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I don't notice it at all and I'm usually picky about that. Been playing fps on one for about a month now. I guess people that actually can notice it at this level are used to playing at like 120fps and good TN panels too.   I do have some thing odd issue tho. I used my Spyder 4 pro to check the contrast on my BenQ GW2765HT's and they have a 550:1 ratio while the review on TFT Central shows them getting a 1000:1 contrast ratio. So, idk whats up with that, I think I need a...
I have no clue. Maybe someone else knows if this has been done and published to the public. Possibly reach out to SSD venders.
As long as the PCIe slot is PCIe 3.0, then yes, a PCIe x4 to M.2 adapter will allow for better performance.
no slow down with every one I have...120GB, 500GB, 1TB, mSATA and M.2 variants as well.
It could use a make over. Lol all the information in it is still good, I think I just really need to add some things here and there. Windows 10 shouldn't be much different in the end. I'll have to look into it tho. I have not read much on it yet. I swore I wrote the same thing about warranty and brand first and performance mattered least before. I'll look over the op and add it appropriately! Thanks! And trim for RAID 0 volumes is supported on intel boards with...
10/10 for the nice system! 3/10 for the photo.    My friend wanted booty pics, so I tried to go for ohrangutang photography's style with this one.  
I'm gonna ask them soon and see what they have to say, I find it ridiculous if they do not.
Speak with Samsung and RMA.
X2, start taking about SSDs or else. :P
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