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Sorry but why are people saying this is a hacked driver? No one went into the driver and coded it so that DSR works on fermi/kepler. They've officially stated it would be enabled for Kepler and it will most likely be a feature in the next desktop drivers since these notebook drivers have it now.
It could most likely be a setting in your UEFI you have to edit. On Asus boards the setting is called "Asus Multicore Enhancement". This enabled allows for all cores to run at the speeds set instead of Intel's default which downclocks per the amount of cores used. A better explanation can be found here,
Interesting, I was just reading a thread over on the Nvidia forums in regards to physx performance on 7 vs 8.1. Not sure if that's the issue some are having but I guess its a possibility. Just to clarify my results are from Windows 7.
Wow, no wonder one day my fonts on Chrome were extra bold and weird. I thought it was some sort of Chrome update.
I rarely drop under 90 fps and am most of the time hovering over 110+. I do have an SLI rig and dedicated physx card though. My settings are 1440P, SMAA injector, FXAA disabled, DOF off, FOV 94. "Allow Texture Pop In Disabled"(not sure if this is what its called), everything else at max it can go. I find it harder to level up in this game, I'm about 6 hours in now and am at level 10, still am limited to equipping two guns at a time, feels like I was able to equip 4...
Same, and I was really looking forward to Far Cry 4 too. Not anymore though,
And my cheap Moto G screams, "One more year!".
Might be my next tablet. My son dropped the iPad and it now sports a cracked screen. He can keep it now.
This game is crack. That's all I got to say.
Compare the the score vs previous drivers. Not sure if it affects Titans but it should. Its a 1000 point diff give or take on 780s.
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