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Well if you waited for it to download and install then it won't prompt you again about it? Really not seeing what the issue is here
It sounds like Windows thinks your downloads are pictures and are uploading them through the Camera Backup feature. If you don't use camera backup on your PC, you can disable it in the Metro UI settings interface and then it should stop. But if you do use camera backup on your PC, I don't think there is a way to manually specify the camera backup path because Microsoft.
Go to Devices and Printers, right click the printer and click Remove Device. It shouldn't come up again. If it does, as you claim, your Office install is probably bugged.
If you are on Windows 8 make sure the Lanmanserver and Computer Browser services are started. I can't remember what the Windows 7 name is for the former.
I actually am running a Custom ROM, but I tied my Google account to it out of necessity. With CyanogenMod at least, you have the option of using your phone without signing in to a Google account (it was not optional on the stock ROM).When you go to your account dashboard (, what does it say under "Location" and "Location History"? Mine keeps telling me my location is being updated automatically even though I've disabled...
I've been an Android owner for quite a while now, but it was not until recently that I discovered these massive privacy and security holes. They are actually fairly well-documented (I am in the wrong here for not having been aware of them earlier), and I am very seriously surprised that few people seem to be concerned about them at all. Here is a (brief) list of things I have discovered with Android and Google that has me absolutely infuriated...would like to know if...
If you change the setting from "Top Comments" to "Newest first" it changes it back to the old system. Unless I'm missing something.
I must be the only one thinking 16% of drain for 30 minutes of use is actually pretty good?
Go to start screen, press Win key + I, click (or tap, I guess) Personalize
Not quite understanding the hype about like this have been around for quite a while. MMSOFT's PC Monitor does the same thing, and gives you more options too.
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