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thisI have a feeling I may have to wait longer than November...
^ that's what I'm leaning towards this time axial design what's a good manufacturer? I've lost some confidence with evga, never had any with msi and asus is iffy (but I believe in there mobo's)
X58 is really a solid platform
are you implying I go with reference (again)?
cannot be louder than what I currently have and shouldn't beI read the noise improvements from the reference coolers from 600 series and up, also going down from 2 cards to 1noise not an issue and shouldn't be as mentioned above
So my case is setup to be positive air pressure (more air going in than out) and it's that time again... New video card time as I am unhappy with my SLI 580's and SLI in general So I am awaiting for the 880(Ti?) to be released so what is the best type of air cooler for positive pressure cases The reference blower type or the dual/triple fan heat case heat dumpers? BTW I've always ran the reference blower types with GTS250, GTX460 and GTX580 and temps were very...
28nm unless the Ti deviates
is the 880 gimped in any way? Ti?
great to hearis it okay that I have a "legacy" PCI-E 2.0 board and not 3.0I am no longer happy with SLI and want to return to a single card, preferably as usual the most powerful one as possible
what's the estimated power consumption of 880 Ti? as long as it's better than my sli 580's, more powerful too I presume as well
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