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There is but maybe they've raised it.Similar here, I've gotten payouts before so doubt it's something with my settings.Edit:. Nevermind, looks like I got my payout today.
What's up with NiceHash payouts. I have like $50 worth of BTC held up and my last payout was on June 21st.
Just wanted to update the thread. I'm still waiting on the tool. Might take a few more days since it's coming back to me from Canada not to mention the July 4th holiday here. Rest assured I'll have it back out on it's road trip a day or two after I've received it. I'll also be including the bag of plastic razors which were generously added to the mix by @stephenn82
It's a known bug with bios 0906. Don't use XMP and dial in system agent and vccio manually. Or downgrade bios.
Poor Volta huh.
Good point, I'll just start another. I'll be shooting it out to you a day or two after I receive it.
Looks like I can no longer update the map. Says I've reached the maximum number of destinations.
Can't those traces be penciled in?
Seriously Z270G owners have had to deal with the crap 0906 bios for several months now. There's a huge thread dedicated to it on the rog forums with no response from Asus.
So updated the map to the best of my ability. I believe I'm only missing @RuneDunes location.Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I was able to help out the community.
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