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Could be a factor as well as it being my first time with acrylic. Though I've looked around online and several people have complained about the hollow rod and kinks. I'll be sure to get an overkill amount of tubing next time to expirement and become an expert with.
Spent about $180 on acrylic tubing, primochill fittings, and the tools needed to convert my watercooling over to acrylic this past weekend. What a nightmare. I purchased the Primochill bending kit which comes with a hollow silicone rod which you'd think would work with their tubing...wrong. The thing is horrible. The first piece of tubing I worked with the silicone rod would not slide through. Soap, sanding it down, etc did not help, meanwhile another tube I had...
For sale is a Corsair CX750. Original box, literature and accessories are all included. I accept Google Pay, Paypal and Amazon Payments. No trade offers please. Item will most likely be shipped via UPS. Thanks.
For sale is a VG278H monitor which is in excellent condition. What is in the pictures is what's included. 3D Glasses DVI Cable Power Cable and obviously the monitor itself. For specs and other information please see the monitor's Newegg page, I accept Google Pay, Paypal and Amazon Payments. No trades please. The monitor will be shipped via UPS. Thanks.
Has anyone tested to see if there are any benefits to plugging regular SSD's to the SATA Express ports vs the regular SATA III ports?
I'm actually trying to get an RMA going for the D5 pump that comes with their dual bay pump/reservoir which decided to quit on me recently. Communicating with XSPC to get the RMA going has been very unpleasant. If you end up having to RMA your unit, good luck. If anyone knows who to contact over at XSPC or a better avenue for me to take with them please let me know.
I'm assuming you guys are getting gamma numbers from colorimeters?
Who said I find it fascinating? But to entertain you, most people who want to play it want to because it appears to be a next gen Dark Souls. Could care less what it's called.
I know what you're talking about.
I'm waiting on Bloodborne myself so that I can wipe the dust off of my PS4.
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