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I'd like to belive but...I'll wait until a credible source pops out. Seriously, OCN should have a filter that places every WCCF news in rumors .
Put an analog stick in the middle?
I know the feeling...except that it's more of a modding addiction, I'm down to 6 mice and 7 headphones, all of them with the warranty void under 24h of purchase .
Game's still going to be a blast. If it can help them get more money, then go for it.
I had one of those cheap PTFE pads for a while and they are awesome...if your mouse works with it. My Salmosa (infrared) doesn't track at all on my pad while my mx310 (red led optical) and Microsoft Sidewinder(bluetrack) worked flawlessly. I haven't tried anything laser since I own none. On the other hand, it was a really cheaply textured glossy pad. Maybe infrared mice doesn't like glossy surfaces.
Dem cards... it's so tempting to dump my r270x and get one3 of those... Saw that some people finally bypassed the power limit on >9xx serie, how much of a difference does it do on OCing? if it's WCing worthy, I may as well grab a 970 or two.
Don't blame the devs because some journalists thought having "CoD" in the title would make a nice headline to get more hits. The only thing they said remotely close isOnce again, OCN falls to shoddy journalism.
I used to game with a trackball exclusively for 6 years, a good old Logitech Marblemouse. People thought I was crazy when they saw me at a lan party with that and an IBM Model M. I ended up being called "that guy with all the balls". Only reason I switched was that every ones on the market had abysmal sensors and/or shape, I'd hit negative acceleration way too often in games but yea, if anyone would make a decent one I'd jump on it and buy 3 of em just in case.I'm actually...
It's usually only there to protect the glossy plastic during transport, don't worry about it it won't damage anything if you gently scrape it off. Nearly every glossy plastic products has a plastic film on it when new.
I'd say get her a Xonar DG(X) along with a comfy cans (ATH-A500 could be a good start). I'll leave the headphone-tryouts part for the others, as a man who mods everything he sees is never to be a sane reference . Or, if you want my advice, you can get a pair of A900 used for 100$, get some pleather pads A1000 style and mod the heck out of them and have some quite stellar cans. As for the mic, Simca FTW .If you follow the A900 suggestion, beware of the A900X, I had a pair...
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