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Thanks!It's time to lock this one then.
Keep it civil, respect others' opinions.
Locked for cleaning. Edit: reopened. Like Twerk says, everybody keep it on-topic. The thread was also moved from PC gaming to Nvidia drivers.
Congrats on your new position!
I doubt they will use a 384-bit memory bus, 320-bit at most. L2 cache does the rest.Still, I don't know where they got 7.4 Ghz VRAM. Nothing higher than 7 Ghz GDDR5 exists. And I highly doubt GPU vendors and Nvidia will take the risk upon themselves to ship 'stock' GPUs with VRAM running above spec.
Sounds fishy in quite a few respects. First, can somebody find me a source that claims faster than 7 Ghz GDDR5 is in production ? A GPU can't just ship with overclocked VRAM, GPU vendors are highly averse to doing that, most that ship overclocked GPUs do the GPU core part and leave the VRAM untouched. Second, 20nm ? When ? All the rumours point to the fact 20nm isn't ready for high powered GPUs yet. Third, 3200 CUDA cores ? Why ? According to Nvidia, 128 Maxwell CUDA...
Thanks admin!This is actually my biggest luck based prize ever (by a factor of around ten)! (I didn't post thanking on the day because even if it's a remote possibility I'd win two times in a row, it didn't seem a fair hypothetical)
I recently did a few benchmarks with my new GTX 750 Ti, I'll do the same set again with these drivers.Games:DX9: GTA EFLC: TBoGTDX 10: CrysisDX 11: Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, Batman Arkham Origins, Tomb RaiderBenchmarks: Unigine Heaven 4.0, Valley 1.0See the link in my sig.It essentially involves using HWiNFO to feed data (CPU, GPU, etc) into RivaTuner OSD Statistics server.
Thanks, but it doesn't work. I've tried it just now again. The error shown in the image I posted above from the 8.1 installer also happens with the 8 installer, so the whole thing stops for me right at the beginning. I presume this is happening because I already once (in 2012) downloaded the ISO with this method and it now probably has written some obscure registry key preventing me from downloading more copies of the ISO. That's why I said I might have to try it on...
Being "very respectful" is not equal to employing sarcasm and being condescendent.Again, this is not a question about caring, it's about security.Edit: backflip also means a reversal in attitude, which was the case. I actually liked it when you admitted to the mistake, but it just went to show how fast you went to react to something so adamantly only to have to backtrack a very short while later.It was that article I tried, in vain, to follow, it doesn't work, it displays...
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