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Too small for my eyes but I see the spikes. I'll have to retest when I get home. Makes me feel good about purchasing the Intel overclock protection plan. Going to see how much voltage I need for 4.8 and beyond and set it without a care in the world.
I always leave HWINFO64 running in the background when I do stress tests for that exact reason but if the voltages need to be monitored by external hardware to see the spike then I'll never see it. I was under the impression people were seeing these spikes with software monitoring.
Not sure where these +.10 avx adaptive vcore claims are coming from. I have my voltage set to 1.31 with adaptive and when running Prime95 28.5 blend tests and x264 stress test loops which utilize AVX my voltage has never recorded being over 1.4, however it does spike up to 1.33-1.34 which I'm not too concerned about.
Too much waiting, my interest is somewhat lost. I wish more companies released products like Apple. Announcement one week, available for preorder same day, in your hands the next week.
When I had the Shield it worked great over my stock Verizon Fios router. However they do recommend dual band routers / 5.0 ghz.
I believe there was a way to get the original Shield to work out of local network. I'm imaging it would be the same thing here but like already stated, would probably be poo. Games off the Grid would probably be better. I was surprised of how well those played.
Excuse me as I'm not up on the tablet times but is there any tablet out with the feature set of this device at the $299 price? May be time for me to give the iPad & iTunes the boot. I'll wait for some battery life numbers though.
He threw it all out in the open and now wants people to just drop it.
I'm sure we have a few in the top 20.
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