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Called Acer to change my shipping from overnight to ground. They said they would refund me the difference but still ship it overnight.
Yes sir!
Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people.
How quick are EKWB with shipping orders out to the US? I've never ordered directly from them.
Guess I'll be calling Acer to change shipping method back to Ground. Only reason I did the overnight was so that I could hopefully get it before the weekend. I'll keep my order open with them until I have another avenue.
That reverse physiology tech... I shall not fall for it.
Same here.
Weird thing is they state they don't charge until they ship but my card was charged though pending. Not sure if it's just to make sure the funds are available or not.
Just got an email from Acer stating my order is on backorder. Oh well.
Same, based Amex FTW.
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