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transformers: war for cybertron sadly the sequel doesn't have this
dunno where to ask this but... what RTS games have migs in them? (besides c&c)
read the article...anyways this is coming in glacier white, correct?
when is the standalone glacier white ps4 coming?get the hybrid ssd version
sometimes upon boot up or restart I get very very slow aero effects the fading in and out is laggy but everything else is normal I have to restart to fix this (sometimes more than once) why does this happen?
so stick with 347.88 is what you're saying?I was getting TDR's with 353.06
are 350.12 drivers as solid as 347.88? any TDR's?
SO... will this include all the cut/did not make it content from the original???
I was seriously considering this for a second/next rig well not no more
should I even bother upgrading? 780Ti here
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