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hmmm this or delxue I have a WS board How come more people don't have the WS boards? I hear/read praise but closed wallets... I prefer it way way way more over, gamer, mainstream and even the top end enthusiast boards
anyone else notice a smoother d3 experience with 2.1? less slowdown but still slowdown at times
all this fine tuning better be worth it what a waste of a summer
amazing now where's the WS version?
same "problem" on 580 backplates I just ignored it nothing changed
but I've been running this setup for years and no problems... EVERif it persists I'll try it
tested memory... passedmy cpu is actually undervolted and at stock clocks
I got random BSOD while at desktop 0x00000124 gaming seems fine
could not have said it better myself... "The Performance doesn't match the Graphic quality."that goes for WoW and SC2
biased result since most of the time there is no physical option at all another obvious is obvious statistic who cares?!
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