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Thank you for your reply.I do have the receipt and original bundle box on which SN is printed also.SN number on PSU kept falling off and it's a bit worn off but quite readable and I have attached it to the PSU case via transparent duct tape.CHEERS..
That's not the same RM unit, I recommended you RM650i which is much better than RM650.650W is a bit overkill but depends on what CPU and GPU you'll get.If you get Fury X and OC it + overclocked CPU we are talking at least about 450W draw, so havig extra 200W would not hirt and it would provide you with more silent PSU operation.If you're getting for example GTX970/980 and i7 4790K then 550W is more than enough.CHEERS..
For a single GPU setup you do not need more than 650W PSU that's included with crazy overclocks on CPU and GPU. If you wanna gao silent and modular then look for: XFX 650 XTR - full modullar Gold unit , silent , built by Seasonic EVGA 650 G2 - full modular, silent , Gold unit. Corsair RM650i - full modular, Gold, silent. CHEERS..
I have CM V1200 Platinum power supply unit and Serial number sticker keeps falling off the PSU, so I have it attached with duck tape (transparent). The s/n sticker is a little worn off but nothing serious, so I was wondering if the CM/ or the store where I originally bought it would accept to RMA the unit if it ever fails. The warranty void sticker on the screw is OK. Thanx. CHEERS..
EVGA GS 1050 is a great unit and 20$ cheaper than G2 1000 on newegg. CHEERS..
AX760 and AX860 were released on Nov/ Dec 2012 not 5 years ago.CHEERS..
You should exclude RM650 and include RM650i on the list, or maybe you're waiting for TPU review only. CHEERS..
Corsair RM1000x review: Corsair RM750x review: CHEERS..
If that OC score is GTX 980 then it seems too low for 1533MHz OC, I get that score on 1370MHz boost / 2000Mhz memory on my reference GTX980.CHEERS..
Yeah but it could ony work if your card is not totally bricked.CHEERS..
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