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Just noticed that too and updated the OP.Well, that was cleared fast.I guess I'll lock the thread then.
Thread cleaned. Keep it professional.
Update:Original story:Source.
Is this a twisted plot to get people to buy 4K monitors right now and one single high end GPU suffice to play at 30fps (which is what they get as of now) ? That would about equalize things on consoles and PCs. People in the living room playing on the couch at 1080p would be equivalent to people playing on a smaller screen on their desktops. Other than that, this is a ridiculous argument. Everybody knows that on the PC we're slowly moving towards higher resolution AND...
And we've seen the rumoured R9 390X prototype watercooling shroud. An investor that looks at this could very well be thinking that AMD is either out of ideas / talent / money and is bruteforcing their way into performance. The problem is that this doesn't work too well.Rings a bell with 200w+ watercooled FX CPUs doesn't it ?Edit: I see I was ninja'ed above.
Exactly, it's at the very least a cause for concern, especially since Nvidia released GM204 Maxwell.AMD releases a mi-range chip with mid-range performance with a 190w typical board power, meanwhile Nvidia releases a mid-range chip with top of the line performance with a 165w TDP.Unless AMD has a serious rework of GCN due in the next few months, or a new manufacturing process, you can see where this is going and what kind of headroom for high-end products both companies have.
TR is saying something different:, this is AMD's stock performance over the last month, from 4.08 to 3.28:
TR also picked it up: Weird things going on at AMD right now. I just learned that the price cuts on the Radeon R9 GPUs is not of their doing... it's a channel promotion (whatever that means) and supposed to be temporary :,27843.html
Awesome. Everything in this reminds me of Valve, it's as if this was a snippet of the new version of Half-Life 2's presentation with the G-Man's facial animation at the beginning, and the music also rings a bell with the Half-Life / Portal universe. They should hire him for both his talents. Movies with lots of GPUs doing the rendering, maybe in a few years, it depends on how many characters you want to render like that and how much screentime they have, I guess it's...
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