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It depends. Are people actually using it or is it just available ?But there's another thing, more important than that - just like computer malware has gone from the early days of making itself visible and annoying to the current stealth advanced persistent threats whose objective is long term data gathering on subjects, the perception of everything being fine is the result of there not being any direct thefts in result of this new tech usage, but that doesn't mean that...
I'm betting on Nintendo's next console too. Let's not forget that nowadays AMD is also talking about stuff that will happen in 2016 (new CPU architecture), so this probably falls in line with that. Not immediate stuff.
NFC equipped cards should come free with a shielded wallet. Obviously banks couldn't care less about the customer in that respect. NFC equipped phones are only as good as the lack of backdoors on the phone itself. And we all know how that goes these days.
This feels like the sort of article that is published right around the corner when the discussion is about to become irrelevant with G-Sync and Free-sync monitors. I bet game developers are not going to waste their time implementing frame locking at 30fps now, unless they can easily adapt such a solution from the console version of the game (if there is one).
Finally. They are now at the correct prices. I wonder if the new CEO had a say in this. This seems like a very sensible decision.Still, the best options are the A8-7600, or, if you want an unlocked CPU, the A10-7700K. Anything above it is a niche use. The 512 stream processor GPU inside the A10-7850K and A10-7800 is bottlenecked by the DDR3 memory interface, you might as well get the same performance by overclocking the 384 shader part on the A10-7700K.You do have some...
Just noticed that too and updated the OP.Well, that was cleared fast.I guess I'll lock the thread then.
Thread cleaned. Keep it professional.
Update:Original story:Source.
Is this a twisted plot to get people to buy 4K monitors right now and one single high end GPU suffice to play at 30fps (which is what they get as of now) ? That would about equalize things on consoles and PCs. People in the living room playing on the couch at 1080p would be equivalent to people playing on a smaller screen on their desktops. Other than that, this is a ridiculous argument. Everybody knows that on the PC we're slowly moving towards higher resolution AND...
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