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It falls under the science category, so nope.
We are talking about an indie studio that has been probably working on this for at least 3 years... I doubt scraping the whole thing for UE4 is a viable option.
I've been playing since release, can't wait for the 2nd.But yea...most of the time either people love it or absolutely hate it. I'm a sucker for raw feeling games especially when the shooting is responsive and simple.
Alright, I've had enough of them. Every time I try to connect at work and even sometime on my home PC, I keep getting that darn message to give them my phone number so they can send a verification code. Thing is, I don't have a cellphone and I don't want my home number linked to my account. Any way to disable that once and for all before I call it quit and move to Gmail?
I heard good things about Yamaha's PRO serie, other than that I seem to recall seeing some velour pads for the momentum a while ago. Could be worth a try.
Welcome to Canada That's 30$ a month . Just updating a game can take 3h.
Don't forget to edit fsgame.ltx with notepad. You have to switch the lineCode:$game_data$ = true| false| $fs_root$| gamedata\toCode:$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\in order to load the mods.
Durante, the guy behind DSfix, got it running under a day since he already knew of to do. We are speaking of a developer with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE at making PC games. For them it was nearly gambling since for a lot of these devs the PC market is never considered. They gave us a chance, people bought the game. Yes, they could have asked modders to implement DSfix's solution straight in the game, but they were already making DS2 and couldn't afford splitting the team....
The idea they are going for is mostly to have one single charging standard for all phone. It can be recharged in any way you could think/make, but it must have a mUSB port able to power the device (basically).
Nice seeing some variety, but still those switch will not live up that long...Cherry usually list the minimum lifespan of the switch but last far longer than those 20 000 clicks, I highly doubt those knockoff will see past 10 000. Razer loves to play with numbers and give an illusion of quality, and Synapse is a joke. Want to use your additional mice buttons? Too bad if your game is not supported by Synapse, those 8 buttons on your Naga won't even be able to be manually...
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