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I prob won't notice a difference, Killing Floor 2 rarely drops below 144 for me. That's with everything maxed at 1440.
Wasn't daring at all being that between the two boards past bios's hashes matched. What I gained was a bit of disgust for Asus. More than that will be figured out this weekend when I actually have time to play around with this thing.
I went ahead and flashed the original Deluxe's 1901 bios on my USB 3.1 version and it works perfectly.
My all time favorite RTS. Spent so many hours playing this game.
Thank you sir.
I'm still tweaking my system day to day. Would be nice to test out a new bios, with some luck it may help improve my current max stable mem clocks, etc.
Except my board seems to be the same exact board as the original X99 Deluxe and there's no update yet for it. (USB 3.1 card version) I was asking if both are the same exact thing hardware wise except for one including the USB 3.1 card. If so I could probably flash the 1901 available for the original Deluxe.
I was referring to my question/post. Winterfell USA here.
Speak for yourself, worked perfectly with me and my friends last night. I'm liking the overlay and how sleek it is. Shame Shadowplay adds like a frame of input lag which can be felt in Street Fighter when I try to do my 1 frame links. It may be because I run it in Borderless Windowed Full screen mode. I have to change my timing up a bit, Other games however it can't be felt.
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