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is the Q9650 faster than the E8600 clock for clock?
on Friday eh... well it's Saturday now so...
is the pixel density the same? I assume just like all XL's it remains unchanged
hey guys did u read the revised 2.2 ptr updates 3/10 (changes in red) liking most of it so far a real indication of progress, effort and feedback being shown here
800D I believe is discontinued
last this case discontinued?I can still find it thoughlooks like i'm going 750D
which case is quieter and has the better air cooling?
do you like random shut downs/restarts?
FF7 Diablo 1 Chrono Trigger
serious question here... is the 650D's build quality inferior to the 750D? is the 750D bigger than 650D and if by how much? which has the better/more features? any revisions to 750D (like the 800D with the hdd backplane)?
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