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I'm 99% sure it does them in order. However, I am not sure that it will update the sync settings say you want to backup a backup folder you just backed up to right before it...You can just run the back up again tho to get around that if it doesn't work right. 
Not I. The only issue I notice is that the start button becomes unclickable at times. 
 Either is fine.Nope.
It does work, you just aren't following the procedure correctly when you do it. You need to exit out of magician in the icon notification tray, then you put the PC to sleep, then reopen magician and it will be unfrozen.  After a system is turned off and then back on the drive is put into a frozen state again automatically. It is normal.
I'm pretty sure it does.
The OCZs use Toshiba's A19 flash which is their second gen 19nm MLC. TOTALLY different than that of the Samsung's TLC.  They deliver good performance and reliability is much better than the old sandforce days. I can also confirm there are no speed degradation issues.
So slow. Gosh I wish I could show you benches I have from this new SSD...but it won't be released until Thursday.
You mean 100% It is a typical SSD lol.
Typically it is due to either there being no drives connected to the Intel SATA ports or net framework 4.0 not being installed. Or it could be in IDE mode.
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