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I'm running 125Mhz BCLK and 2333Mhz RAM CL 10 -12-12-31 2T as my 24/7 settings (4.375MHz on 4390K), Today I've tried 128.6MHz BCLK and 2400Mhz CL10 and it was perfectly stable, tested with IBT 5 runs with custom RAM (12.8GB) ~ approx 30 minutes. I used the same voltages just lowered multi from 35 to 34 for the same CPU freq OC. Motherboard is Asus RIVF and RAM is G Skill RipJawZ 2133MHz 4x4 CL9. As the result I got ~ 1GB/s more badwidth. With 2333Mhz RAM and 125 BCLK I...
Hard to tell as P5Qs are almost 10 years old now You have to try it by yourself.CHEERS..
GTX 570 was not a rebranded GTX 480.GTX 570 had 320 bit mem. interface, 1280MB VRAM and 40 ROP vs 384bit, 1536MB VRAM and 48 ROP on GTX 480.CHEERS..
GTX 1080 FE @ 2012MHz boost/ 1400MHz mem + 4930K @ 4.375GHz (125MHz BCLK) + RAM DDR3 @ 2333MHz CL10 EDIT: I ran it for the 2nd time on the same settings and I got better score, so it's not that consistent even though I've heated up the card with 1st run so boost clocks are even trough the bench. CHEERS..
You can get "regular" GTX 1080 and OC memory yourself to 11GHz, there's no 1080 that would not do 11GHz on memory, that's 1375MHz clocked VRAM (stock is 1250 = 10GHz effective).I have Founders Edition and it does 11.2GHz on VRAM easily.My recommendation is to buy cheapest option (custom cooler version) as gains in OC are very small (up to 15% max real life gain) even if you OC it pass 2.1Ghz on the core.O yeah, if you plan to OC it to the max make sure that you get 8+6...
Is there available GTX 1080 BIOS editor and flash tool, I would like to raise Power limit to 150% on my Founders edition? CHEERS..
I ran my Q9550 @ 3.85GHz (453MHz FSB) on both P5Q Pro (DDR2) and P5QC (DDR3) motherboards 24/7 rock solid P95 stable , sou you could push your Quad to ~ 440Mhz FSB w/o any major issues If you have aftermarket cooler (I had Cooler Master Hyper 212).Check out 1st page of this club and you'll find my tamplate for 450Mhz FSB on C2Q and P5Q.CHEERS
OMG as a retired P5Q Pro owner (my mobo died in OC session ) I'm really jealous CHEERS..
Review of the new Cooler Master Masterwatt Maker 1200W MIJ on jonnyguru , 999$ PSU CHEERS...
I'm glad that it worked out for you. Also visit P5Q series club for great collection of experience an knowledge for that awesome motherboard. Official ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo/PRO/Turbo Owners ClubCHEERS..
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