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try it... the manual always recommends for single card setups to use pci-e slot 1 I never heard of anyone proposing the idea but I have thought about it myself but never bothered too
I've had great results with the (now discontinued) sony HTCT 350, "rare" 3.1 soundbar (even though it will decode DD/DTS/LPCM/DDP it will emulate 5.1/7.1 when available and does a convincing job of it too) a quality soundbar is a great alternative to a real 5.1/7.1 setup if space/budget do not permit speakers, sub and a high quality receiver I have both a real 7.1 hooked up to a receiver and the 3.1 soundbar and I have to say the soundbar does come fairly close in quality...
8k better be the end of that science > sales & marketing don't get gimmick-ed ... and really 8k? that's some generous rounding there
does nvidia DSR work with D3? I tried it briefly and didn't notice anything... Supports 2-Way SLI (with 1 slot spacing on double width graphics cards). blackout the evga, put the rog logo above it (decal/sticker?)
hmm... well well then... time to make history
didn't phantom release a 100% passively cooled gtx580?
hmmm... 3 slots you say? possible to have a 100% passively cooled card like the good old days (aka NO fan)... perhaps case fans to assist instead of copper, pure gold
found them all but threw away furnace... yes back in 2.0the xmog is the only evidence
disable desktop composition
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