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Hmm, weird, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game after removing all C++ libraries again, then I opened it and got a CUDA error, but the game started anyway.
Tried all of this, no luck.Uninstalled all C++ libraries, then went into the prerequisites directory in the game folder and ran the 64 bit distribution of C++ 2008 that it requires. Ran that directx file you linked and it says my version is current or newer
I wanted to play some Borderlands to kill some time and I get a really bizarre error message. The game worked fine on 335.21. I recently upgraded to 335.23 and now I have this issue... Is there any sort of quick fix I can try? Legacy PhysX maybe? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but still get the exact same errors See below Edit: I should mention I am trying to run this game on a GT555m with Optimus switching and it exhibits the same problem on Intel HD 3000
in for day 15 after a hiatus
Wellllllll. Kinda funny you said that considering that I found an Open Box clearance Recon and Hydra at my MicroCenter and grabbed the Recon, this was a few hours before you had responded. I may take it back but I am not so sure. It seems to perform just fine for what I need, I only run my fans at 900 rpm. But at the same time, I don't feel very motivated to put the temp probes anywhere....
The "proper" fan controller for these fans is none other than the BitFenix Recon, which is freaking $50, proprietary crap at it's finest....Not sure what you mean by a relay, all I really wanted was the ability to turn the LEDs on and off, what I expected these fans to be able to do with the stock controller.Rewiring the LEDs is not exactly a straight up job either...
Wellllll. I certainly screwed up today. I ordered the Spectre Pro Red/White LED fans for my computer because of "on the fly light switching", unbenounced to me, the LED voltage is supplied through the 3 pin connector and the LED power wire is just a cable that completes a circuit. Not only can I not modify the connectors to work with the LED connectors on the controller without melting the fan and controller, I cannot use the fan controller otherwise I get a flashing LED...
SP 120s kick butt!!
In for 4/7
In if i didnt get ninja'd
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