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You should be able to install this version, download the setup.exe and let me know. If not, try the one before it, just scroll down and you will see. I linked you 12.8 above: Also, I never replied directly to your other questions: Windows doesn't install this because it...
Well, the 960 Pro is a tweaked SM961 as well. So we will have to just see what users are able to do with their new 960 SSDs in older systems...I don't have anything older than z87 here and I don't have my 960 pro anymore so I can't test to see boot compatibility. 
This is the fastest thing out:   Your onboard M.2 socket is restrictive tho and it will only operate at like 700MB/s read/write. You will need an adapter that you slide into the PCIe 3.0 slot of your board like...
This, I forgot newer versions are not compatible with older chipsets.yes, no reason for page file to ever having to be disabled. will cost $2600 for 4TB of storage, but you can.
it doesn't at all. The x400 is a SATA drive while the 950 pro is a PCIe NVMe drive...completely different in performance. The x400 is comparable to an 850 EVO, but is slower.
 Yeah, you will be more than satisfied with the 950 Pro. I just usually point a 120mm fan at the M.2 drives I use to prevent overheating. The 960 EVO is essentially a rebranded and firmware tweaked PM961, NOT a rebranded 950 Pro. 
Better performance, different hardware, different architecture, and a copper heatsink sticker thing that keeps it cooler. Different controller, different NAND, different architecture/firmware. It is a re-engineered drive.  
Newest Magician will be out next month and the firmware will most likely be out then too, if it comes out at all.  Also, I agree, if you already have a 950 pro and had it for a bit, upgrading it isn't really needed. But, if you just bought a 950 Pro, I would return it for a 960 Pro. Like I said above, why settle for the old model when the new one is better in every way and the same price? 
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