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can you update it in an Intel system?
Its just another form factor of a samsung 850 evo. If you need a drive it isn't pointless. If you are looking for a PCIe M.2 SSD, it definitely is not one.
Not compatible. Need M.2 to SATA adapter.
Clone OS to SSD   Put games on HDD   I/O demanding games you can allocated to the SSD as needed. Mostly the difference between a HDD and SSD for load times doesn't warrant the cost, unless you are going to use it as your OS drive...then you definitely need one. It is pretty cool and puts data across all drives at a file level. It does offer read striping, similar to RAID. You can duplicate specific folders and such. Like for my important data it is duplicated 2-3x while media I dont care about is not duplicated.  
Sometimes people want a single volume. For example I have a bunch of drives in my server and rather than deal with RAID I use Stablebit Drivepool to pool all my drives into a single volume.
Says so here:   Also has capacitors on the PCB
Awesome! Glad we could help.
Samsung 850 EVO
see if anything here helps:
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