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oh, so is that the nomenclature now , 2000 series?
I plan to remove the 3.5" trays and go all 2.5" drives that mount on the right side of the case (hint, no more mechanical drives this time around) too late... but I believe thereis a spot to mount bottom fans, as long as I remove the hdd trays
corsair 750D
it's going to be a 1080ti strix air cooled the case has vented pcie covers
that's all the manual says on that part I couldn't find anything else regarding m.2's that were relevant
yes, the rear will be a 140mm
The idea would be to turn the rear exhaust on a case to intake to help cool the vrm's on a x299 board. It's going to be a 280 rad setup as a push config up at the top. So it would draw cooler air in then get pushed up and out. What do you guys think?
but it looks like I lose 5, 6, 7 and 8 instead
not using sata m.2
less weight too(you try hauling around an 800D with mechanical drives)
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