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That's a good thing, but it may also be an indication that AMD's card is indeed very competitive. Nvidia doesn't have anywhere to go but down in the sense that the Titan X is the full chip and you can already overclock it. Now add the fact that in the last few days Zotac and EVGA announced two cards that are a hybrid between air cooling and water cooling and don't exactly follow the 'water block only' rules from the previous generation, and it feels like Nvidia is making... do acknowledge the existence of the $649 rumour in the article, but they say that this information hasn't been confirmed by any source so far, and thus they say that it's not likely, at least not until Fiji is out, in case it does deliver competitive performance.So, if Nvidia does launch it at $799, there is a chance that two or...
As far as I know you can even buy them from your smartphone:, as recommendations go, I'd add The Talos Principle to the list. The new expansion Road to Gehenna should be out any day now too.
I think that it's very possible that we will still see a 980 replacement in a few months, the rumoured 980 Metal. I mean, the GM200 die is huge, do you guys think that they are at worst getting dies with 2816 cores working? 28nm is a mature process, but a 601mm2 die is still huge and at the limit of what you can get with the process. Also, there is room between 2048 and 2816 cores to fit another card. A 320-bit card with 5 GB of VRAM perhaps, it would work as a 980 update...
A poster over at the comments for the Zotac and EVGA liquify the GeForce GTX Titan X news on The Tech Report said that (for a brief moment, I suppose) there was a link on the main page to this: Reviewers already have the card in the lab, it seems, and the reviews are probably ready too.
Thanks for the info!
Thanks. I actually tried the demo of Carbon back in the day since it came out after Most Wanted if I'm not mistaken, it was ok, but drifting is not really my thing. As to Hot Pursuit from 2010, I had forgotten that I actually bought it back in 2011 on a Steam sale (it's the only NFS game I have on Steam lol), probably based on good feedback I got from people here on OCN, but still haven't played it. I've read you have to log-in too, I hope it's only for multi-player...
That US page has been wrong for months now. The whole spec sheet is from the GTX 470 - clocks, memory bus, VRAM amount, etc.Go to the UK page for the correct specs: can also go look it up on any GTX 480 review.
One more game I won't buy. When I want to play NFS I'll just boot my copy of the 2005 Most Wanted. Are any other NFS games after that even worth considering, do they bring anything new to the table?
Just a small correction, the GTX 480 has 480 cores enabled. The one with 448 is the GTX 470 (and the GTX 560 Ti 448 Core).
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