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Iometer   I would recommend you make read only sequential workload for testing purposes.  It will generate plenty of heat still and wont wear the drive much. Sequential write draws the most power and will obviously generate more heat, but think how much data you will be writing so fast and how realistic a 30 min+ write need to take a logical approach to this. 30+ minutes? You realize at 1 minute you will have written 120GB? 10 minutes is 1.2TB...if you exceed...
I have the 2.0 driver...cause I'm cool. 
That's not it. I have a WD blue in. My system with two PCIe SSDs and three SATA SSDs connected at once. My boot is nearly same with 1 drive or all connected. Maybe the HDD is failing causing a delayed boot?
What IRST driver version are you trying to install? You are talking about your H97 chipset mobo? Have you tried 14.8?
 What?  Kinda, the Windows 8 guide would be a better guide to base things off of, however, nothing really needs to be done. I simply install Windows 10 these days and leave everything at default for the most part myself. Also, if you are looking to optimize your boot up speed with Windows 10, you can check out this too: Looks good! Glad things are in full working...
No need to really tweak anything. I'm lazy these days and just install and go myself. Just make sure you got all your drivers needed for your system and you should be good to go too. 
Haha, thanks! Darn mistypes lol. 
Why would you consider anything but a pure SSD for this coworker? Someone who only is using up 60GB after years? That is THE candidate to get a SSD as a replacement for a dying HDD. Get him the SSD and never look back. 
DrivePool is great:   I use it on my server. 
4-6x 6-8TB 7200RPM HDDs should do the trick. You will get plenty of write performance and plenty of storage space. Like 400-800MB/s. I had 4x 1TB WD Blues a while ago for just this type of use. Though it was only 4TB of capacity, I have a 100TB server to offload to.     Basically just make sure you have write back cache enabled and you will have great speed. Also, I...
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