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How? Don't see any addon option in chrome mobile on nexus 6p
Have no complaints here. Used it with several Rog Swift's a few months back and most recently with a Z77 Deluxe.
Received my 6P yesterday and love it. I just wish them official microfiber cases were in stock. Settled with a cheap one off Amazon for the time being. Shame that Google Fi's reception at my workplace is trash but that's a Sprint & T-Mobile issue here. I guess I'll continue with Straight Talk on ATT, LTE at my desk.
With my set up I get the following, 1 Monitor @ 1440p/144hz = downclock fine 1 Monitor @ 1440p/120hz & 1 Monitor @ 1080p@60hz = downclock fine 1 Monitor @ 1440p/144hz & 1 Monitor @ 1080p@60hz = no downclock
Hopefully if GW is implemented it's on Killing Floor 2 levels. Love me some GW in that game.
I love me some Straight Talk with ATTs sim. $45 a month, unlimited everything except for 5gb of LTE which is enough for me and best of all on ATTs network which is excellent in my area. Going to give Google Fi a try though I doubt it can beat that per month.
Waiting for that 6P is killing me. Moto G is running on life support. Lag, reboots on its own, nagging about not enough space.
I have access to lab grade Acetone. That wouldn't remove any wording off of the heat spreaders would it? Also, how safe is it if it were to get on the PCB?Thanks.
Fixed.JK, maybe not.
I usually don't care about what NIC my board comes with except for when Windows nags about not having drivers available on clean installs (perhaps not the case anymore with W10). That just drives me mad. I don't use disc drives so driver discs are usually coasters to me.
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