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about the fan control hub, this should work instead not sure if you need both or just the one Compatibility HD RGB and SP RGB fans, Crystal Series 570X RGB, 460X RGB Compatibility HD RGB fans
will a X299 motherboard (asus prime deluxe) and a corsair H115i (280 rad) have any clearance issues with the 570x case (top mounted)? will the heatsink or ram get in the way?
so this is enabled by default? how do you check again?
DX11 + Windows 7 + dual monitors + full screen = don't play nice together (DX9 generally not a problem) someone confirm the above is not an issue with Windows 10 in full screen? window mode it is FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Benchmark Tested on: 5/2/2017 12:05:13 AM Score: 10099 Average Frame Rate: 70.390 Performance: Extremely High -Easily capable of running the game on the highest settings. Loading Times by Scene Scene #1 7.618 sec Scene #2 6.547 sec Scene #3 4.923...
is 6850k the best balance between stock clock speed and cores for broadwell-e?
so in other words 16gb kits of ddr2 are rare and expensive of the non-ecc varietyanyone else besides g-skill that made them?
I read through the ram vendor list and did not find any 16gb kits, just 1, 2, ,4 and 8gb oneshowever, specs say the board supports max 16gb currently running 8gb btwthe ebay one, that's a true 16gb kit? the seller says its 2x (2x4gb) two boxes, 2 kits that make it a 16gb kit?is this before the days of actual large ram kits?I heard of people back in the day gambling and mixing ram kits together to get the desired capacity and looking for consecutive serial numbers to...
what 16gb ddr2 ram kit supports the asus p5q? having a very hard time finding desktop non-ecc ddr2 ram... let alone a 16gb kit
now that's real reporting data
^ how did you hook that up with the case fan headers? plug a 4pin in the motherboard for PWM? is your rad loud? I assume thats PWM as well does the exhaust allow 140mm? I'm thinking not going exhaust at all since the air would naturally go from front to back unless the noise added is negligible
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