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so I know someone that has the same mouse but the original G502 (no spectrum) and it has a very similar wear spot on the lmb never had this problem with my former razer imperator wish I could have both quality internals and externals
so this rig is running an asus p5q lga 775 board with a q9650 cpu paired with a gtx580 and 8gb of ram inside an antec three hundred case running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit no ssd just mechanical hdd's 1080 resolution no overclock and mostly stock components with a couple case fans here and there any tips or suggestions to improve airflow with the antec three hundred case? 1x 140mm top exhaust, 1x 120mm rear exhaust, 1x 120mm side intake and 2x 120mm front intake fan case...
are the flag physics in town gone?! nothing happens when u do stuff around them yes, 64-bit live client is unplayable, non-stop stuttering I get windows 7 aero warning (but not on the 32-bit), my second monitor blacks out (I used to get this periodically in overwatch but seems fixed, fixed for a while, dunno if nvidia fixed it or blizzard) however, none of this happens when playing blizzard's other 64-bit titles switching back to 32-bit it's fine but u lose most of the...
anyone else getting awful performance from the 64-bit live client?
I understand that MS now sells there office products individually as "add-ons". The office suite pricing is absolutely ridiculous and is no longer the value that office 2007 had/was. Anyways if I get the business bundle then get the access "add-on" would it still work? The home/student bundle has no outlook, I want outlook The business bundle has no access, I want access. The professional version has everything but the price is unattractive. It looks to be cheaper to get...
good news, re-tim'd the copper core intel heatsink with mx-4 and no more ramping up fan noise when using pwm about 5-10 idle drop and 10-15 load drop pre-applied stock paste was completely dried out
looks like I have to keep lookingnone of the reviews that I watched/read said much about the noise... wonder why
benefit u say?!is there an increase in heat output?
how is it at supressing noise with that setup?
so I was watching a review of this and the evolv's top power button does not light up but the glass edition does (it appeared like that anyway) can someone confirm this? glass edition lit up power led or does a newer revised evolv do too?
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