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short and sweet question I have a crucial M4 256gb boot drive 2 x Spinpoint F3s in Raid seeing as the ssd is not actually an active raid drive, will trim be working on it as the sata config is set to trim rather than ahci?? Thank you gents!
dumb question and pretty embarrassing, but where's the xmp setting in asus rampage iv extreme bios?! cant find it, and not really used to the layout compared to ther r3e
cheers guys!
just a quick question on ram for my x79 build asus rampage 4 extreme. would there be a noticeable difference between: 16gb 1866Mhz Ram in particular corsair's CMP16GX3M4X1866C9 & 16gb 2133Mhz Ram in particular corsair's CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 Not necessarily what i'm gonna go for, as i've had some decent recommendations in other threads, but would like to know the real difference so i can make more of an informed choice, thanks!!!! P.S. proposed build is in my sig!
proposed rig now in sig
would i need hx1050 or would the AX850 suffice if in the future i want to run SLI?
Gonna be using mostly for gaming and some music production. Don't have much knowledge whatsoever about folding@home or boinc so not sure? In terms of monitor will be using a 24 inch hp. Ram wise gonna look into the mentioned suggestions tonight, my reservation would be the Samsung, just for my lack of experience over clocking at this point
Thanks, what does a bigger L3 Cache mean in real terms?
lmao, if that info is correct you've successfully converted me i guess!
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