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It seems the game's download links are down, anyone know if it's still uploaded somewhere?
I'm jelly of his build, but he's jelly of my 290's, so we're even.
Knowing him, I'm pretty sure the 1st thing he'll do will be OC dat chip trough da hood. Overkill at it's finest.
Is that a placeholder screen? For a 144hz panel it's got some apparent ghosting even in the picture...(look at the truck on the left)
Your headphone won't do it any justice. You'd be better with a better pair of headphones, a dac and an amp. This DAC is for those who already got insane headphones/speakers.
Yea, the story was good, but the gameplay was really atrocious. Combat was simply "Mash the good button 1st then just make that one combo & repeat", It just felt like a massive mini-game. That day I swore to never buy a game without checking videos first and thrashed the game.
Dark Messiah Might and Magic - Loved it, but it's from waaay back when they didn't murder everything they touches... I don't want them to ruin the serie.DMC3 - They literally broom-shafted the entire fanbase with DmC... I still cry sometimes.Far Cry 2 - Played 2 hours and uninstalled. Problem wasn't the lack of quicktravel but more the lack of variety and everything they put to slow down progression (ridiculous weapon wear constant need for malaria meds, outposts...
I personally use Bitdefender Free, it's lightweight, doesn't bother you all the time with ads and is really aggressive. Paired with Malwarebytes, nothing managed to get in the computer in 5 years.
I wouldn't even call that snooping, it's just a program scanning files to detect hacks by signature, not really different from an AV that's scanning for virus.
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