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So blew some cash on some EK Gear for my FE. Just waiting on radiators before I throw my mITX under water which I promised myself I wouldn't do again.
Not sure if this was posted yet in this thread but it has me dying.
Thanks for the suggestion but I don't believe an Extreme AMP would fit in my case due to the 2.5 slot cooler. (NZXT Phantom).So what is everyone using nowadays to manage these cards? MSI AB? EVGA PX? or something else?
Purchased an open boxed Zotac FE this weekend and am thinking I should have went with a custom design like the Zotac AMP edition which is only $10 more.
Seriously..same lol
I have my PC plugged into one for over a year. I've haven't had to get under my table for some time now so never bothered to remove it. All is still good.
Seen this on reddit and thought I'd share it here. I wasn't aware how much they test these things before shipping. Hope you guys find this video interesting.
Glad I parted out my rig months ago. Since all I do is browse the web nowadays and do school work I'll be running my 780 until the PCIE slot falls off.
So I have a NZXT Manta build which I'd like to put under water. Looking to purchase a small pump/reservoir combo that would fit into the case. Thanks.
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