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So it's a massive socket that you just throw what you want on it? I need that.
How 'bout VA? They do suffer of black crushing but apparently on newer panels it's almost a non-issue and response time is generally better. Otherwise, unless you do hardcore competitive gaming I'd say grab a good IPS.
Give a look at the Rajintek Styx. All out of aluminium, can fit a monster GPU if you use a short PSU and space for a 240 rad on top. Just make sure everything fits, it's a funky layout.
Ahem...Please ignore the fact that it never went into full production
1. Would you keep a Creative H5 T.E. analog headset They look like yet another reprand of the good-ol Takstar. Not bad by any means, but they can easily be outmatched. Now here's the catch: in the 75$ range, for both mic and headphone it's gonna be tight, so tight that I'd say keep the SoundBlasters while you can save up for something better. If you really want to switch, here's what I would say: For the Mic: Samson GoMic - 40$ Headphones: Panasonic HTF-600 - 35$ /...
Meh, wished they'd stay with the old L4D-style gameplay instead of going on the battle-royale hypetrain. The genre is already getting bloated up, where are the pure coop games?
Honestly the 6 core is wasted these days, so much games optimized for 4 core and weren't touching the other 2, plus the lack of SSE 4.1 (yea, a lot of game comes with them baked in nowaday) you'll end up with better performance with the Kaveri anyway.
Yea, to be honest you'll want all the juice out of the CPU, another thing could be to have a single-card OC at hand in case you stumble upon a game that doesn't support cfx.
Doesn't seem to toutch colors, but you get some overshot.
I can confirm, as the game use only 4 cores, it was a total slideshow on my old 1090t, switching to a i5 2500 I had lying around gave me a boost to 50fps (had around 15fps on my phenom). Still sad that in 2017 we still can't get decent support for anything with more than 4 cores...
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