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And that sir is a beautiful thing.
Do you have the hex number?
Got one!!! This email confirms that we've received your pre-order on March 19, 2014 at 01:12 PM PDT. Order Number: FK-1740953 This is gonna be sweet
For distribution of broadband? I have not heard of that.
Correct google has balloons. NOT drones.
Can never be to sure mate, apologies. But that's all I hear about is negative aspects of progressing technology. This is seriously game changing especially considering Zuck wants to give it away for free which will drive global broad band prices to the ground.
Is everyone on some conspiracy theory crap all the time on OCN? I am well over hearing things about that for sure. If you are scared go to church, if you are doing what you need to protect yourself from invasion you have nothing to worry about. Especially from a proprietary drone that beams 1gbs broadband to 3rd world countries to give them access to what you take for granted everyday. Wake up.
I have been following Facebook's development as a company for a while as I am a options trader and wow is all I can say they are growing by leaps and bounds. Day is the day they are testing those buggers out too
Would having two gpus clocked at different speeds cause more of this though? Considering the delivery of the bits would but off by quite a bit (no pun intended), these are just some things I have noticed when I was deal with my gtx 560's one is a 1gb and the other is a 2gb and sometimes I would forget to set afterburner timing and would see noticeable issues of this caliber.
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