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You don't need to plug in an external mic into the cut the sound and video together in post. ;) Have you never seen how they do it in movies?
Exactly, that was another issue, it only had 1 PCIe slot. lol
Well the OP did link to the ASRock mobo after all...and I was replying to them specifically. lol   What GPU has excess heat pipes or anything extending past the PCIe lane pins? 
Far too noisey for me and the drive holding capacity = 4 lol... The Dell C1100 was designed as a high memory system in a small 1u form factor for high performance cloud/cluster environments. That is not my environment. It was my main plan since day one to move away from it, i just bought it because i got it cheap and could part it out after doing the swap as I finally did. But now i kinda want to keep it....but i don't like the noise (typical 1U server noise) and i could...
It will run GC on its own. No need to worry about it and manually optimize the environment for it to happen. 
Just plug the Samsung into the SATA 3Gb/s port. You won't lose any noticeable performance.
I don't see the point in doing this...just use the system as normal and everything will run smoothly.
Well, got the new mobo installed! Forgot to take pics of it before oops.   The fans that came with it are like 90/100mm or something and they move a ton of air, yet are near silent! o_0 So glad, now I don't need to buy more coolers. I need to toss the exhaust fans, they are unbearable...   I am still waiting on a PCIe to CPU 8 pin cable to come so i can install the other L5520...just have the cooler sitting there doing nothing atm over socket #2. Also, still...
It's passion ;)
SATA express can be PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 and x2 or x4. PCIe 2.0 x2 = 10Gb/s...
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