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It means after the people who preordered BF3, it's time for BF4 premium people to feel the broomhandle Keep in mind, you'll have the dlc but won't be able to join premium only servers.
I just hope they rework Soul Memory and 60fps weapon durability.
Meanwhile in Canada, a 380 costs 300$ .
Yea finally got to make everything running and damn, Arch is blazing fast! No lag on 720p, but 1080p still has a few hickup and framerate feels low. AMD drivers are updated, gave more cache to chrome...any idea if there's something else I can try to give it a boost?
My only real gripe with Arch is installing a .deb or .rpm is really unintuitive, I can't believe you still have to tarball ,which never works for me...
Did activate the proprietary ones, heck they are the 1st thing I did after install.
Greetings! I'm trying to make something worthwhile out of a cheap Acer v5-123 I bought (E1 cpu, 2GB DDR3, 256 GB SSD) and I'm hitting a wall. My goal is: - Smooth 1080p playback, I'd like to make a small portable streamer for steam/movies, - Editing PDF's without the whole thing lagging like crazy - Decent interface and ease of use, some people who aren't tech savvy may have to use it I tried running straight Windows 10, but the CPU is really getting hammered and just...
Beyers are pillows, I'd ditch my real pillow and just sleep on these.
Request has been sent.
If you can live without them for a while, Massdrop are selling some Beyers DT990 for 200$. These are the 600 Ohm version, so you may have to get an amp for them. EDIT: Or, if you're not affraid to mod a bit, you can score some used ATH-A900 and tweak them pretty good. They usually go for 100$ on Head-Fi.
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