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So there's no one setting that's native? As long as its multiples of 200 its native?
Have you installed EVGA Precision X recently? There was a recent issue where it overwrote a few fonts when installed.
So it looks like I'll be receiving my replacement on Friday. May the pixel gods bless me with a perfect panel. EAML*** serial if that means anything.
Are any of your monitors running over 120hz on the desktop? If so try limiting them to 120 on desktop but in the driver settings set them to use highest available when in 3D. A few of us had the issue in the Asus Swift thread.
Yeah, just read the 344.75 article over at"In this initial release of MFAA we support the following games on single-GPU GTX 900-Series desktop and notebook systems, with additional support for further games and configurations planned for future drivers:"
Probably one of those we'll add the feature to SLI later deals.
Try disabling SLI if you have it enabled. I wouldn't be surprised if that resolves
Not surprising.
Heads up, the Micro Center in NJ has one in stock.
So Asus finally starts to process my advanced RMA but something is strange. They place a hold on my card for $1150 instead of the Swift's $800 I was expecting. I call in to see if this is normal and the customer service rep tells me that they may have upgraded me to a different monitor due to stock not being available. She also mentions that this wouldn't be done without an approval from me which they never received. She couldn't immediately provide me with what they...
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