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I have my PC plugged into one for over a year. I've haven't had to get under my table for some time now so never bothered to remove it. All is still good.
Seen this on reddit and thought I'd share it here. I wasn't aware how much they test these things before shipping. Hope you guys find this video interesting.
Glad I parted out my rig months ago. Since all I do is browse the web nowadays and do school work I'll be running my 780 until the PCIE slot falls off.
So I have a NZXT Manta build which I'd like to put under water. Looking to purchase a small pump/reservoir combo that would fit into the case. Thanks.
I'm so glad I'm on that single card wave nowadays.
My babies,
Nah, just English bruh. Here's a video on it, it's in French though.
Would love to see some power meter comparisons with the new power saving feature.
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