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I just sold my canon 70-200 f/2.8. I really want a 135 for the bokeh and sharpness for the price...although a 85 f/1.2 would be my dream lens. I also would like a wider prime and may sell the 24-105 once I get one. I'm probably gonna get both a 135 and 35, I'm just not sure what to get first. I'm thinking maybe a 135 would be the better option right now as I like doing candid photos around school. But looking at some of the wide open shots from 35mm lenses is making me...
yes they are they run a bit hot in my server around 43-50C. I need to turn my fans up a bit to compensate. I thought just swapping out my 1m SAS cables for 15" ones would fix it, but they didn't. 😕I switched over from the raid card to a hba and am using stablebit drivepool. I am now looking into how to set up snapraid. But now I have ~95TB usable space. I will be doing a better update when I have time and figure things out
Nice^   Ok, so I'm torn between a 135L and a 35mm prime...what to do? I have a Canon 6D body still.   My current lens set up 24-105mm f/4 50mm f/1.4 85mm f/1.8 100mm f/2.8 macro
lol if im even that lucky!  we might need to do some negotiation on that trade...
The Sony A7R II is haunting my dreams. 😕 Can some one give me one? Thanks. Lol
just make sure when you do test, that you use ATTO benchmark to see advertised speeds. Not AS SSD.
Probably not. Only sequential speeds can improve and then sequential really only matters during large file transfers. Day to day stuff will be the same.
Weird. IDK.
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