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is this still a cut down card or fully unlocked? I miss the days of fully unlocked cards
noticed it says overwatch beta... mine as well wait for the official release of overwatch, then nvidia will release another one for that
so which card is the fully unlocked one?
so I tried disabling and re-enabling the extension when I do that it works fine but when restarting explorer it crashes again
if I disable the nv control panel shell extension then it works
does windows explorer crash for you guys when you right-click on any drive in windows explorer on the left-hand side? not desktop
hey guys, does right-clicking on any drive on the left-hand side of windows explorer cause "Windows Explorer has stopped working"? (windows 7 and apparently windows 8) I have confirmed it's due to nv control panel context menu extension (NOT desktop right-clicking) when disabled it doesn't crash, when enabled it crashes
nintendo did it with the new 3ds xlso why not sony?!my concern is long term reliabilitywhat does that mean in nvidia speak?serious question
get the new X99 chips coming out this yearthe 6800k, 6850k 6900k and 6950k
good to hear anymore updates?
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