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Posts by SirWaWa Supports 2-Way SLI (with 1 slot spacing on double width graphics cards). blackout the evga, put the rog logo above it (decal/sticker?)
hmm... well well then... time to make history
didn't phantom release a 100% passively cooled gtx580?
hmmm... 3 slots you say? possible to have a 100% passively cooled card like the good old days (aka NO fan)... perhaps case fans to assist instead of copper, pure gold
found them all but threw away furnace... yes back in 2.0the xmog is the only evidence
disable desktop composition
and to think... remember the guys that were saying oh... 1GB of VRAM is enough, there is no need for more please stand up so you can be berated
FF15 reminds me alot of FF8 so this might be for you
what's the reason for this?is it I have to buy the game twice and soon thrice?
thankswhy is blizzard adding console like options for a non-console ga... wait...
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