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alright sounds good I'm not trying to aim for a minimum but for stability whereas its below the 1.2v spec as prescribed by intel gaming is solid cpu benchmark and memory passes
I undervolted my i7 960 to 1.15v in the bios I'm running at the stock frequency is this fine? on auto the board tends to overvolt past 1.2xx which I find is unnecessary for stock also I would like to mention these are the D0 stepping models
looking for a 100% metal mid-tower/full tower case? (including the front bezel and top to be metal)
so my cousin ended up getting a e8600 for cheap to replace his e8400 I know it's a very small upgrade but it's an upgrade basically is it really a ~11% increase in performance? those other chips mentioned are way out of his budget and just mine as well get a new chip/board and ram but thanks!
which mobo between the two is superior? the deluxe x99 or the ws x99? rog rampage is out of the question since I dislike there track record of numerous problems
hmmm this or delxue I have a WS board How come more people don't have the WS boards? I hear/read praise but closed wallets... I prefer it way way way more over, gamer, mainstream and even the top end enthusiast boards
anyone else notice a smoother d3 experience with 2.1? less slowdown but still slowdown at times
all this fine tuning better be worth it what a waste of a summer
amazing now where's the WS version?
same "problem" on 580 backplates I just ignored it nothing changed
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