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So this worked, thanks. One thing though, enabling EIST and C States my voltages don't appear to decrease at idle.
That's what CPUZ & 3DMark for whatever reason pick it up as. Clocks are never right for me on 3DMark as well. If you noticed it didn't pick up my 4790K's overclock either.edit: actually, it did pick up my 4790K's overclock, interesting.
Here's a Firestrike comparison I did over the weekend on my main rig with the G3258 clocked @ 4.7 & and a 4790K @ 4.7 (should have tested at stock clocks or even lower) This is with 780's in SLI.
Thanks a bunch.
Looking to sell a GA-Z87X-UD3H and Intel Celeron 1820 bundled together. Let me know what you guys think I should ask for. GA-Z87X-UD3H + Intel Celeron 1820 = ? Corsair HX850 = ? Edit: Also a Corsair HX850 which was purchased about 6 months ago. Thanks.
I ran it at 4.7
I really need to purchase a cheap SSD for my bench setup, using some old hdd which is on its last legs,
Has anyone tried the Metro LL benchmark?
lol,who is the head of PR over there, jeezus,
That's pretty much the same reason I went with a software raid. Screw being dependent on hardware for the type of media I'm storing.
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