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What gnome theme is that? It looks really nice
That actually makes no sense.You're clearly not part of the target audience for Linux. So yes, please, continue using that operating system written by "highly paid people."
Probably because you disabled encryption in GPO...(Which really should be enabled for security reasons)What OS is hosting the shares? If this is a Windows Server environment make sure SMB 1.0 access is enabled via Powershell. It's possible but unlikely that some other software (or role for that matter) requires SMB 1.0 to be disabled. I know for a fact that ES uses the less secure SMB 1.0 protocol to access shares.
Great to hear! Will add to your trader rating.
Run the batch file instead of the .exe as an admin.
Sorry all, I forgot to renew the domain. You can get the files directly via FTP: Under /ULPS.
Hi all, When stress testing there is always one core that consistently is at a much lower temperature than the other three. I know that back in the Bloomfield days of i7 920's, this was normal behavior and it was nothing to fret about if it was a difference of a few degrees during load. But on my new 4790k overclocked to 4.8 GHz, the fourth core is consistently almost 10c cooler than the rest... For example I'm running the x264 benchmark right now and my temps are 75,...
Do keep in mind that if you're hitting 85c while stress testing with IBT or Prime95, those are worst-case temperatures. You'll never get that high in real usage, even with CPU-intensive tasks. I have a similar configuration: 4790k stable at 4.8 GHz 1.28 V, on an H100i. Fantastic cooler, temps never went above about 85c. (Would have pushed for 4.9 but it failed IBT just short of 24 hours...meh)
For sale is a 2010 Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet. The product line has since been rebranded by Wacom to Intuos. Asking price: $15 shipped to US48 Details about the condition: -The surface of the tablet is heavily scratched from heavy use over a long period of time. -The pen's eraser is completely broken. -You have to press down on the pen pretty hard for the tap to register. -The tablet itself is still fully functional. Why are you selling it? I needed wireless...
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