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My secret is magic. ;)  You play with lightroom/photoshop curves until you get what you like lol I'm not sure what else there is I do besides that in lightroom and the other basic adjustments. If you want I can upload presets from images. 
7/10   Got a 50 f/1.4 today :) So here is a boring pic of a flower to show off bokeh, I missed that f/1.4 life. lol    
You know you can enable RAPID after you install IRST right? Benchmark it again with RAPID and IRST and you will get similar results to the previous RAPID results you had without IRST.
What are you trying to learn? Youtube has everything. Show some examples and I'll look for tuts.
And that is only a benchmark. Not real world use. All you see in the bench is the performance of the RAM, not the SSD. Windows default RAM caching already works good enough to where RAPID doesn't affect things in real world use.
That performance difference is from having SAMSNG RAPID mode enabled vs disabled... And RAPID is useless btw.
Any version will work. No upgrade/updates should be needed.
In today
haha, I would not dare to wait that long for my batteries to charge. if you think that is expensive, look up RC car battery chargers...I got a 4 battery charger that costs $100 and that is on the cheap side.
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