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After updating my Win 10 Pro 64 it now takes up to 60 sec to log in after i enter my pass, it boots quickly like before but logs in very slowly. Any thoughts? CHEERS..
All info you'll ever need for OCing 3820, feel free to ask in this thread. CHEERS..
P2 1200 Evga or SuperFlower Leadex platinum 1200 are noisy under high load but great units. Do not get Seasonic X series or Platinum, it has very aggressive fan profile and loud fan. Also Cooler Master V1200 Platinum is a great PSU , pretty silent and internally and it has 135mm FDB fan (SeaSonic X or Platinum units have 120mm ball bearing fan.) CHEERS.. Look no further, 650W is more than enough. CHEERS..
Super Flower Leadex PSUs are more silent then their EVGA G2/ P2 rebrands. SF has better fan profile and better FDB fan. But every EVGA G2 / P2 PSU will be dead silent while watching movies. I have Cooler Master V1200 Platinum, its a big overkill for my PC which pulls max 400W from the wall (370W from the PSU). This unit has hybrid semi passive fan mode at which fan is OFF even when I'm heavy gaming. Even when I turn off Hybrid profile PSU fan never goes above 700 rpm...
Every PSU has 3.3V , 5V and 12V rails so does M12 II 750. I had 850 M12II Evo it's good unit but noisy. 750W would be more than enough for SLI GTX970. CHEERS..
R9 380 uses approx. 200W @ full LOAD, with 36A on 12V rail (432W) you can easily use it with your current PSU. You can even overclock your GPU no problems at all. CHEERS..
You can easily use Molex to SATA power chains, they work very well. These PSUs would line up from the best: EVGA G2 650 / 550 Corsair RMi 650 and RMx 650 (both identical, RMi has Corsair Link gimmick) there are also 550W models XFX XTR 650 / 550 EVGA GS and Antec Edge CHEERS..
Thank you for your kind advice CHEERS..
XFX 650 XTR / 550XTR EVGA G2 650 / G2 550 Evga Supernova GS 650 / 550 Corsair RMi 650 Antec Edge 650 / 550 Whichever is cheapest of these would be fine. CHEERS..
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