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290x Lightnings are calling me, must stay away.
Almost purchased this case again the other day during an Amazon sale. They had it up for $53. No need for it but would have been nice to have it just in case for that price.
I had the issue and posted about it in this thread. No way was I going to put up with it so I RMA'd it. Replacement monitor is perfect to me.
I've tested this, see sig for details. It's only gotten better since I switched from 660 to 750 ti.
Same issue here. I was communicating back and forth about my bad pump with them, a person named Flora. Their last request was for pictures of the the pump and housing which I provided on January 9. After nearly two weeks without a response I asked for an update on the 20th, still no response. It's a shame I have so many XSPC parts in my system.
I love me some 3D on the ROG. Metro Last Light and Dark Souls are so much more immersive. Wonder if Don't Starve has 3D,
How does that even compare. What don't you get? 10 is free for a year, then you pay. You are the catch. Windows 8 wasn't free.
You get to pay for it after a year. You are the catch.
Cortana, find me the latest Lisa Ann scene. Thanks.
After following your instructions and also turning off the ceiling fan my mouse response is insane. You seem rather knowledgeable with this kind of stuff so let me ask you this, What's your recommendations for modifying power outlets and home thermostats so that mouse latency is further lessened?Thanks man!
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