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So it isn't fixed yet SMH.@ManuelG_at_NVIDIAWhen can we expect a driver which has a fix?
Very nice! Good to see one of my favorites get a boost. Has anyone tried Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon?
I can but I've waited since November for an SLI performance bug fix for Shadowplay. ManuelG recently stated that the next major branch update would fix it which might be this driver.
Hope it leaks.
I'd need HBO GO support before I made the jump from Roku. They also seem to be false advertising the ability to watch Game of Thrones abeit may be via Plex or similar app. [[SPOILER]]
If at the time you were lucky enough to had been invited to the beta. If I had been I'd have never purchased it.
Pretty much why I sold mine.
"The addition lets players use the Shield's physical buttons for touch-based games on the Google Play store." The Shield has always had that feature.
Because it has a Z.
Yes, that's it. I'm assuming for pilots you'd want a direct shot vs grunts which can be killed by the arc jumping from one to the other? Unfortunately I'm G2 and have yet to get my particle shield and multi target missles back, my accessories of choice, I find the gun a lot of fun to use with the Stryder.
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