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All reference since they'll be under water tomorrow, 2 SC's and 2 regulars. I have to choose the cream of the crop.
I have 4 Ti's in my possession, which to keep.
^Got to love EVGA.
Just what this place needs, another speculation thread.
The 980 SC Ti, Reference Cooler. They must have started packaging them together recently because I purchased the same type of cards two or so weeks ago and the coupon wasn't included.
Yup, HX1000i
Yeah, I could also buy one and sell my current unit. There would be very little out of pocket costs afterwards.
So my 980 Ti's came with 50% off coupons for pretty much any EVGA PSU. I surely don't need a new PSU but damn, 50% off is hard to pass up on.
Ughhhh, purchased my waterblocks and plates yesterday.
I recently upgraded my rig and have a EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX for sale which has an XSPC Razor Waterblock and backplate installed. The original packaging and cooler will also be included. This card is a great clocker. I've completed Valley and Firestrike runs at 1475 core / 700+ on the memory, under water and voltage unlocked of course. The card has skyn3t's bios flashed onto it and if need be I can provide the original bios for it. I am asking for $280 shipped. Card...
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