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is a 960M a tad slower than a 750Ti?
installed 359.00 on my win 10 laptop got an error saying nvidia shield failed...
anyone? BTW I tried IE 11 in win 10 and it doesn't exhibit the same behavior as edge.
I too have the shutdown problem too sometimes. Don't know why either. Brand new laptop. The patch installed fine, however my bluetooth settings were reset back to default.
I got a brand new laptop with intel integrated graphics 530 (i7 6700hq) and when I watch youtube video's with edge I get flashing/flickering when I scroll up and down on the page. Sometimes I get TDR's but I tried the delay fix. Seems okay. Anyways, I tried using firefox instead and I don't get the flickering/flashing like edge does. However, randomly the video will go green with a mess of pixels then go back to normal a few seconds later. It's also equipped with a geforce...
ambient occlusion now works (again) with sc2x64 with nvidia drivers 358.87
is the standalone white ps4 here yet?
hmmm... then it will work as plannedi can assign with my razer with no razer software for gamesthe default back/forward is exactly what i want anyways in windows
will the extra thumb buttons work without logitech software? atleast configurable/responsive in games? (assigning keys) that's what i'm looking for i don't care about macro's
I have a question about this keyboard... What color does it light up by default without the logitech software? Also is the logitech software a memory hog? I never use razer or logitech software
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