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Hey, that's my review. Under the drive's properties/policies in devices manager did you disable buffer flushing? Power savings disabled like Intel speedstep and C1e? Those three settings disabled should help.
You can, you can even throw a HDD into the array...tho it would just be slow as heck lol
As lord zeb said, just use this unless/until you find a firmware modification tool: This is asummig your clicking noises are just the drive parking and unparking the heads as the drive sleeps and ain't being used... is it an OS drive?
Have the Intel 600p as a secondary drive in a system and use the Intel SSD toolbox.
You don't need to unplug anything. Parted Magic will ask you to put the system to sleep. Or just use the bootable Samsung tool off a USB.
takes me about 30 sec to a min to boot parted magic. try the other boot options or try another version?
LOL, typo ftw! a 10hr warranty would be terrible...obviously I meant 10 year! haha
mhmmm, exactly
Once a drive is in a pool you can manually take off the drive letter and just assign the letter to the pool.
Benchmark better. It should just score slightly higher in benches is a tiny bit
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