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single new card don't think its going to be a huge upgrade but an upgrade nonetheless I have ditched SLI personally myself and alot of complaints lately about SLI support going forward
just curious... if and when u decide to upgrade, would u do SLI again?
I ended up getting a 780ti SC ACX from evga no regrets even after seeing the 980's this could solve your problem if u go with the arctic accelero III/IV
I had 2x reference 580's once I ditched them for a single 780ti anyways the best thing I can think of is optimize case airflow which may require a new case a case that supports 230/200mm SIDE fan with top 200mm fans (I know 120mm is the standard but I find noise adds up quick once u start adding more than one) I find that larger fans move more air while at lower rpm and produces less noise
do those 120/240hz HDTV's count?I hate this feature how things are sped up and "smoothed" outit's so unnatural
sc2 loves cpu, gpu not as much
these drivers have mouse lag?
sounds like it's faster no matter whatnot saying your wrong... or right
how do the anime cut scenes look?
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