.
At what clocks?with those settings im maxing out at ~660kh/s with 950/1800
Finally went through all that, though im not sure i like how the UI on AOKP works. main issues are the lack of custom fonts and how it does background setup with pictures. It also seems to be limited to only one type of lock screen (eg no pattern/pin) Any ideas? Edit: while AOKP doesnt have a built in font changer like the original 4.0.4 that was on my phone, i found an app to do that. and after a bit of searching i got most of the rest of it under control.
yeah that still didnt help. before i tried that command i was getting 760kh/s with 1085/1810, now that only gets me 700 and i max out at 723 with 1035/1810I checked on my laptop in the registry and by default there is no GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT string, so should i just try deleting the string in the registry and reinstall my video drivers?Edit: I am running a 7970 that i got when they first came out and am using TC 8192 on it.....
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