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You can also check the benchmarks my boss got here with the 256GB model:
Should be the same, just a refreshed design probably.
I re-installed Windows 8.1 and updated right to 10 because my Win 8.1 was beyond corrupt.
Works in Windows 8.1, not Windows 10.
I think he means that it is duplicated on the same monitor taskbar like this:  See how evernote and itunes both show up twice when the program windows are open? When the program windows are closed the duplicate icons will go away. We need to figure out how to do away with the duplicates when the programs are launched.
It will work fine, just make sure you do constant backups, like anyone normally should under any computer set up. I usually do a local nightly backup and monthly backup alongside cloud based real time backup.
Really? I have no issue with 100% on my 27" 1440p monitor. Larger than that seems weird.
In benchmarks...
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