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Sorry cancelled the 2720mdp was scared of getting the original ad board which was faulty and is being recalled. Reviews for the newer version were much better.
When running spec. 680 can get to 120hz. Other cards max out closer to 100.
If you can only pull 60fps there is no benefit to 120hz
I don't understand the complication if Achieva can put parts that make it to 120hz in a $220 monitor what is the holdup? Well 3D may not be doable yet but definately 120hz would be easy on DisplayPort and there are countless benefits in 2D.
Most of the stand are crap but at least the Achieva has VESA mount holes.
That client has glass a wall of glass behind them. Its not a driver issue it looks really good in the server room where there are no windows. Most likely it would look good at home with 90% solar screen and large bannana plant blocking the window but did not want to take the chance.
Testing games this morning I was getting like 20-30fps in Alice and I have a GTX680!
HP makes pretty good monitors but I was looking at 27" and was turned off by the AG coating. We have a client that has a 24" LCD sitting unused in the server room because the coating was so bad.
Unsure at this resolution. I've seen issues with longer cable lengths. Its usually something strange. For instance my Sony Bravia TV is connected in another room using an hdmi to cat6 adapter and 35ft cat6. It ran fine for 2 years now it thinks it is not hdcp compliant so it no longer works as a tv in media center! Also nearly every Lenovo we have out has issues with almost anything over 6ft for usb. EDIT: BTW I'm using a 6ft cable from monoprice that was sitting in a...
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