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Always loved me some Skyline
Come on guys I need this gone. Send me an offer
The first set on the 3 set BIOS switch does not work. The other 2 are fine though. Motherboard only. I live in the US and can take non-CC Paypal and Amazon Payments. 135 shipped is the price. Thanks fellas.
Setting 1 on the 3 set BIOS switch doesn't work. The other 2 are work fine. Processor is just... a processor. Haven't gotten around to using them since I need money for christmas I'm in the US. I'd like to know shipped and combo prices. Thanks fellas.
See I'd do that if I was the hard core benchmarker I've always wanted to be. But I'm not. If its a gain of 20 points then I'm ok with not having them.
The difference between 4.6Ghz and 4.8Ghz on my 2500k is... nice?
Thanks guys, rep+
Someone tell me if that is a good score for my 2500k.
I'd like to know the prices shipped for both as a combo and seperated. I live in the US on the east coast. The 2500k is currently running in my rig at 4.6Ghz @ 1.37v The Z77IA-E53 is also currently in my rig. Its a nice mini-ITX board that goes great with a case like my Bitfenix Prodigy. Thanks for the help guys
I literally just made the R9 290X my wallpaper. It is definitely replacing my 7970.
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