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Fixed the issues. Had to change IP on system connecting to switch to a 192.168.2.xx IP...forgot to do that lol. And with the new network the network on the server changed from private to public. Changed it back to private and all is well. 
I recently got a new router and have been having issues with Remote Desktop and now I can't connect to my HP switch to manage it. I reset my switch so I should be able to connect via, but all I get is a connection time out. I even put back my old router and still no connection to manage it. I reset the HP switch by plugging a Ethernet cable in port 1&2. Still nothing. Am I missing something here? What other options do I have? The switch allows all the pcs on...
Thanks again everyone. I just got the router and OMG, night and day difference. The back room PC went from 0.5-1MB/s up to 12-15MB/s on wireless N, I don't even need to upgrade the adapter as I thought I may have to! The living room PC went from 2-4MB/s up to 40MB/s and so did my laptop with the wireless AC. So far so good!   Time to play with it some more!   
I can't remember. It's been used in my htpc for over a year.
Price drop!
Thanks for the replies all!    I totally forgot about looking on ebay...I found a NETGEAR R7500v2 Nighthawk X4 for just over $100 shipped!    So I should flash some modded firmware to it when I get it?
The R7000 is a bit $$$ for me. How would the R6700 be? This one:​   It vs the Asus RT-AC66U?_B1?    Also, I also am interested in this one too:   All I showed support mu-mimo, no?   I feel so lost with routers lol. 
I just upgraded my laptop's wifi card for AC networking. Now, I am looking into a new AC router and adapters. I am currently looking at these router...
I have had a H75 for a year or so in a work PC. Sold it to a friend for his new system build and now when I stress test the system the CPU core temps shoot up to 100C. Mobo is a Asus z170 sabertooth mark 1 and CPU is an i7 6700k at stock. I reseated the block multiple times. Tried priming the pump. Changed the radiator positioning. Still no change. The pump shows to be running at 1500rpm and the fans work as they should when temps increase they go up to 2000rpm. What do...
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