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For sale is an Antec Mini-ITX ISK110 case. It will come with the original box and vesa mount and ac adapter. The built in PSU is good for 90W. The case has been great but I have recently needed to move my gear over to a bigger case. Price is shipped. I accept Paypal or Amazon Payments and will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Thanks, PS. Monkey is not included.
So I've been trying to play Metro Last Light today and my system keeps randomly shutting down on me and the only way to turn it back on is by removing the plug from the outlet or psu and replugging. Could this be a sign of the PSU giving out? Any ideas?
Thanks! Wish the release notes link worked.
Cool, I'll give it a shot when it does have it and if it supports SLI. Only reason I use Shadowplay is for them random or moments. That and that I don't have to think about if its on or off.
Never heard of it. Impressive if the FPS drop is what you say it is. Does it have a DVR function like Shadowplay?
Does Mirillis Action utilize NVENC though?
My brother has had 3D vision for a while now and I've always disliked it until I played Metro LL with it on for a bit. Not sure what it is about that game but the added immersion from playing it in 3D was pretty amazing. Being able to see the extra depth in the environment and looking down the barrel of your gun was great. Going to have to borrow his kit so that I can replay both Metro's in 3D. Glad that I finally have the option with the Swift and @ 1440p too!
There seems to be issues with SLi 780/780 tis and Firestrike with 344.11. Wonder if it affects Maxwell as well?
Damn shots fired,
Seems like I'm stuck with multi card configs due to 1440p Hopefully big Maxwell changes that!I don't see single card users reporting the loss anywhere though. Probably just a profile issue since its not reflected in games from what I can tell.
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