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You can do them manually in a few seconds as well...Samsung Magician is unneeded...
850 Pro. Don't even consider the 840 Pro. Like the others said, prices are jacked because it is old.
See, things like this need to be specified initially. Lol information like that is very important when asking for answers to a problem. But similar to what I said before, just don't partition the full drive capacity and leave a few GB free space with whatever disk management tool you got for BSD.
There is no such thing as an M.2 Samsung 850 Pro. The 950 Pro on the other hand is the fastest consumer drive if you want something in PCIe, but you need a new system to utilize it.   For your use you would be fine with any SATA SSD honestly.
Windows Disk Management. Set the partition size to less than the user addressable capacity.
What drive? Usually seq. speeds will peak at 250-284MB/s. Random would be similar to SATA 3 results.
The SSD's flash memory. It is what makes a solid state drive a solid state drive. NAND stores the binary values for all your data.
If you kill it due to wearing out the NAND in less than a year I will buy you new two ones. lol   Nothing to worry about.
Post a screenshot of AS SSD please?
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