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^ nope I got one as wiz (post 2.1.2 obviously since its ancient) and one as dh (pre 2.1.2)
actually I don't like this
I got an ancient WoH couple days ago awesome stuff
yay! I got my furnace back! I salvaged it back BEFORE it was BiS
personal experience, the 200mm side is vastly superior don't need lots of rpm to move a ton of air and its much quieter win win I myself love window panels but a 200mm side is the best thing u can have over any 120/140 side setup too bad not many cases have 200mm sides
how many days are in a year? find that answer to 2-3 sig figs or more you'll know why its 4 and not 3
why is the ps4 selling so well, last time I read sony didn't even KNOW themselves why... figures
after trying both blower and axial, I have found axial to be superior in cooling and noise case temps wasn't even an issue with axial as some might say
I found the NZXT 120mm one pretty darn quiet (non-LED version)
I get mouse slowness in the UI it's not the only game that does this metro 2033 and witcher 2 however, the game runs smooth is there a way to fix this? I fixed it switched from adaptive vsync to off
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