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Yeah, doing that isn't what youre supposed to do for SSDs, for them you do this:
Looks fine. Seq write could be higher tho, but nothing really worrying.    example:   How to check if TRIM is actually working:
I wasn't referring to the IOPS issue you are having to the 950 Pro, but simply the old 840 EVO in which you stated you got 100k IOPS with rapid disabled. You never proved me wrong with that. That's all. LolAs for your issue with the 950 Pro, I will have to look through your posts a bit later when I have some more free time. I haven't read over those yet. Typically with PCIe drives you need to make sure you have enough threads for the workload, not just QD, to get the most...
There is no proof of a 840 EVO reaching 100K IOPS on an AMD SATA chipset from that link. That is a 950 PRO over PCIe. Again, show me your proof. Surely if you are in higher education and can come to logical conclusions you can understand why there is a difference between the SATA bus and direct PCIe with differently designed SSDs....
But you didn't.  Remember now, with RAPID disabled.
It is good. 
My Micron M600 256GB shows as 255,xxx,xxx,xxx as well:  
Sadly, it's not for sale and I have vacationed way too much this and last month already haha.
You don't. It is not supported. :D
I vote vacation. I have one and I don't even use it...though, that's not saying much because I also have a box of about 50 SSDs I don't use haha.
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