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Yeah i7 5930K has 140W TDP but it's also being powered mostly trough 8-pin ATX connector(s).CHEERS..
I don't think that you have to go thick on 24-pin connector wires. ATX 24-pin connector mostly powers motherboard and RAM, so those components do not use much power , I would say 100W max. CPU itself is being powered mostly trough 8-pin ATX connector. CHEERS..
You're good, I had that PSU, very capable unit. Sadly it died on me after 18 months.CHEERS..
OP has made a mistake in 1st post, for Corsair AX860 he has put the platform pics of Corsair RM850. Other than that it's all great. CHEERS..
As seen on jonyGURU and kitGURU reviews primary bulk capacitors are two Nippon Chemi-Con , 330μF, but in my 850W unit after looking trough fan grill I see two Rubycon's , each 330μF ,MXG , 105C rated. I know that both Nippon Chemi - Con and Rubycon are Japan made capacitors and both considered as 1st class, but still is there a quality difference between them? CHEERS..
TechPowerUp review of FSP Aurum PT Series 1200W unit. CHEERS..
WOW man thanx a lot, this made a world difference!!! +rep There's no more air turbulence sound created by double set of grills of my HAF 932 case underneath PSU fan , so there's no more that annoying hair dryer sound!!!!Here's how I positioned my PSU, now it takes air from the case itself but w/o any obsticles that woud get in way of PSU fan and create turbulence sound.If I put my palm near PSU fan grill it would produce turbulence and that horrible sound that was driving...
So did turning PSU upside down really helped with fan noise, I'm open for all suggestions?CHEERS..
Yeah but I was expecting that Seasonic addressed the fan noise issue in this M12 II refresh, obviously they did not.Dunno how highly respected reviews like jonnyguru stated that this unit was not so loud, maybe they got a cherry picked units from Seasonic.CHEERS..
I knew that but I thought these newer S12 II / M12 II units are not so loud, and reviews also stated that this unit was not so loud.Well you get what you pay, just it's a shame for this unit as it's so well rounded and priced very nice for it's capacity/quality.I thought it would be more silent than my previous G550 but fortunately it's not.CHEERS..
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