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I am using mine for some non standard uses. Trying to change the world
game on
I have a computer science degree and am proficient in assembly, C(variants), Python, and PHP. I am more than happy to help you just gotta let me know what I can do. As i said the program is really trivial if you step back and think about it. I could write the assembly in a few hours
Sir, I feel that all of your request are simple and can be done with what you are proposing. What are you going to use for the power supply? The C code would almost be trivial for an embedded system. You said you had some experience so mock up a few pictures, look of the pins on the IC, layout the components in a breadboard configuration and start testing. You can program those pic chips from a bread board as well just make sure you get one with an e2prom. Don't take...
OMG It's shipping....
I ordered mine around 1PM EST kinda a crap shoot but Im feelin lucky any guesses?
No it is a fully immersive experience for sure.
Got mine hours after they went on sale. Will definately be looking forward to this amazing gift. I use dk2 at F8 and WOW
Those are newbie statements to pause the console at the end lol, its ok their are configurations in the IDE to change the auto close after compilation. If you clean and build the code and run it from the .exe it will not close the window.And sir you are correct about the complexity. The question still stands with such an easy algorithm is there a way to make it faster? say O ( log n)?
The proper term would be tuple. I like the solution you provided. Now to challenge you even further on that solid knowledge. What is the time complexity of the solution and how could you better optimize this, i believe this is an O(n2) order n squared algorithm.
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