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GTX Titan X used 12 memory chips 1GB capacity, GTX 980 Ti uses 6 x 1GB chips, so if it's gimped then it would be 5GB (full speed) + 1GB (slower speed).GTX 980 used 8 x 512MB chips, so on gimped GTX 970 you get 3.5GB (full speed) + 512MB (slower speed).CHEERS..
Exactly.Probably they gonna re-route 1 of 6 1GB chips which would have lower bandwidth ( just like they dud with GTX 970).CHEERS..
So we could easily end up with the same flop like GTX 970. This could easily end up like 320 + 64 bit or 352 + 32bit card with 512 or even worse 1024MB VRAM block being connected trough slow memory route. CHEERS..
That's nice OC but test it with Prime 95 Large FFT test, at least 6 hrs, it will dig out any FSB OC weakness .Deluxe is great mb and it can OC C2Q with FSB over 450MHz which is a wall for P5Q, P5Q Pro, Turbo models.Deluxe has andvanced CPU GTL options in BIOS for stabiliing high FSB on C2Quad processors.CHEERS.. Antec True Power Classic 750W , it's Gold eff. But non modular, it's rebranded G Series Seasonic unit. Pretty good unit for 80$ but can get noisy over 50% load. CHEERS..
AX860i is digital unit and has better fan profile (less noise).
Disable pagefile or set it to 15GB if you have enough space on your SSD or HDD. Game uses huge pagefile when it's enabled. CHEERS..
Thanx man, so that's nothing to worry about. CHEERS..
Quick Question: Why does my ref GTX 980 downclocks its memory to 1500MHz while folding FAH (1750MHz stock)? Core clock is OK even OC stays still but mmeory freq drops to 1500MHz. CHEERS..
I had Gigabyte GTX 780 WF3 OC card (1097MHz boost core) which is fast as stock GTX 780 Ti. Currently I have reference GTX 980 and I did some testing in Crysis 3 and BF4 with overcloked both cards: Crysis 3, 1920 x 1200, Very High, FXAA: GTX 980 @ 1360/2000MHz (OC) - .........................AVG FPS - 72 GTX 780 @ 1150/1600MHz (OC) - .................AVG FPS - 66 Overclocked GTX 980 (1360MHz boost/ 2000MHz memory) is 8% faster than overclocked GTX 780 (1150MHz...
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