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Have any of you gotten to play with Aug yet? Pissed off that they added yet another crate weapon. Just le sigh.
Sorry Unicorn, I was actually responding to Hunched. Quoted the wrong person.
Your comparisons are just always really bad in this thread...
There's only one gear ratio for EVs, most of them anyway, ICE cars require multiple different gear ratios. The only thing that the transmission does in an EV is connect the engine to the wheels, meaning it's much smaller. In ICE cars, transmission are significantly more complex and heavier. Hence the EV advantage.The wheels can't spin 18,000 rpm. It's physically impossible, hence why EVs have a drivetrain, but they essentially don't have a transmission because of the way...
In performance cars it is. The only reason to add more weight is because you need to. More powerful engine, or more material because the frame will apart otherwise, etc. But the is almost always to reduce weight where possible.
Loot crates are a form of creative freedom yes. Next question.
I don't appreciate you trying to play some sort of game of "gotcha!" when the subject matter I'm talking about is quite obvious. The reason why multi-gear transmissions or CVTs are needed for ICE cars is because combustion engines have a very narrow RPM band where they are most efficient. That's what multi-gear transmissions are for, so you can keep the engine near peak efficiency (or not) across varying speeds. A CVT essentially does the same thing because it can change...
I'm not sure how you go that theoretical top speed, seems like you missed quite a few variables in there. All EVs have only one gear, I think some experimental ones have several gears, but the norm is one.
We're not talking about mods people do in their garage. We're talking about production cars.CVTs are a type of transmission specifically designed to target the optimal powerband of the engine.Yes that is true for the Roadster, at that price point 50/50 is a given.
Yes, and extra weight is a disadvantage, you can't always put a more powerful engine in.No, actually they're not.1) Koenigsegg is the only ICE car with no gearbox. They are an exception, not the norm.2) That's a good point but a lot of Model S' competitors do not have a 50/50 ratio. BMW's commitment to 50/50 is actually very impressive.
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