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Probably mostly covers the shipping I would imagine. At least you would be able to keep your Sandy Bridge system, otherwise, these chips and motherboards are disappearing from and and won't be around until the new motherboards are designed, re-manufactured, and resupplied! Could take a long time!
From Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking, Inc., has announced a hardware solution for all of those plagued by the Intel P67 motherboards' SATA II bug. News of Intel's intended massive recall of approximately 8 million motherboards spread at the end of January, and on February 1, 2011, LNO made their announcement public. (and from the "Read More..." button) Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking made an announcement on February 1, 2011, that it...
I thought it was very cost prohibitive to manufacture with Gallium Arsenide as a substrate?
I think the technical term for that is... "breaking it"
The best way to stress test a Sandy Bridge is to build it close to the ocean at low tide, and watch it as the tide comes in.
Pick the one in the middle.
Hoo ha!
I am still running the Macintosh SE/30 I bought in 1989
Who owns it the other 3 seasons?
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