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Yeah. I got some drives at 26C and others up to 43C.
Because the NAND supply they got for the product line and the fact that it would hurt MX300 sales.
At this time, Intel Optane/Micron QuantX memory. The Intel 900P is currently the fastest drive in the market with Optane,
They aren’t going to.
Games should download any slower...unless you have full gigabit internet. Have you tried another SATA cable or port? What’s the SMART data on the drive show?
Too bad it only comes in capacities up to 480GB. :/
Intel smart response will only cache up to 60/64GB of your frequently accessed game files on the SSD. Outside of that, the data will be read from the HDD. Initial load times will be from the HDD until the caching algorithm picks up on the frequently accessed files. I would just install the games you are most active on, on the SSD.
Crucial MX300, WD Blue 3D SSD/SanDisk Ultra 3D, or Samsung 850 Evo are my short list picks for SATA at 1TB. 960 EVO is a good PCIe option.   EVGA has some good 600W range PSUs that I have been using a few lately and all seem solid. 
Crucial MX300 or BX300, WD Blue 3D SSD/SanDisk Ultra 3D, or Samsung 850 Evo are my short list picks for SATA.
I have used Auslogics Duplicate File Finder many times, but it is not suitable for what I need to do now. I have a video library that has over 25K video files and is almost 40TB in size (each video is 1-5GB). Using Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will literally take a week or more to compare all the potential duplicate files it finds... Unless there is some setting in Auslogics Duplicate File Finder that I don't know about to disable the checksum comparison, I need...
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