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Don't RAID greens. Reds are good. Blacks are over prices for me.
1. Find cool location2. Go to location during golden hour3. Take photos at different angles at said time and place4. Go home and edit (Look at this guy: and this one: Cry a little after finding out your photos aren't as good as commercial photographers' work6. ?????7. Profit I forgot about that...I should do a new update on other techniques and information on composing and editing I...
You need to have teh SATA mode set to RAID, AHCI will not allow for the accelerate tab. Also, the SSD you are going to needs to have no partitions on it at all, it should be unallocated in disk management.
The MX100 doesn't suck. For the typical user the difference in performance b/w most current SSDs is not noticeable 99% of the time.   Shoot, everything on the market currently sucks compared to what will be released guys will know more as soon as I get back from Flash Memory Summit next week. ;)
Not worth it
Do some power cycles on it by unplugging and replugging the power a few times on the drive.   Otherwise disconnect the SSD for a while (like a day) and see if it is detected after then.   If detected update the firmware if you can.
update your mobo firmware? All windows updates completed?
have you tried troubleshooting with this?
Crystal Disk Info works fine for me. What version are you using? 
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