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If I set you down next to 5 identical systems with different SSDs, I bet $100 you wouldn't be able to notice any difference 95% of the time.
Dang canon, why do you have to give me a standard out of warranty charge of 219.00 for every freaking repair you do for me? ugh. Now there goes most this weeks check. I should have just spent the $100 on gold membership by now with canon. I would have already used up $72 of the $100 membership cost on free shipping and the 20% cost reduction on repairs alone. And I would have some free maintenance cleanings...I think I'm gonna upgrade next time i break something lol.if you...
Speeds look fine in AS SSD, i'd forget Samsung Magican.
All you need to do is move your steam and origin folders to the new drive. Works fine for me. 
Well what do you want a drive for? Just an overall system response increase or are you going to be putting the drive under a specific workload where over 1-2GB/s speeds would help? All of them have PCIe slots that can support 4 lanes. Now talking about specifically M.2 x4 slots, idk, i don't pay much attention to the mobo market.Plextor doesn't make the revo drive 350, OCZ does. Plextor makes a slower M6e. Up to you, what would you use them for?
Just run the performance optimization in samsung magician on the drive. Wait a few hours. Bench in safe mode possibly. But there is nothing to worry about, the drive's turbo write buffer is just filled, thus you aren't getting max speeds. You just need to wait for garbage collection to take place. Once it empties out it will be back up to speed in benches. Also, you can disable any power savings features such as intel speedstep, C1E, Cstates, etc to improve benchmarks as...
YOU NEED F/1.4, f/1.8 is for newbs. :P
If I knew I could answer it lol. I don't know.
Just because it isn't the new art version, it doesn't mean it is meh by any means. The non art is still an amazing lens. Never had a single issue with it in my use. Super sharp and fast & accurate autofocus. I miss mine.
I cant
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