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Some i7 4930K powaaaaahhhh [[SPOILER]]
Here's 4930K @ 4.2GHz in Cinebench R 11.5, it outperforms X5660 @ 4.8GHz. (score 12.61 vs 12.38) [[SPOILER]] CHEERS..
Here's my i7 4930K @ 4.2Ghz in Cinebench R15: [[SPOILER]] Maybe you can compare it to your system.BTW great thread. CHEERS..
OMG dude that is CRAP Deer PSU!!!Do not OC on it, don't even use it and change your PSU ASAP!!!EDIT: Thank God you have changed your PSU CHEERS..
He is selling it for 150 Euros, Motherboard, two Xeon E5420 and 2GB od FB-DIMM RAM.The most expensive part of this build is motherboard itself, it's pretty rare nowdays but very good (it has all overclocking options, and also with QX9775 processor you have unlocked multi).Those Xeons are pretty cheap nowdays, around 30$ a piece.CHEERS..
Since you have a Delux model you could get FSB to 470 - 480MHz but you would need to fine tune CPU GTL voltages for CPU cores.As for RAM 1600MHz is more than enough to OC your FSB , as you would probably underclock RAM anyways to around 1300MHz.Now look at this beauty, Intel Skulltrail with Two Xeon E5430 processors (12MB, 2.5GHz).My friend is selling but I have no cash as I have blown a hole in mu pocket by getting i7 4930K , Asus Rampage IV Formula and 4x4 GB 2133MHz CL9...
Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W PSU Review (XP3) ( KitGURU) CHEERS..
I have the same motherboard and I had same issue, never managed it to boot into OS on iGPU without a graphic card installed in system. I had pretty good PSU , Seasonic G550 W so I doubt that it was the issue. CHEERS..
Hey, just what you see pal.
Yes you can do it, If you have enough PCIE connectors on PSU. CHEERS..
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