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If you have a GOP firmware for your GFX card, I think that your mobo may be able to take advantage of UEFI boot to speed up boot time. I know my non-gne 3 version of your board couldn't, but I think your Gen 3 can..not sure tho. Try disabling secure boot as stated below. Otherwise, I would say to just forget about UEFI fast boot with Windows 7 for now or change to Windows 8 strictly. Disable secure boot, you don't need it enabled....
The WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB is a good buy, I have a few of them and they are fast.
Nah, the release date was set a while ago. You will see the 850 EVO soon tho. ;)
You should be able to.
Oh I didn't read before the BIOS logo part. lol But it isn't related to the SSD since your PCIe slots are acting up. That is a mobo firmware issue or issue do to physical damage to the mobo.
Unless you are working with enterprise level workloads or have specific needs for one, a PCIe solution is typically overkill for consumers and will not prove much benefit if any over SATA drives, even with such high rated specs.
People who dont know what they are doing often read this guide and run into issues so it is easiest to deter them if they are not technically inclined to troubleshoot. Update program itself:
Get the 850 Pro. First off, the warranty is 10 years vs 5 if issue are to arise you can always RMA. Endurance rating is much higher with the new VNAND. Performance is still great. I have had a 128GB model since a month before release and tested it for the issue the EVO has and it does not exhibit having the issue.
Do the firmware update. All Samsung EVOs are affected.
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