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The rapid storage technology enterprise is for the Intel C600 chipset series.
It’ll be fine.
DDR2 to DDR3 has nothing to do with transferring a RAID array I took a RAID 5 from a ICH8R to PCH (P55) and it worked. For you to move a array the RAID controller has to be backwards compatible for your array you are going to move this however only supports the array with data not booting the OS off of it.
With the onboard Intel RAID you can only make a RAID bigger then 2TB only if it is non-bootable. Your option is to do a matrix RAID with the rest of the space in RAID 0 or 1 (given the number of drives you have) to make another partition on. Use RST to make a new volume.
Nope Arr didn’t read what your trying to do...yes you can do that but really your better off just letting it run then constantly backing up and restoring.
Its RAID 10 not 0 + 1 that RST supports plus it does not support 6 drives in RAID 10.
You can create a 4TB array.....IF....its not your boot array and your OS supports GPT.
Yep NTFS compression plays with read speeds a bit. My AS SSD benchmark with compression.
Random drive failures with version 8.9 Go get RST 10
Just install the one from Intel and see how it goes. ^it includes drivers
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