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Your drive in that test is connected to the Intel Z77 SATA port, not an ASMedia seem to have confused the two. I know this because your IRST driver is shown in AS SSD. Leave it in the Intel port, secondary controllers are terrible and should be avoided like the plague for OS drives. 
Show us a picture of what you get with AS SSD and I will tell you what you need to do for sure. Also, what motherboard are you using?
 HAHAHA  I have no idea...I just need to figure out how to set up scanning now lolyeah, it was the type B end of the cable. i did the same thing, just reached behind when i first plugged it in without looking. 
Well....another reason i'm an idiot just surfaced lol. I plugged the USB cable into the phone jack on the printer....apparently that is a problem. I installed the driver now and it is up and running. :D    Do you know if there is a scanner driver too? Or how do I go about setting up the scanner?   Thanks for the help all, Repped. :)
I was using the 200MB installer package for Windows 8 support driver. I just tried HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 (64-bit) and installed it as USB plug and play. When I plug in the USB into the server nothing pops up, nothing installs for the printer to the printer is not detected at all.
It won't. I went to device manager and manually went to "add legacy hardware..."    I can do so much, but adding printers is like my freaking kryptonite... i just don't understand this crap. :(
Yeah, i have a bunch of infs now, but how do i get this printer working? I am adding the printer but idk what port to add it under or what inf to choose... :'(    
Sadly Windows Server 2012 isn't supported by the installer package and i can't find the stand alone inf yet...wait a second, let me check the installer package again. i'm tired and I think i missed it...i feel dumb if i get this working now lol
Hi all, I may be an idiot for asking for help with this, but its I moved my printer next to my home server and now I want to hook it up so I can print from it and it just ins't working. Windows isn't detecting it for some reason. I don't get it. I worked before like 3 years ago, but when i connect it to the server, it is not detected and I don't know how to manually install the driver or get it working. The software suite doesn't support installing to Windows server, so...
Have you contacted ASUS? I'd suggest doing so
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