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DDR3 RAM cannot be used in DDR2 motherboard and vice versa. CHEERS.
Yeah but they have free health care CHEERS..
Thanx but I've already done it myself.CHEERS..
Is there a BIOS available for reference card with higher Power Limit setting? I need a BIOS with PL higher than 125%. CHEERS..
RMA: if you don't have any warranty then my friend you're very unfortunate.CHEERS..
Your graphic card is broken, probably it has broken Video memory modules.You should RMA your card and get replacement.CHEERS..
Another Seasonic G Series rebrand, OMG there must have been over 10 rebranded G Series models so far. CHEERS..
The only thing that you haven't considered was the possibility that Deluxe is better board than Hero.IMHO Deluxe is better. CHEERS..
Tu sum it up Deluxe is a great board and on pair with any ROG model, 10k vs 5k capacitors won't make any difference for you because 5k would provide more than enough service time for many, many years.I had P8Z68-V PRO/Gen3 for three years, also it had 16 Phase design (12+4), it was a breeze for OC, very stable, pushed my 2500K to 5GHz on air (1.5V) for benches w/o problem and @ 4.7GHz for 24/7 usage (1.42V),later my 3770K was @ 4.5GHz (1.20V).CHEERS..
Check out this post, it has explanation in why you cannot push above 450MHz FSB on that board with C2Quad processor.Also it has OC template and stress testing methodology.
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