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Quote: Originally Posted by fro_dave so is the mp more like cod4 or mw2? cod4.
Harvest. Day. /thread
yes OCN server pl0x
let me see some PC streams D:
If I turn HT off will I get a significant decrease in performance?
PC. otherwise you'll regret it when you see custom maps and sick mods that you can't get on the 360.
yeah the H50 is stock. i never tested stock temps, no. i bought everything from newegg. maybe i need to reseat the cooler? i really dont want to go through RMA unless i really have to.
Quote: Originally Posted by pewpewlazer I'm SUCH a sucker for unlockable things me and you both my friend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lune The game will look decent enough on PC imo.. everything u see for now is on Xbox so (extremely weak card, 1950X or smth?) I think what u mean is this.. I hope we get this stuff in Call of Duty series someday Overall I am sold got 3 copies already and I am sure it will be better than MW2 overall. that is so badass!
Quote: Originally Posted by lawrencendlw Not for an H50. Have you tried to lower your Vcore a bit and then prime testing? just did, i get BSOD not even a 2 mins in prime95 testing. what about settings for a lower OC? like if i wanted to do 3.6 or 3.8 ghz? id rather have a lower OC with lower temps than vice versa. edit: ok i adjusted a few things for a 3.8ghz OC, idle temps are high 40s, i ran prime95 small fft and everything is stable, only my...
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