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are you saying that even though the screen is bigger it's just as clear as the original 3ds?
I notice memory usage is down
Yes, Sony Trinitrons are the best CRT tv's back in Sony's hey day and perhaps golden years in the tv market. They even made 16:9 tube tv's with component input that did up to 1080i with 4:3 support. I wish I could get my hand's on one, 32"-36" flat screen trinitron complete with remote and matching stand. Perfect for old school gaming.
question for you guys, what's your vram usage? for me with 'extreme' settings I've hit up to 2.2GB at 1080 and if it's any difference i'm running the x64 version on another note, doesn't karax kinda of look like zoidberg? (sort of...)
does the new 3dsxl have the same pixel density as the regular 3ds?
I find the problem is with memory leaks I don't get the RAM back when all the applications are closed
if it makes any difference guys, pdf's open via foxitreader even though the plugin is gone
I did a fresh install on my laptop PC installs as described
pluginsall my extensions are there but I didn't have many to begin withpdf's still work even though the plugin is gone
nopeI had the 32-bit version previously installedI downloaded the full installer and it asked me to "upgrade" from the current pathanyways I'm running the 64-bitso far so good, alot of plugins disappeared but that's a worry for another time if so
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