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Try seting NB voltage to 1.30V and also if you're running 333MHz FSB then set RAM @ 667MHz (to have 1:1 RAM to FSB ratio). CHEERS..
Your system was always in 2.0 PCIE mode, with both 390X and 980Ti, doesn't matter what you think you saw in GPU-Z (GPU-Z like all software monitoring programs is not 100% accurate). Once I saw in GPU-Z my GTX480 gpu running at over 1.5GHz it was a bug , also with numerous CPUs I had processor speed at like 7GHz i CPU-Z etc. PCIE controller is in CPU, therefore in your 2700K, and that processor has 2.0 PCIE controller, end of the story, it cannot run @ 3.0 no matter what...
I'm just being helpful, sorry if that is disappointing you.Simply you can't "turn on" option that your 2700K processor DOES NOT HAVE, motherboard is not your problem there.2700K only has 2.0 PCIE controller, no "bypass" can help about that.Look at 2700K specs and you'll see that it has only 2.0 PCIE support, scroll down to expansion options. 3770K and you'll have 3.0 PCIE enabled...
Your P8Z68 Deluxe Gen 3 is already a 3.0 PCIE motherboard (gen 3 stands for 3.0 PCIE support), but the problem is that your i7 2700K supports only 2.0 PCIE.So modding a BIOS would not do anything as your current BIOS supports 3.0. It automatically changes from 2.0 to 3.0 depending on your GPU PCIE type or CPU.The PCIE controller is built in CPU not in motherboard's chipset, so 2700K has 2.0 PCIE controller built in and no BIOS hack or motherboard swap will change it.To get...
Hey ocman what's up man? Since I haven't been gaming much in the past year I've sold my GTX 980 so now I'm on 8400GS Happy New year and many great upgrades in upcoming 2016. CHEERS..
Wow I noticed that I forgot my 5 year OCN anniversary Even I'm not that much active member as I used to be , there isn't a day that goes by that I don't even once check out what's poppin' @ OCN CHEERS..
400MHy FSB is not overclock for P45 chipset based P5Q motherboards as they are officially rated at that speed.But yeah with QX CPU you can raise multi and therefore reach targeted freq.CHEERS..
I miss my old P5Q Pro which died due blown VRM mosfet in OC session w/ Q9550. I still have it, maybe I'll take look into it and trie to disable (remove) blown mosfet and maybe to start it up with 7 phases for CPU (if nothing else is broken). Now I have 4930K X79 but it's no fun. Good luck man. CHEERS..
It should run it just fine, maybe you'll need to adjust manually FSB freq to 400MHz and RAM speed to 800MHz in the BIOS to run QX9770 at it's rated speed 3.2GHz (400MHz FSB x 8 multiplier).Also I would set NB voltage @ 1.3V (because of 8GB RAM and FSB 400MHz) and FSB Termination voltage to 1.26V just to be stable.CHEERS..
After updating my Win 10 Pro 64 it now takes up to 60 sec to log in after i enter my pass, it boots quickly like before but logs in very slowly. Any thoughts? CHEERS..
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