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You don't need to unplug anything. Parted Magic will ask you to put the system to sleep. Or just use the bootable Samsung tool off a USB.
takes me about 30 sec to a min to boot parted magic. try the other boot options or try another version?
LOL, typo ftw! a 10hr warranty would be terrible...obviously I meant 10 year! haha
mhmmm, exactly
Once a drive is in a pool you can manually take off the drive letter and just assign the letter to the pool.
Benchmark better. It should just score slightly higher in benches is a tiny bit
Z170 should give better performance...
That's actually amazing. You need to get reimbursed for solving their shipping issues. It is wasting your time and you are at a loss for it. Complain and ask for proper reimbursement for everything you're doing.
The extreme pro has a 10hr warranty too.
1. Yes 2. 10% is good, though it isn't needed 3. Unlike a HDD, it doesn't matter where you have the unpartitioned space. Just leave like 30-40GB unpartitioned at the end if you're gonna do it. How much data do you really plan to have on the drive. Just leaving like 30-50GB free space when partitioned has the same result as not partitioning the same amount of space.
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