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Thanks for that, by any chance is this with the titled drivers?If so,@ManuelG_at_NVIDIAThe fix, when?
Seems about right. When Shadowplay initially came out that difference in SLI performance was negligible with it enabled as it is today with single gpus. They screwed something up after I believe 331.50. Looks like you're gaming at 1080p correct?
Have mine in hand, and have to say its a kick ass tablet. Now unless emulators start to utilize the K1 I can care less about gaming on the thing. I for one am glad they kept the controller separate.
It gets noticeably worse at resolutions over 1080p. Gaming @ 1440p its been unusable for me since November 2013, smh. Then they say they've found the culprit in the drivers months ago and here we still are without a fix. (haven't tested this release yet)
Have you ran game benchmarks with it on and off with recent drivers?
I'd like to know as well. I usually never install these type of applications due to thinking they are just unnecessary bloatware.
Yeah, the stress test part of the program seems to be intended for overall system stability tests. In the benchmark side of the program you can disable those tests that touch the GPU but you can't loop it. Hopefully Asus takes note and gives us the same options for the stress tests side of the app since I'm a fan.
I wish you could set the stress test to only use CPU/Mem based utilities. Hate having my GPUs in the mix when just wanting to figure out if my cpu overclocks are stable.
It would with an unlocked bios and overclocked to the moon
Now I can doodle while I dookie.
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