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I usually don't care about what NIC my board comes with except for when Windows nags about not having drivers available on clean installs (perhaps not the case anymore with W10). That just drives me mad. I don't use disc drives so driver discs are usually coasters to me.
What an amusing thread,
Single ply toilet paper at AMD.
Sorry, I'm not taking any trades at the moment.
For sale is my about month or two old post recall tablet.. The tablet is in perfect condition as it was sent to me brand new a month or two ago when Nvidia recalled the old units. Included will be a Shield controller, a flip cover, original packaging, literature and the controller's travel case. Only reason I'm selling this is because I recently ordered the Nexus 6P which itself is pretty huge so I don't think I'll be needing the tablet any more. Item will be shipped...
Thanks, I'll try that out next time I bother to play it.
I just get a black screen when I start the game.
I sold one the other day for that amount.
For sale is a EVGA Hydrocopper GTX 980 Ti. It is in mint condition and has been used for about 2 months now. It will include all original accessories, literature and packaging. Item will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, whichever is most cost effective. I accept Paypal, Google Wallet, and Amazon Payments. Thanks!
Hate to say it but I have no issues with latest drivers and this game though I'm on dual 980 Ti's if that makes a difference. (everything overclocked)
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