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The program never starts , just crash log. CHEERS..
Doesn't work, Win 7 64 bit. CHEERS..
CM V1000 i sthe best PSU of those three listed, then on 2nd place is HX 1000i.CHEERS..
I had SS 850W Evo , few days ago I've upgraded to CM V1200, and I can tell you that 850W Evo is a great PSU , high qulity built but it's VERY LOUD. CHEERS..
Is it normal for V1200 to make a sincle click sound when I turn on or shut down my PC. There's no clicking when PC is running or when it's powered off. CHEERS..
I recently upgraded my SS 850W Evo to CM V1200 Platinum. System under gaming load pulls 400W from the wall, that's ~ 370W from the PSU itself. I would say pretty good overkill for a V1200? CHEERS..
TechPowerUp review of Asus Strix Fury: CHEERS..
Kitguru Sapphire Tri-X Fury review is up: CHEERS..
And I remember bashing GTX 480 for 280W power draw in 2010, now in 2015 gpu's hit 350W AMD are insane, first with FX9590 220W TDP processor and now this nuclear reactor. CHEERS..
I wonder if AMD does the same with TPU, as they gave "only" 8.0 rating on MSI R9 390X 8GB Gaming card. That GPU core called Hawaii, melting like reactor core of Chernobyl NPP For the record TPU gave 9.9 to MSI GTX 970 Gaming and GTX 980 Gaming. CHEERS..
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