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How about that cross platform play,
Nothing, because it hit the market at $550. The $400 290 was another story though, Shadowplay SLI, YesTwitch in SLI, Yes
I don't see this being released any time soon, they'll most likely release it near Evo 2016. With that said who plays USFIV competitively here on PC? If so shoot me your steam username!
How the heck do you get a performance menu to show up in NCP?
Everything is a blur when you change from windows dpi default setting. I'm guessing Google needs to fix that,
Wish Microsoft would get on the ball and fix DPI scaling on 4K. got the email about these sales, just purchased Metal Gear Rising for $5, Surprised I didn't have to use a proxy as the last time I shopped on nuuvem I had to.
In, can't wait to wreck one of you.
A whole 3% faster, wow.
They got me for Evil Within, 66% off, couldn't resist
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