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I just reviewed this one and it is fast: Kingston SDCA3 microSDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3 The Kingston has a lifetime warranty as well.   So is the Samsung Pro microSDXC UHS-1 U1
It doesn't look like you enabled write caching...That is what usually boosts the 4K write and difference drivers will allow for different speeds.
But my 46TB Server is full and my desktop is almost too. :'(
My data layout got so complicated lately that I don't know where to begin backing up anymore.
Put any hard drives or DVD drives on the ASMedia port instead?   Also, they are actually 5Gb/s, not 6Gb/s as they are connected via a single PCIe 2.0 lane.
Wow, shooting ISO 2500 in broad daylight?!? Please go and google some videos on learning how to use the camera!
No idea. I use server 2012 R2
You can use the intel RAID on the board for RAID 1 and 0... Onboard it has a dual NICs as well.
ISO 6400 to shoot the moon? Your settings are way off. Learn to use your camera before you spend thousands.  A starting point for moon photos is this: 1/125ISO 100Aperture: F/11 Adjust the exposure triangle as needed to take the shot how you want.
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