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I was seriously considering this for a second/next rig well not no more
should I even bother upgrading? 780Ti here
btw skip X79 and go straight to X99
trust me I told him that and by the time he gets a new rig win 7 will be obsolete (but it's still good)
it's not my rig but he does own win 7 64-bit sp1 ultimate and refuses to install it until he get's a completely brand new rig
I have another question guys Would a SSD as an OS drive help out a E8600 rig significantly? (running vista btw if that matters)
I got 11kish on maximum @ 1080
now i'll ask again... is it really going to replace the current? this is a vapour chamber design for what it is it works pretty good for stock, I wouldn't overclock with this though it is much bigger and heavier than the piece of junk aluminum intel ships with
ha! check out my 3k woh
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