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Posts by SirWaWa this is a vapour chamber design for what it is it works pretty good for stock, I wouldn't overclock with this though it is much bigger and heavier than the piece of junk aluminum intel ships with
ha! check out my 3k woh
I also want to mention no overclocking and using the stock intel cooler but with aftermarket tim case cooling is satisfactory with front intake and side intake with rear and top as exhaust
that's what I think too but there still not exactly cheapbtw I see quite a few xenon equivalents on ebay but selling much cheaperare those xenon "equivalents" any good?is there a reason why there cheaper?
^ gaming mostly (FPS mainly) it's my cousin's comp running vista (yeah I know...) and a single GTX580 currently it has a E8600 but doesn't want a complete upgrade just yet
on paper its a nice site, I agree but it doesn't give me a real picture/feedback how it performs in real lifeanyways owners have said Q9650 is faster than E8400/8500/8600running stock which is better?would the loss of 333mhz even be felt in non-gaming or under utilized situations?
is the Q9650 faster than the E8600 clock for clock?
on Friday eh... well it's Saturday now so...
is the pixel density the same? I assume just like all XL's it remains unchanged
hey guys did u read the revised 2.2 ptr updates 3/10 (changes in red) liking most of it so far a real indication of progress, effort and feedback being shown here
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