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they need to increase the disc read speed for one thing... is this gonna to be backwards compatible with older 1080 movies? or is it going to upscale to 4k? I have transformers on dvd and blu ray upscaling the dvd made things grainy but still looked okay, doesn't have that HD crispness
lower temps, fan spins at lower speed while maintaining temperatures, much quieter, superior heatpipe design, not completely enclosed in a shroudsuppose to be lower power consumption because the fans spin "slower" but pretty sure thats minimal savingsdoesn't heat up my room no more
I did blower style for gts250, gtx460 and gtx580 Finally I did ACX for GTX780Ti Best decision I have ever made
those are high idle and load tempsis your card the reference design?mine are atleast 10 degrees cooler but it's the non-reference design (acx model, twin fan cooler)everything is 100% stock so it's fixed?
after comparing specs, besides the extra pci-e slot the deluxe version is superior, no?
nice work you more or less convinced me on getting high speed ram and not worry too much on timings for X99
thanks for the great idea!make sure gold to exp bracers is equipped
I finally got my rama's gift T3 rift from a barrell
don't forget that bracer that turns gold into exp
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