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but lost everything else... LOL
still happy with my 780ti because its only 3gb's to begin with... no 4gb problemsjust say'n
how will the standalone part work with WoL/HoTS?I want seamless integrationthey'll probably do the D3 xpac approachuse different shaders (aka no change)
hmmm... interestingreally love the SMAAit's superior to the in-game AA that I'm playing and the performance hit is very acceptable (more noticeable when I had 580's)is there a guide with visual references for tweaking?
I like the non-gui version for "certain" reasonsis that being worked on?
is there performance improvements?
what's the latest sweetfx non-gui version?
okay, this has interested me since I love wiping trash mobs like you're saying this super zombie rift is random/luck?!no one has yet... among the million others
did they nerf rrog drop rates in 2.1? there not dropping no where as frequently as before... seems to be coincidentally worse when seasons started (playing non-seasons)
I enjoyed HoTS more than WoL of actually (which isn't the the consensus right?)
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