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[Unrelated]Whens your next mix coming dude? I cant wait! Its also my b-day soon (May 13th) so if you could do 1 for may it would be great Edit: dear god im blind, sorry xD3minutes in and i already adore it
yeah i know mate, directX error :/
alot more cleaner than my rig's desktop lol
:'( I cant even play NFS:MW what kind of $|-||T is that?
Justcause2.exe has stopped working? what about if i use some shader emulation?
im going to test it now, heres goes 4.81GB for network transfering xD
is it playable even on the lowest settings on my little netbook? I love this game to hell and would love to be able to play it on my netbook.
A system of that spec running xp?I love you.
How much? Brilliant case.
LOL i would sig this, but urmm my sigs getting abit long, but damn this is lulz
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