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suikoden 2 is on psn now
so the pre-rendered cut scenes look worse than it's ps3 counterpart? not even blu ray quality... well then... I finally finished all 3 and I have to say LR has a glorious ending
does a fast hdd matter with ps4 this time around? a hybrid drive perhaps?
nope I had a very similar situation like you my SLI stopped work but single gpu mode worked, got fed up and upgraded to a 780ti I gave the second SLI'd 580 to my cousin as is works as a primary as if fresh from the box
is the stripped screw really your fault? I've taken apart cards to install a backplate and the screw was already stripped when I took it out (luckily they gave me extra screws with the backplate so I don't have to use my originals) take the screw to the hardware store or perhaps an electronics store and see if u can get a replacement of the same size and threads
windows media player with wmp playback codec that's it really
these white pcb cards would look sick together with the asus X99 deluxe motherboards add in some white heatsink mem sticks done!
I actually take this into considerationsometimes it leads to a deal killer if it's not the right color but the right specs
Halloween was the last sale but not as cheap
agreedyou can easily get away with SLI with 800 wattsI ran 2x 580's on 850 watts
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