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Do any of these drives exhibit Samsung's performance degrading issues?
Same thing I want to do to my 900Ds window. All this money invested into my system and I can barely see it. Lol
Yup, I've used mine every single day for nearly a year now and have had no issues. The latest OTA that got released today has given it a noticeable boost too. Because Tegra Soc = defective battery.
The slightly higher timings isn't a factor? 15-15-15 vs 15-17-17, Thanks.
Thanks, should I pay the extra $5 for the 15-17-17 2666 mhz kit or stick to the lower timing 2400 kit?
You know damn well I'm going to try.
Why not post a picture of the tablet instead of the shield portable. Looks like I'll be getting a replacement. They are also letting you keep the old one though they are disabling it remotely once the new one is turned on. A nice paperweight.
Anyone know anything about the following kit? They have Samsung IC's and are rated 2666 15-16-16-35. I'm currently just running them at stock speeds but would like to know what to expect from them. Honestly I'm not liking their appearance and they may go back in exchange for the following kit,
Nope, my personal rig.
Does anyone else have this under Windows Update, advanced options? "Some settings are managed by your organization."
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