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To add to the OP, there are more programs besides VLC affected (see link below); it appears that the main ones mentioned have been patched already. Read here: Subtitle files should be the simplest of things; how there are more than 25 variations of subtitle formats is mind bending. It should be standardized into just a few, I mean it's not rocket science and by...
Exactly what I was thinking. These CPUs will supposedly have 4x more L2 cache than before, at 1 MB per core vs 256 KB; if a certain benchmark benefits immensely from fitting inside the L2 cache, then it can skew the results - as far as real world general performance is concerned that is.I'm really curious to see if Intel was leaving any general IPC on the table with mainstream Skylake though, or if this will only increase very specific workloads' performance.
Has this been posted yet?, Vega gaming cards only in July at best, possibly August.
Yes, the Maxwell Titan X is called GeForce GTX Titan X, it's the one you can read on the screenshot I posted; Nvidia doesn't list the first Pascal Titan X on that list, it's as if it never existed lol.As to the link, as I said, as far as I know there isn't any link because as I demonstrated, they are sending mixed messages for the Pascal generation, perhaps in a transition move, where the Volta Titan X will finally be its own thing 100% branding wise, despite still being a...
There is no link because they are sending mixed messages for the Pascal version. Volta may signal the definitive transition.If you look here (see screenshot below), the card is called Nvidia Titan Xp, so not GeForce GTX, but it is under the GeForce GTX lineup.Add to that, the shroud on the Titan Xp does indeed still carry the GeForce GTX logo, so it is and isn't part of it.See here, at 1:33:
Yeah, my belief that this is a PR move vs an intern posting it is 75% vs 25% probability. I don't doubt that the card is real though.
Oh no, sir, you must pay attention to the "+" that I put next to it.In fact, in July of last year I made this prediction:
That would be quite interesting. Imagine the bragging rights (even though lots of stuff would be disabled). For $1200+ they can afford to bring an HBM 2 card to market. AMD with Vega seems to be having volume problems at what one would suppose will be a lower asking price.Why would they use a new cooler shroud on an outgoing architecture? It makes more sense to debut it with a new one.
Yes, I did scroll down to the bottom of the link. The Tesla picture I posted is from there. What picture are you talking about?Edit: To make it clear, when I posted the two pictures, it was to illustrate the differences. It's the first versus the second.
Are you sure? It doesn't seem like a simple photo editing on the name, the gold styling is different:
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