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It might actually be my hard drive after a little more research. I have the symptoms of random crashing in games. Freezes at check disk in a certain location, and freezes out of sleep mode sometimes. Will still be upgrading CPU/board for Haswell when it comes out, but man that saves me some time . Probably give my little brother this CPU/board.
Yeah I'll be getting it as soon as it comes out. Should I wait till the process is more refined or pick up first batch I can get my hands on?
Aye, the 920 is indeed still quite the beast but the on and off freezes are pretty infuriating. However with the massive amount of feedback saying wait for Haswell I definitely will be waiting for that. Thanks for your thoughts, OC guys .
I really only primarily game on my rig and my i7 920 seems to be ending its lifespan with constant freezes no matter how much juice I give it or how much I tweak the settings. It has served me well these past three years. However that brings me to the next dilemma; wait for Haswell or get Ivy Bridge now? I can easily afford the 3570k and all the components needed I just need to know if (since my primary use is gaming) I should wait a little bit longer for Haswell or just...
This is true. Thanks for the input !
Really? That sucks. I just replaced that under warranty last year in November :\; barely over a year old now.
There was no power surge to my knowledge, the heats on both of my GPU's and the CPU are pretty standard, and I just cleaned my rig about a week ago (whilst holding the fans to not short out motors) so I'm also ruling out it being clogged with dust. It also seems to have "shorted" my monitor. No power would go to it though my computer would turn on. Now it seems fine but I am a bit wary. Has anybody else experienced a random problem like this?
Afropelican: Will look into that HDMI switch ! TinDaDragon: Not much of a hassle at all, the cables sit next to each other behind my monitor and my PS3 sits parallel to my case on the floor . Just wanted to know if switching while they were on would lead to damaging the cards but it appears as if it doesn't! Thanks for your help everyone!
Is it possible to leave on my computer and remove the HDMI cable from the back of the monitor and switch it with the HDMI cable from my PS3 so I don't have to continually turn both on and off to switch? Just don't want to damage my video-cards by pulling out the cable while it's running. Thank you in advance!
Ahhh, thank you very much everyone.I suppose I will have some patience.Out of curiosity though when Haswell rolls around will the motherboards that house the 1150 socket also be compatible with my GTX 470's in SLI?My bad, Wrend. Was pretty tired when I made this post.I have since edited the title !
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