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I rarely use my rig anymore, even low end cards have more memory than my 580s, but they still run games pretty well.
How far out will GTA VI be by the time they release this. Sigh.
We have a better chance of hell freezing over than ever seeing Episode 3 or HL3.
Herp a derp. Someone needs to remind this lawyer how search engines work.
I came here to post this.
I'm interested in seeing Microcenter pricing on these chips.
Only took 4 years to port to PC? Seriously though, why does R* drag their feet so much when it comes to bringing these games to the PC master-race?
What kills them is they make these consoles with KIDS in mind. There's almost no denying that. That's all fine and dandy IF you have decent first party and third party games, which IMHO neither the 3DS or WiiU have. With kids playing on their iPhones there's almost nothing to lure them into a WiiU or a 3DS if they can just pick up their cell phone or iPod and play something that is better at keeping their attention for a few buck than a $40 game will on a handheld. Sure...
Chrome CPU-z GPU-z Prime95 MSI Afterburner
I'm thinking the only way they're going to spend $500M on this game is by getting all of the money in small denominations and filling a pool with them and then lighting them on fire. After swimming naked in the money first of course. GTA V spent HALF that amount and the game was great, IMHO. To spend $500M this game better be a knockout.
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