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anyone else have a logitech g810? when your using the button lighting settings (not through software) does the "G" in the top left color cycle or change? light button + keys 1 through 6 and 0 -/+ to change speed mine just stays blue
how do u scroll left and right?
is it normal that it rattles? there's some play when wiggling the scroll wheel to the left and right how about the original g502's? (non-spectrums)
want fully unlocked card with custom cooler titan is not the answer
for my next build, looking for a mostly metal caselove the look of this overall
is this case mostly metal? is there very little plastic?
i'm okay with dp being nerfed but as long as it's a fully unlocked card
still don't have a full GP right? so is a full GV actually happening?
hexacore mainstream cpu's coming mine as well wait for that... although I wish X99 was cheaper
should have named it titan x squared
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