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I may have to test this now, thanks for the idea! I have a few SSDs I can set aside for a year or so. I found as of this .pdf enterprise is actually 3 months:
Almost all modern SSD controllers have a throttle point now. Typically it is when/if temps get to about 70C. Some consumer SSDs I have used dont get past 50-60C during heavy non-stop 24hr workloads, however, a lot of mSATA and M.2 SSDs really need a heat sink on the controller or else throttling will occur during these heavy workloads. But for typical consumer use, they are fine without.
Yep, and usually the data should be good for about 8-10 years with no least that is what I last heard on the matter. TLC may pose some difference, not sure tho. A few months is fine.
After reading the posts 3 times, it sounds to me like he just wants to delete the folder. He is cautious and weary to do so right now because somewhere read that you shouldn't delete things off SSDs...which is absurd. At least that is what I read.
I am not sure. I haven't used it in a long while either. lol When you use AHCI you may have to just load your SATA driver manually during install so the drive shows up. What motherboard are you using? I also just the PDF link. Sorry about that, been busy.
Where did you here that? That is absurd! Just treat a SSD like a HDD. Just delete the data you don't wan't...aka the folder like normal.
850 Pro hands down.
Set it manually and see what happens. Magician is stupid and doesn't know your usage. Only you do. Try setting it to 2048MB min/max. If the error continues set it to 4096MB min/max. And from there try 8192MB.
Enable page file and set it manually to 1GB. Some programs and games need page file. There is no fighting it.
You could always use gpt, i was refering to ssd capacity. If you wamt faster boot there are a lot of other requirements other than your os drive being gpt. If you really want faster boot, use windows 8.
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