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not yellow again...
does it require minimum hardware like shadowplay?
are these any good? currently using 353.62 and these have been great! tdr's have been fixed guys, no need to keep running 347.88
I have to agree when I had it... it works
question... not that i'm affected but... for retail HoTS now that it's gone standalone, will it still install without WoL?
please, no gimped Ti card this time
the 580 lightning is my all time favorite the blue fans turn white
here for the story and occasional skirmish still a pretty game for DX9 and a dated engine not as addicting as the first one... but really I don't mind btw HoTS has been on sale LOTS... just have to watch for it
i mean in woo
hmm... I ordered the retail collectorsany CG scenes in this?
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