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I have this and it works great:
Because you have a laptop, not a desktop.
Different chipset = different speeds
From my testing the MX200 performs better than the M600 in PCMark 8's consistency test, but I didn't test the 250GB version...
Post up AS SSD benchmark
USB 3.0 only handles up to 5Gb/s, not 6Gb/s. And in real world you need uasp support to get near that type of speed over USB 3.0. Otherwise, the main ways to increase performance over the SATA 6Gb/s ports is to install IRST and disable all power saving features of the chipset - disable C1E, disable EIST, disable C-States, enable turbo, and enable windows high performance power mode.
Looking for SATA only?   SanDisk Extreme Pro or Samsung 850 Pro.
Which SATA port are you plugged into, the blue or grey port? It should be the grey one for best performance in benching. Also, you should have the IRST driver for your chipset installed as well.
Test with ATTO to achieve max reads and writes.
Some users are experiencing BSODs, as the poster above mentioned, check out their forum. I think they released a firmware update recently, but for some it hasn't worked. I haven't had any with my MX100 512GB model.
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