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I have been trying to trace this networking problem for two days now can someone lend me some guidance please. I can get the form to post but i don't ever receive the email. I am almost positive its my PHP that not doing its job. Here is my HTML Code:
OP how do you like your TV? How does it game? I got one as well haven't had a chance to game on it yet but the 4k content and the 1080 HD is just wow. Definitely worth it.
The 50in Vizio is awesome. I own both a 42in LG and now the 50in 4K Vizio and the Vizio hands down is way better than 1080p.
You are the man. DAMN edit the thread title geez what a soggy blanket
Would be seriously problematic to get these stateside...... Well I happen to know some investors that would love to easily bring 500 of these over here. We have listed the inquiry :thumb:with alibaba and will continue to watch this thread. If there is enough interest I would be willing to increase the order size accordingly. Let me know guys.
Thread closed.... ToughPower or Corsair FTW Silver certified or better. If not your asking for trouble when you are drawing any kind of real load.
What's the PSU brand and cert? It most certainly could be PSU related if you have a knock off, which could also be related to a power switching issue -- related to cheap components and bad manufacturing processes.
If your looking for a contractor to help get the project rolling on a bigger production scale let us know. Love to see projects like this pay off for the home inventor. Great work man
I like math and graduated with my CS degree last winter. Is this type of algorithm even possible? Is there a way or is Apple just gonna be throwing money into a pit trying to make this happen.
I believe you have to register as a developer and then sign in. Which will give you access to everything you need to begin.
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