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Would you happen to know the thickness?
So via Ebay I found a 3D Printing Service who will be making my window panel brackets and 2 fan holders for $35 shipped.
Good to hear you got the top popped off with no issues. I remember delidding my 3770K with a razor blade.
Username: wholeeo CPU Model: i7-7700K Base Clock: 100. Core Multiplier: 52 Core Frequency: 5200 Cache Frequency: 4800 Vcore in UEFI: 1.385 Vcore: 1.395 FCLK: 1000 Cooling Solution: Delidded / Watercooling Stability Test: Realbench 2.54 8 Hours Stress Test Batch Number: Malaysia L639G010 Ram Speed: 3600 18-18-18-38 CR2 Ram Voltage: 1.43 VCCIO: 1.169 VCCSA: 1.277 Motherboard: Asus Z270G Strix LLC Setting: 7 Misc Comments: No AVX Offset utilized.
Pigeon poop might be a good thermal conductor. Didn't mean to offend the board.
I'm very aware, take a look at my signature. I've been delidding these things since the 3770K.
I was indeed talking about the mainstream part.
Thank you AMD. Maybe next they'll start using solder again instead of pigeon poop between the die and ihs.
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