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Good thing water blocks make everything more complicated. Only thing that stopped me from shiny new stuff
Shadowplay SLI Performance bug is finally fixed. Jeezus that took long.
SourceDriverRelease Notes PDFFinally, new drivers.
I've got to admit, those are some nice balls.
You must not know Amazon,
When is probably simple. When AMD is ready and decides to drop their own stuff that beats these new cards.
Yeah, same here. Great purchases considering how long I've enjoyed them with nothing really worthwhile to replace them with.
I see. I thought you may have not known about the option. I use it in games all the time and it works there, but your situation is different. Perhaps 3dsmax calls on another exe file to do the rendering? Maybe that's what you have to either change or create a profile for within the drivers.Can't say I've ever had the icons rearrange on me issue. Though my 2nd monitor is plugged into my Intel HD
Can you not edit the program settings within nvCP to disable SLI when the app is in use?
Bless you souls still on the 400 series. A jump to this or whatever amd/nvidia have up next is going to be amazing for you guys.I felt disgusted with what I got for my gang of 290x's.
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