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Compare the the score vs previous drivers. Not sure if it affects Titans but it should. Its a 1000 point diff give or take on 780s.
I have one as a dedicated physx card, didn't have to do anything special. Perhaps try a clean wipe of your drivers with DDU and reinstall.
700 series, 344.11 and SLI + Firestrike is a no go. Try again with 340.52 or 344.24. Not sure why I have to keep parroting this all over the net, I'm glad it seems fixed in 344.24 though, I'm assuming next desktop drivers will have it fixed as well.
I'll be funding my TDA account later today.
After hours of playing Dark Souls 2 in 3D I have yet to notice anything like that. I'll look out for it next time I play.
Would anyone believe me if I told them that I lessened the blacklight cloud thing I had going with my monitor using the method at the link below, While it's still there it's much harder for me to notice than before, , so much so that I decided to keep the thing. To change the topic, 3D gaming is where its at for me at the moment...
I've gotten so many keys over the years when EVGA would give you a free premium copy with each card you purchased. Given them all out though,
Here's mine,
Oops, didn't see you said regular.
Shame my drivers aren't approved. I'd have liked for a 5 seconds of fame 2xSLI score..
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