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I just used the windows DVD burner thingie. It works for this purpose.
I assume you have to pay for iphoto? How easy is it to make something like this with it and burn it to a dvd? Does anyone know of any other programs? Obviously free or cheap is good here...
Just a simple set of pictures that change and some music to go with it. Nothing fancy. Just a simple and nice presentation. Then burn it to a dvd I guess and call it a night until early tomorrow when it gets used. :/ Maybes its called a montage? Just still pictures that change every few seconds with music playing.
A person very close to me died this weekend and I need to make a DVD for the services. It will include both music and pictures that change. They tried to charge $500 for this because I need it tomorrow morning. I need help making this audio/picture presentation. I think they call it a "montage". Just still pictures that change every so often with music in the background. I have never done this and could really use the help. Thanks in advance guys.
I am VERY interested.
Insert generic male nerd welcome here.
I would take them up on it lol.
I would say you are fine. There are anti vibrations measures you can take though like mentioned above.
In In In In In OMG!!!!!
It isn't about junk, it is about completely redoing the OS install and leaving all of my personal files in other folders intact. There is to much on this laptop to just do a fresh install or I would. There are no viruses or anything, just some broken or modified OS files that aren't working at their best overall so I want to start fresh in that way. A registry clean helped alot, but redoing all of the Vista files will go alot further. Thanks for the help!
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