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Like shilka said your PC do not use 800W of power, morem likely 400W max drawn from the PSU itself.My PC with 3770K @ 4.5Ghz and oc'd GTX780 @ 1150/1600 uses max 450W from he wall in Crysis 3. That's ~ 400W pulled from the PSU itself (calculation based on 88.7% efficiency of my PSU at 50% load)That being said you do not need 1.3kW PSU, more likely 800 - 850W unit with a good fan controller for a silent operation.I recommend EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850 W ,but if you really want...
Yes go with 550W PSU, Gold efficiency with 2x 6+2 Pin connectors for graphic cards. I would look for these (not in particular order): Seasonic G series 550W, Seasonic S12G 550W (not modular) Cooler Master V550S , Antec True power 550W (not modular and basically rebranded Seasonic S12G series). Rosewill Fortress 550W beQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 550W Kingwin LZP-550 550W (this is a Platinum efficiency unit) CHEERS..
TPU review of SS-1050XP3 unit. 2500rpm fan EDIT: Seasonic has also deleted my comment on their Facebook page regarding a noisy fan CHEERS..
I don't see how EVGA G2 850 is better than AX860.Corsair AX860 has higher efficiency (Platinum) and tighter voltage regulation (EVGA G2 - 0.82%, AX860 - 0.55% avg. voltage regulation)AX860 also has better Transient Response Tests and G2 850 has slightly better ripple. G2 850 might be cheaper but certainly is not better unit than AX860.CHEERS..
A Corsair HX1000i is very efficient at low loads, over 87% at 10% load, it cannot get much better than that , not even going with a 850W PSU for example. Also a Corsair HX1000i has fan-less mode up to load of 40% and at 60% load fan spins at only 540 rpm, and produces very low noise of 24 dBA. Also efficiency of HX1000i at 60% load is very high, over 93%. For example if OP has ended up with Corsair AX860, at...
Your PSU is fine, if you would not overclock your GPUs further. A R9 290 pulls ~ 240W average, 4820K pulls ~ 150W (with motherboard and RAM). So at the end you would end up with total of 630 - 650W and with over 100W to spare. CHEERS..
Yes I'm quite aware that power draw ftw is not equal to power draw from the PSU itself.My PSU has ~ 88% efficiency at 50% load (M12 II 850 EVO), and it's quite efficient for a Bronze labeled unit. (based on TPU review of rebrand unit Antec High Current Gamer Modular 850 W) my PC pulls ~ 390W from the pSU itself, add another 200W for GTX 780 and at least extra 50W for i7 4930K and extra 40GB of RAM that OP has , you...
Well my PC with 3770K @ 4.5Ghz (1.2V) and GTX 780 @ 1150/1600 (1.15V stock) pulls ~ 440W from the wall in Crysis 3.His PC has i7 4930K and two GTX 780, so he must be pulling at least 650W from the wall.So I would not agree that a 1kW PSU is a massive overkill for GTX 780 SLI system with i7 4930K processor, especially if user wants as silent as possible PSU operation.CHEERS..
Also Thermaltake SMART 730 (both modular and non-modular units) are HEC based, also highly not recommended. Thermaltake SMART 750 models are CWT based, much better option. CHEERS..
That's wrong on so many levels. Here's 2500K @ 4.7GHz (1.42V) and two Asus HD7950 DC2 TOP in CrossFire on a Seasonic G 550W psu while playing Crysis 3.Peak power draw from the wall was 500W , that's only 450W from the PSU itself. (90% typical efficiency fo GOLD rated PSU).CHEERS..
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