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Reread his post again. He is stating his SATA mode is set to RAID mode, however, he does not have a RAID array set up for the SSD. Thus the SSD will have TRIM enabled. ;) RAID mode provides all the qualities of AHCI and allows TRIM to work for single SSDs that are not in a RAID array themselves. So basically, you can leave RAID enabled you're fine. You can use trim check to verify that TRIM works fine for the SSD....
Best thing to do is that, just message them politely for photocredit to be added. Like a caption under the pic or something stating "Photograph by: Your Name Here." Or compensation with no photocredit. Or both. You never gave them permission to use the photo, you gave your friend permission, not copyright. You can either ask them to simply just add your credit because you support youth sports, pay you and have a contract of universal use or something, or have them take it...
in 4/22
I'd get that one for 300 or look on potn for cheaper. One of my favorite lenses I've used. I don't think it would really be worth it for the art version
I think that may be as good as you're gonna get on an AMD platform.
that's the one I had.The art version is 35mm. Not 30mm.
wow, that is odd!   maybe try booting up gparted and see if you can format it with that   or try another system
Yea. I know on my Intel mobo in the BIOS disabling, Intelspeedstep, C1E and C3 and C6 reporting allows for much faster 4k speeds in benches. I think you should have those options as well and instead of intel speedstep you have AMD cool n quiet you can disable.
Do it, the sigma is amazing on crop. I miss mine. :(
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