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LOL MSI bandwidth fail
It was exactly that what happened and exactly how it ended It will be good to see one more great coverage of MOA. I still have some hope that MSI call some good OCer from Brazil to cover it instead of some hardware noob like in the past MOAs...See you there
Quote: Originally Posted by mindchill it would be interesting to see if you cooled 2 50mm tecs with a dice setup and cool the cpu with the tecs.. That's why I got that doubt... even maybe a four 50mm or 62mm TEC... the only problem to me would be making the plates... but if it could worth the try I would go for it... but they said that it won't chill more than using the DICE directly
Thanks again! So, I'll only get TEC on the day that I got a good water system... thanks for all the help and advice guys!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ultrasonic2 (muffy) 1 you would get lower temps with just the DICE than a TEC and DICE I would say 2 you would need a very powerful TEC chiller to achieve 0c water temps with that kind of load Thank you very much... As a noob I only read that it needs a lot of power, a lot of cooling at the hot side to successful create a gradient of temperature... So I thought that maybe with something more extreme and a really...
Thanks for the reply and for the welcome message... It's a benchmark system. the cpus are intel 980x and amd 1090t. Maybe if it works I could try to bench other cpus later.. but at first instance these are the two rigs that I've got to bench. I plan to overclock it near 6ghz... the 980x I can run superpi at air cooling at 5250ghz, amd at 4650ghz. Didn't test any of them on dice to see how far they can go (neither with water cooling + cold water), but if I could get them...
Hello everybody! I've been following this forum for a long time, but since I don't have money to afford a good water cooling system here in Brazil TEC has been just a dream... I keep searching info about other ways that I could use TEC even if its not for normal use.. I didn't find anything about it, so I like to ask you guys, more experienced in TEC, about these possibilities: 1- with a strong TEC could I get a DICE system colder? like -100ºC (for example) If it...
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