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You should be able to. Just be neat.
Id just get the mx100
Check our storage essentials thread on the changing sata modes after windows installation guide.
Wow lol
That drive isn't even in the same category as the Samsung 840 EVO. It is a top of the line drive...if you want to get it, it is a beast.
Previous image rated already   Got some baby lizzies in our yard. :D
 A 1.4x + 300mm + 7D MKII would be nice :D Also, thinking of tossing the 6D for a 5DMKIII as well.Hmmm, well, I see they go for around $850-$875 PP'd and shipped on POTN. idk if that would be what you would like for it. I'm cheap when it comes to looking for deals lol.
Quote:You need to stop giving me gas. :P First the 85L recommendation and now all the hype you are stirring up with the 7D MKII....and I'm tempted to get a 300 F/4 IS and 135 f/2.0 as well... haha
I brought it to my boss's attention as soon as the thread started. Hopefully soon The SSD Review will have something up.
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