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Just droping a note in here: I believe it's the same stuff as Dynaflo's Liquid Armor that Staples used to sell (it was Hipstreet branded tho) since they both have 9H hardiness. It "work", but it depends a lot on the screen type. Softer plastics will just bend cleanly under the coating while harder ones won't have a scratch. It works, but it needs to cure a good 12h before buffing (yea, buffing. Takes 10min to clean the darn excess off the screen).
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, it really depends on the board/panel. My trusty ol' Acer H236HL is chugging at 70hz pretty nicely. Most of the time you only have to make a custom resolution and it goes right on. Biggest trouble I had was getting the right frequency, your monitor is not always straight-on 70hz. Mine had to be set at 70,0001723187207 hz @ CVT-Reduced to work. Once you get it right, go in your display settings and set desktop refresh to your new resolution's...
Thing is, most of these watches have abysmal battery life and try to do too much, ending up costing 500$... Pebble are the only ones doing it right.
Probably another cryptic "need around twelve different factors to at least install" kind of virus, so it may be more relative to really old and unsuported devices.
I'd domesticate it and raise an army
TREAD UPDATE: We're apparently going to make a frankenstein AIO out of 2 120mm units, more pleasure to ensue.
sadly, we don't have spare DDR4 laying around...and I forgot to mention Canada, so everything is 30% more expensive.
Me and a pal are bored to death these days and are planning to buy something and overclock it to doomsday. Currently looking at those AM1 cpu with the only ITX OC'able board, whole thing comes at 100$ but... I'm afraid we won't be able to push it until smoke comes out. Any idea for a cheap board/cpu combo that could be used for such "entertainment"?
It means after the people who preordered BF3, it's time for BF4 premium people to feel the broomhandle Keep in mind, you'll have the dlc but won't be able to join premium only servers.
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