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I'm glad that it worked out for you. Also visit P5Q series club for great collection of experience an knowledge for that awesome motherboard. Official ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo/PRO/Turbo Owners ClubCHEERS..
Set:CPU ratio- 8 (for 3.2GHz on CPU)FSB - 400Dram freq - 800MHzTimings: 5-5-5-15FSB voltage - 1.20VNB voltage - 1.30VRest leave @ auto.CHEERS..
Time flies, I was pretty much active in the first couple years, lately I'm just surfing the forums to keep up with updates I sold my GTX 980 approx. 10 months ago and since then I'm on 8400 GS 256MB , but I'm planning on getting some GPU powaaaah back with GTX 1070 CHEERS..
This morning I noticed that I've joined this awesome community exactly 6 years ago. I check out the forums every day, even though I'm not that active member. CHEERS..
Unfortunately yes, that CPU would be a major bottleneck for GTX 1060.I believe that a GTX660 or HD7870 would be absolute max for that CPU, and still you would get bottleneck in certain games.So if you're planing to upgrade your GPU , make sure that you upgrade your CPU/MOBO/RAM first to Intel i5 minimum, I would recommend i5 6600K and DDR4 RAM.CHEERS..
Still love this place CHEERS..
I've managed to hit 780Mhz stable, but due cooling limit I couldn't get any higher. As for RBE I really cant remember what was the catch with BIOS editing, I assume there was something, but I had that card back in early 2009 so I do not remember. Try cleaning with Driver Sweeper and reinstalling drivers after BIOS update. Here's my modded F2 BIOS for Gigabyte HD4850 512MB GDDR3 card, GPU is @ 700MHz, 1.158V 3D mode. It worked for me,...
I had the same card, this is a pencil mod for vGPU. I've unlocked GPU freq with Radeon bios editor. CHEERS..
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