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You are wrong. It works for AHCI as well.
look up the latest Intel rapid storage technology driver from Intel. That's what you clue, I don't use it.
Looks fine other than your power savings features on your chipset slowing 4K down slightly. Also you don't have your SATA driver installed.
Disable rapid mode so you are actually benchmarking the SSD, not your RAM cache. That's your issue.
Intel - Seems to be ok, I havent had one.
post a screenshot of your AS SSD benchmark results.
It isn't.
After you change your Sata mode you need to boot into safe mode and then restart and you will be set
The Samsung 850 EVO is usually best power efficiency.
That will work, you will also need a SATA 6Gb/s capable HBA to connect to the Icy Dock as there are 8 SATA pass through ports on the backside of it. 
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